Harbor Village – Wong Ye Kok / Tung Ping Chau – Hong Kong / architecture bachelor thesis / B4 project urban design

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The blogpost about my
OK – my best friend has been waiting for this for ages I guess and some others also asked XD
Here it comes haha ~
Finally it’s time to show you what I’ve been working on the last three months . . . I’ve already told you a bit about the island Tung Ping Chau but if you haven’t read it yet – make sure to read my first post about the island in the link HERE .
The actual plan was to make a revitalization of the Sha Tau village part – which also includes the house that my family owns .
But it was without much ado changed to a new island part / village development : a new port for Tung Ping Chau !
So my bachelor thesis ended up being the first step of a redevelopment of the island because a vital part of getting more people to visit TPC and to change its economy for the better is to have the means of doing so . An upgrade to the existing port which only has space for one ship at a time is necessary for any island development .


Since there was no actual building around the area of the port it was simply put an entirely new village to be planned – which was a really exciting yet difficult thing for me to do !
It’s always ALWAYS difficult to do something if you have can go all-out . . . because actually you can’t simply go all-out haha ~ You need to have a concept and lots of thought behind every little thing and that’s what urban designer / architects do . Everything has to add up to a harmonious structure :D Everything has to make perfect sense .
These pictures are excerpts of the brochure I made about my bachelor thesis :) Therefore all rights belong to me ( photos + illustrations + texts ) ! If you want to you any of these images or see the full content of the brochure please mail me ~
This maps original size is M 1:500 but it has as much details as a M 1:200 because I simply added the building layouts for the Zoom-Ins . . . OK – I know how some of you may not even get what I am saying here ;A; Well – I simply spent most of my time working on this map to make it appear full of life ~ ;A; !
The port aka Ma Tau has an upgraded access for ships so that four instead of one ship can be harbored . The long promenade from the harbor leads the visitors towards the village .
The buildings which are further away from the coast are visible from the port thanks to the topography of the island , which is explained in the pictogram below .
Once you arrive at the port and go through the portal at the end of the harbor promenade a huge space opens up before your eyes which is the market space . Directly opposite to the portal building lies the visitor center , which is the first landing point for all the visitors of the island . Here you can get any information about your stay on TPC . I’ll give more information about the multi-functional visitor center further below !
The two main open spaces are the market space and the temple space – which also harbor the two most important attractions of the village : the visitor center ( + market ) and the temple .
The harbor villages structure is simply put a ring of buildings with a green core :
the ring of buildings is made of two main open spaces ( the big pinkish areas in the pictogram below ) which are connected by paths which pass by smaller open spaces and some “neighborhood spaces” , which are in the hierarchy the smallest and most private spaces .
The pictogram below shows the accessibility of the green core – the bamboo forest .
As you can see I have planned the entrances to the bamboo forest so you can enter it at any time without having to search for the entrance for too long ! I wanted the visitors to have constant visual contact with the bamboo forest . By being surrounded by buildings and using great height bamboo the forest gives of the charm of an enchanted forest ( asian style haha ) .
The pictogram below shows the zones of the village . 
I differentiated between 4 zones : the 0 zone is the entirely open zone which can be seen from the sea . Once you enter the village you step into zone 1 which is the open public zone . The market space with the visitor center are in this zone as well as all the other touristic facilities such as hotels , hostels etc. The main path which leads to the two nearby villages Sha Tau and Tai Tong are still in zone 1 . If you go further into the harbor village you enter zone 2 which is the less public zone . Here you can find more facilities and buildings of residents but still some shops and gastronomy as well as the temple space – one more public space which can be temporary used as market space or for events . From zone 2 you can enter zone 3 which is the private zone . Here you can find homes and buildings of residents and the so called “neighborhood spaces” in which the residents can hang out and play some Chinese chess ! ( That’s how the elders spent their time haha ~ )
The following illustrations are Zoom-Ins of the village – each of them show an important aspect of the village :
the 1st Zoom-In shows a neighborhood space and the pictogram next to it shows the hierarchy and connection of the spaces .
The 2nd Zoom-In shows a smaller open space with water basins / pools which are part of the water supply system of the village . The pictogram next to it show the village divided into 6 six zones each with a water emergency supply . The water basins are such emergency supplies . They can be accessed when the rain-water reservoirs of the buildings are used up .
The visitor center is yet another water emergency supply which can be seen in the 3rd Zoom-In below . In the pictogram next to it you can see how the rain is collected in a underground water reservoir which at the same time regulates the temperature inside the building : the earth cools the water – the water cools the ground – the ground cools the air .
When the amount of water in the water reservoir reaches a certain level , it gets forwarded to an underground water tank .
The 4th Zoom-In below shows the bamboo forest . 
Here you can see how the forest is divided into steps following the topography of the island . Each step has a height difference of 2 meters – which is in fact higher than most people are haha :D But what is a more important trait of the bamboo forest is its path system which are simplified in the pictograms next to the Zoom-In .
The left pictogram shows how the paths are actually connected with each other and which entrances ( A to G ) lie at which end . You might think it doesn’t has a system . WRONG . It does has a system .
Ever heard of chaos having its own system ? Haha ~
Well – it’s kind of hard to explain but once understood it appears to be the most important part of the harbor village !
The bamboo forest as already mentioned should lure in the visitors from any space . Once entered one shall not know where to go . That’s right ! It is designed to make the visitors clueless of what is ahead of them .The idea behind it : I wanted the visitor to get surprised by the village and to see all the parts of it by exploring it little by little with the bamboo forest !
Or simply put : step in and get surprised ! !Not forget to mention the inspiration of this concept – which can be seen in the right pictogram : hua gui jiao ( engl.: drawn ghost legs ) . It’s an old traditional way of randomizing and deciding things like who gets to do which task in a group . It’s really simple and if you ever want to fairly decide such things – google how they work :D It’s a little too much to explain here and I might confuse you with my weirdo english .

ANYWAY ~ my two professors really liked the concept of the forest !

I am really proud of myself of what I have accomplished in these 3 month but I’m not yet fully satisfied with it . If I had more time it could be even better ! But no project is perfect and you can always keep on working at it for FOREVER srsly – that’s what so many of my professors tell me all the time ! Well –  I am happy with the results and maybe I will specialize in urban design ? MAYBE ~ I love both architecture and urban design ~
I hope you liked this post about my bachelor thesis !
It actually only mentions the most important parts of my island village design :D . . . Very much theoretical stuff left out . . .
As you might have noticed by now – it kind of got a bit out of hand and I can hardly imagine this being realized on TPC . . . if it does happen though . . . I would be one of the first ones to buy myself a house there haha ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Two days in Hamburg / my self-hosted sightseeing tour / HafenCity University !

Hey lovelies <3
It’s been almost two weeks since I have visited
Hamburg !

Of course, I took lots n lots of photos to show you :) All the photos except the first one in the bus are made in one day or rather in 6 hours :D Guess I’ve been wandering around a lot in those 6 hours . . .
This is the omnibus I took from Cologne to Hamburg – 6 hours long . . . thank god there was free WIFI plus I was sitting right next to a power plug :D ! And I had a bunch of new anime on my iPad to watch haha <3
This is the main train station in Hamburg from street view . . . doesn’t appear as big as when you are inside . . .
. . . inside the train station appears gigantic . . . no pillars in the middle !
This is the German theatre play museum
I saw this red house in the city and noticed that the vietnamese restaurant in the bottom two levels looks really good . . . the restaurant was really crowded ! The other house caught my eye while I was passing by . . . not sure what is inside though :x
This is the town hall of Hamburg ! It really looks great and I love these turquoise roofs on old buildings . . .The big public square in front of it made it look even more intimidating ~ Though nothing compares to the Cathedral in Cologne or in Brussels !
The “Alsterarkaden” (oldest shopping arcade in Hamburg) with a reminiscence of the canals in Venice <3
Two spots I found – once again not knowing what they are ut they just popped into my eye . . . the first photo is a very fine and exclusive looking small shopping arcade .
The famous metro station at the “HafenCity Universität” – Hamburg new university .

But the view above is even greater . . .

SRSLY . This looks just like a rendering from an architect . . . I sent this to some of my friends and they actually asked me , who that architects is to make this great a rendering haha . . .

Just being in front of it made me all jelly . . . I would love to study here ! Not even knowing what is inside . . . but inside is even more . . . ! I didn’t want to take any photos inside , all the people / students there watched me XD !
I left the harbor city to find this : the Chile House .
But . . .  somehow I got to the harbor city again by walking around aimlessly .
This is the harbor city part with the overly expensive flats and offices . In the background the not-yet-ready Elbphilharmonie .
Lunch time !

People are asking when the Elbphilharmonie is finalized . Every day it costs the city thousands of € . They say that the money estimated to be needed for the whole process has been exceeded a long time ago . . . !
My opinion on this “master piece” : not worth the money . It may look great ( I don’t think so ) and it may look extraordinary in the context there , but taking so much time is surely not what the people in Hamburg want .
Approaching the St. Michaelis church .
The St. Michaelis church is a baroque church that has been renewed inside .

Somehow I just can’t help but love baroque churches . . . so much detail and so much effort put inside them . . .  I am not christian , but churches are interesting buildings to me ~

Especially gothic and baroque style !So  that’s it ! I will surely visit Hamburg again ! I think it’s a really really beautiful city . . .  I am even thinking of doing my master there . . . just a thought – after all there is still a lot of time left :)

Hope you liked my sightseeing post ~

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

One-day trip to Amsterdam / modern architecture in Netherlands capital

This post is actually old but I somehow completely forgot to post it :(
But I wanted to share it with you even though it is outdated :D
After all I was in
Amsterdam !
Yeaaaa , we went there to find inspiration for our B1 project , in which we need to draft seven housing units in Cologne right next to the river Rhein .I wasn’t that excited to go there , since I’ve already been to Amsterdam before with my family , but of course we would get to see a lot of other things .

Well , at least we did , since I was forced to wake up at 4 am in the morning . . . ehem . . .

Let me repeat myself –
4 AM in the morning , like . . . WTFH ????!?!?!?!
In order to take the bus at 5:30 am .
Next time I better not sleep at all or better : I excuse myself due to illness .
First stop :
Piräus .
architects : Hans Kollhoff ( Berlin ) and Christian Rapp ( Berlin / Amsterdam (
The giant complex with over 300 flats completely contain welfare housings .
I like how the corridors are so long and different from each other ~
One of the entrances :)
Kind of resembles archivolt gates from gothic cathedrals ?
Short stop at :
the Whale
architects : De Cia Architehten
next stop :
a break at a very lovely café / bar 
from which I didn’t take any photos . . . because I simply forgot to .
With Shiki ( my HATCH pet , app ) and Shiki with Nik :D
I sooooo love HATCH and Shiki , the app is so cute , Shiki is always hungry and whining for some fruit . . . it never annoys me though !
Next stops :
the courtyard houses in Borneo-Sporenburg
from various architects
for example :
architects : Neutelings & Riedjik ( Rotterdam )
next :
wating for slow people to meet up with them to continue walking
and wondering where to go next 
next stop :
nave and courtyard house ( Langhaus und Hofhaus )
architects : Diener & Diener ( Basel )
With about 127 flats and a position right next to the river this building is both giant and expensive .
We had the opportunity to go and take a look at one of the flats and most probably one of the finest ones in the whole building .
It’s owner is an interior designer .
I liked how minimalistic and clean the interior looked . . . but it seems a bit too lonely and cold ( not really cold as from hot & cold :P ) for me to want to live in there .
But the sight is quite nice :)
We also went to the new Amsterdam ( right opposite the historic center , at the other side of the river ) .
It’s said to be less interesting for real Amsterdam citizens , since it’s made of entirely new buildings .
Buildings from famous architects like Álvaro Siza .
I guess I really did get to see a new side of Amsterdam <3
Have you ever been to Amsterdam ?
I think that after this day I want to visit Amsterdam much more . . . it’s pretty close to where I live actually !
Just 2 hours ? With train maybe even 1 1/2 hours ?
Brussels is also very close to me ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

A little party never killed nobody / short post

Hey lovelies ~
How have you been ?
These days I’ve been busy studying so there I thought I could post some photos from back in Denmark when we went partying .
This is my cousin and me in The Australian Bar in Copenhagen ~
I think I have totally fallen in love with my
military style jacket
and the
necklace from ROMWE :)
Don’t you think how good they look together ?
I really wish I would have more time to take a break and go out to party
But everytime I have some spare time left I am too tired because of working the whole day in university . . .
How about having a 8th day in in a week ? One more day to the weekend ? One day that is actually completely free from university stuff and work ?
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

short break . . . for sushi bento ! / constructional drafting model

Hey lovelies ~
This is a selfmade sushi bento <3 Yeaaa – you should know by now that I am a SUSHILOVER ! Thus I love making sushi myself  ! It’s just too expensive to eat out every time I want to eat sushi 
 . . . so I need to practice a lot to make the perfect sushi myself !
Tehe –  I also need to buy a bigger bento box . The one from above is from Rillakkuma ( I SOOOOO SUPER DUPER LOVE RILLAKKUMA ! ) and I got it from Hong Kong . Actually it’s been too long since I have last been there . . . I srsly need to visit Hong Kong sometime soon ! 
But :

and if my father doesn’t hurry up with the documents it will soon be 

I wanted to show you guys a part of our constructional drafting projects . The last days I have been busy with those draftings only but since we were done ahead of time I have one day ( today ) to chill and relax before starting with the drafts for another huge project ! Yesssss – SO LOVE MY TEAM I’M WORKING WITH ! ! ! Sooooo gonna tell you more about them some time soon !
This was our first small project . We had to analyze a building – here it is a hall of a printing office ( printing hall XD ?! ) .
I hope you’re all well – it’s getting colder and colder day by day . . . I hate the cold
Anyway – make sure to wear extra warm clothes ! Semester just started and we don’t want anyone to catch a cold <3

Love ‘n’ kisses