Star Wars + Pusheen + food = happy Jenny ! | food post : Mochi Sweets + Choux Creme

Hey everyone !
I don’t usually do shopping spree posts now , do I ?

But I srsly NEED to show you two things I bought and two things I snacked on ( hehe . . . ) while shopping in Macau ~

some may say it’s one word because one does not simply divide those two words :


I found this super cool pullover in an i.t. store and had to instabuy it .

250 HKD – now that is a deal !
I might be the only Star Wars fan on the earth to not have watched part VII yet and I will wait patiently and in hope that no one spoils me until I watch it with my big sis who will come to HK in about a week .
I promised to watch it with her and I will wait .
NOW . . . she went to see the movie few days ago with my other siblings and wants to watch it again . Just so we can go together .
The next thing is this super duper comfy and fabulous baggy pants I got for 149 HKD at H&M .
There was no size S so I got the size M one . . . which is a little TOOOO big yes . . .
no make-up-me looks a little tired sry x.x
Fell in love at first sight .
Just remembered telling my friends I don’t believe in love at first sight .
There are two exceptions :
1 – clothes like these
2 – FOOD
Back to the food topic haha :
It’s my first time trying the oh-so-popular
that people here in Hong Kong have been craving for especially in the summer .
They are about 2 Euro | 15 HKD a piece and make some pretty expensive tiny dessert .

Before enjoying them you need to wait at least 20 minutes and I waited patiently .

While taking photos of it haha ~
I got the Durian Cream one and the Red Beans Matcha Cream one .
And after tasting both I can tell you :
SRSLY do not waste your money on this .
15 HKD is too expensive for mochi icecream that is srsly not good .
The sticky rice skin aka the mochi part of the Durian fruit was nothing special ok .
But the mochi part of the Red Bean had a abnormal hard or dry outer skin .
How to describe this . . . ? It”s like sticky ricecake that has been exposed to air for too long so it got dry .
The filling itself ( I guess that is the more important part ) was ok .
Nothing special . I would have liked more Durian .
AND THE mochi part should be thinner .
Maybe it’s just me but I rlly didn’t enjoy these . . .
But I sure did enjoy this cream puff :
I got this from
Choux Creme
and they have lots of different tastes !

I went with the mango yoghurt one for 20 HKD and wow . . .

It is a little expensive but I like the crispiness of the bread which is at the same time super fluffy and filled with a not too heavy yoghurt cream and some fresh n sweet mango cubes .
It was a little hard not to drip the cream though :P
My resumé : WORTH IT .
I will try other tastes someday soon hehe ~
Ok so that’s it for today !
Next time even more food haha !
My face doesn’t show but I have lost weight thanks to strict workout sessions .
I don’t quite get it but somehow I feel unwell and upset if I skip working out for a day . . .
. . .

REALLY I swear ! !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Happy New Year EVERYONE ! | Eason Chan concert in Macau | food post : teatime & Co

Hello everyone ~

I wish each and everyone of you all the best and that you should try to enjoy life more from time to time in case you are a super busy student or whatsoever like I have been the last three years . . .
Step outside and explore the world !
Haha ~
It’s been not even a week since I posted right ?
This will be a looong post !
WOW – I really gotta keep this up . . .
If I had made any New Years resolutions or whatsoever it would have been to update here more frequently . . . AND TO KEEP CONTACTING MY FRIENDS !
Actually . . . I would say that I am not a good friend . . .
I am a very good friend to those around me ( of course ! ) but what makes me a very terrible friend is the fact that I am too busy and keep contacting my friends :(
That would be my NO. 1 thing to change for this year ! But as I said in my last post – I don’t make resolutions like these . I guess I am afraid of not keeping my own words :x
At the moment I am residing in St Regis Hotel in Macau and also spent New Years Eve at this place ~
The countdown to 2016 . . .  I spent in a concert hall at the Venetian Macau with thousands of other people :D
I spontanously joined some friends to a concert of a cantonese singer named Eason Chan .
Apparently he is the ” King of Cantopop ” – not sure about that but it wouldn’t surprise me .
He sings really well and his show was really entertaining !
That dude on the background screens is that famous singer .
He’s already been in this business for 20 years so he is not the youngest and most handsome .
At first I thought it would be boring for me to join but somehow I recognized so many of his songs haha ~
I really like his ballads / slow songs and I often listen to them not knowing they are sung by him . . .
Really interesting show but I don’t like the quick energetic songs that much :P
Only his ballads make best use of his voice !
It’s been a while for a full body selfie :D
Being in a nice hotel room with lots of HUGE mirrors screams for a mirror selfie of course !
I don’t like selfies but when I do take them these recently they look like this haha ~
Arriving in Hong Kong I definitely can’t get away without having Dim Sum Brunch :D
I say brunch because it’s the first thing we have yet we had this breakfast at a lunch time .
I could have this #alldayeveryday .
( I don’t know but I have come to use this hashtag in instagram quite often . . . don’t know where it comes from . . . and I always use it in context with FOOD . )
After that I had my first tea in YEARS .
Tea as in teatime .
When I think of teatimes I think of fancy itty bitty little snacks and I LOVE THOSE .
I would love to make such sweet and savory snacks someday !
But actually . . . I don’t really like the idea of having a teatime .
It’s unnecessary and just additional food you don’t need .
Oh wait did I just write that ? I mean I love food n all but I prefer having two meals a day haha ~
Enough teatime and cold dishes – let’s enjoy some
I just love seafood and I have been craving for it for months !
In Beijing seafood is neither fresh nor good . Here in Hong Kong and Macau I can enjoy the freshest seafood and no need to worry about the bills haha . . . my father pays :3
I just hope I won’t gain toooooo much in the next 2 months . . .
Ok that was just a very short update post – look forward for the next post in a few days !
I promise :D !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : LALA – Pigment Eye Shadow – No 5 Athena ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hi lovelies <3
Another review coming <3
This post will be about the
Pigment Eye Shadow
from LALA
They had several different tones to choose from but I wanted a brownish one .
So I chose their No 5 Athena ~
The lovely people from Tokkihaus gave me yet another product <3 I really loved the previous ones I got to try !
Have a look at their facebook and online shop : ~
The loose eyeshadow comes in a small tin which is super handy ~
I have never used loose eyeshadow before but only pressed eyeshadow so I was really looking forward to testing this ~
After opening the dose there was a plastic lid which made sure that you won’t get a glitter-overload-sparkling surprise all over the floor – I think I will keep this plastic lid :D And I also recommend everybody to do so , too ! Unless you actually want a glitter-loaded floor . . .
I must admit I still need to learn a whole lot about eyeshadows . . . I am but a noob when it comes to applying eyeshadow – SRSLY .
Still I like using it and I have lots of eyeshadows . . . and it’s sad how I only use 5 percent of that haha  . . . gomen ;A; . . .
First testing
It was really easy to apply this SUPER pigmented eyeshadow . But I had to be carful not to let all the glitter fall onto my cheeks haha ~ I used the KIKO eyeshadow brush to apply and also to blend the color .
I like this rusty red-brown tone – it’s not too much and even though I HATE glitter and sparkly things ( and pink – just so you know ) , I kind of liked the shimmering eyeshadow <3 It gives my tiny eyes more depth while not looking to dark .
For this more natural / nude look I used dark brown eyeliner only ~
I’ll try the eyeshadow with faux lashes and circle lenses another time <3 But I rarely use that much make up haha ~ Lazy me . . .
Long time testing
I wore this eyeshadow for another 5 hours and everything was still all set at the right place :)
Even though I didn’t even use primer – I forgot to use it x.x
Feels kinda awkward having this much make up on for so long when only staying at home haha ~
I was working on my bachelor thesis until late again . . . not long until I am done ~
I give this product 
( 5 out of 5 cookies )
+ small and handy tin
+ highly pigmented
+ pretty rust tone
+ really really shimmering 
( anything but an eyeliner would have been a – score now )
( + lasts pretty well )
I hope you enjoyed reading this review <3
I really recommend this product – even eyeshadow noobs like me can easily apply this ~
I am thinking of getting another one or two of the Pigmented Eye Shadows from LALA . . . They have so many to choose from !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : HOLIKA HOLIKA Sweet Cotton Pore – Cover Powder ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hi lovelies <3
I’ve got another review of a korean beauty product for you !
This time I’m going to tell you about the
Sweet Cotton Pore – Cover Powder
from Holika Holika 
Thank you Tokkihaus for yet another product to test !
Take a look at their facebook HERE ~
Maybe you are also interested in getting some korean beauty products from their online shop <3
The packaging of the cover powder seems really simple yet cute :)
The cotton candy print on the packaging seems to implicate how fluffy and light the product is . . . so let’s see :)
The cushion puff of this powder is more of the flat type ( more typical ) and fits perfectly into the space of the powder case on top of the plastic lid inside ( for separation and dosing ) .
First testing
The said plastic lid has some small holes to control the dosage of the loose powder .
Actually I have never used loose powder before . Srsly .
So at first it was a bit difficult to get the right amount of powder onto the cushion but after a few tries I think I got it right :D
The powder smells barely of anything ~ Which is good ! It has a lovely yet decent scent which kind of reminds me of . . . I can’t think of anything else srsly . . . but the names gives it away : cotton !
Cotton or baby powder or something similar to that haha ~
The powder is loose and white and after applying it on top of my daily make up it leaves a truly matte and smooth finish .
 I don’t have problems with pores . . . but I guess the powder being so smooth and fine might as well cover small pores and make them a little less obvious :3
But be careful not to use too much of the powder . . . It might look a bit cakey ! (Does this word even exist ? . . . )
Long time testing
At this point I was a bit afraid of having applied too much because my skin is mixed + sensitive .
It’s a bit hard to handle actually x.x
The powder really made my skin appear less shiny through out the day <3 But I am not sure if it would also kind of “dry out” some parts of my more sensitive skin and days where my skin is irritated ( then my skin tends to get a bit dry ) .
I would recommend not using too much of this product ~
I think this powder is more suited for less sensitive skin , normal skin and oily skin :) I would still use it at times when my skin is less irritated though haha ~ I really like how it keeps my skin looking matte and fresh :)
But being an all white powder it might appear to make you look like a ghost using it . . .
and it might truly be the case haha ~ !
Which is why I prefer using not the puff but a brush to blend it onto my skin more evenly :)
I am still not used to pressed powders but I think most pressed powders should be applied with a brush to get the right amount :D
I give this product 
( 4 out of 5 cookies )
+ dosing
+ great mattifier
+ nice decent scent
+ lasts about all day ( barely needs reapplication really :D
Unless you actually want to dry out your skin XD )
– not for all skin types !
I hope you enjoyed reading this review and make sure to follow my blog to keep track on the posts <3
Finally it’s summer and the sun is shining brightly each day – so make sure to drink enough !
2 liters water a day is perfect :)
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : ETUDE HOUSE Cookie Blusher ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hello my lovelies <3
It’s been a long time now and finally it’s time for another review ~
I’m going to tell you all about the
Cookie Blusher from ETUDE HOUSE 
I got a lovely package with review products from 
Tokkihaus <3
Do take a look at their facebook HERE and their online shop !
Just recently they added some new products to their shop – all from Korea ~
You know how much I love korean beauty products these day ?
That’s why I love Tokkihaus so much ~ Plus they ship super duper fast haha <3
The Cookie Blusher I have tested is the No 2 Strawberry Choux in a pretty pink tone :
The Cookie Blusher is like super cute packaged pressed powder rouge with a fluffy cushion puff and a tiny ribbon .
Somehow reminds me of a macaron . . . I know how macarons look though haha ~
I like how all the Etude House products look so cute and lovely ~
Just remember the photos I have taken of the Etude House store in Mongkok in Hong Kong ?
I don’t usually like pink , but when I do – it must look like this 8D . . .
first testing
Pardon my chapped dried lips x.x
I love how the cushion puff is so big ~
The core is actually not as fluffy as it might look from the outside so there is kind of a certain resistance to your cheeks if you dab the cushion puff with rouge onto your skin ( good if you have chubby cheeks like me haha ) . This makes the application of the rouge really easy !
The pressed rouge is quite thick / compact so that you have to press the cushion puff with a bit more pressure to get the right amount of rouge . This might seem annoying to some but I like it as it shows that the rouge doesn’t crack that easily ( if you let it fall or you’re on travel with it a lot ) ! It also makes it no problem keeping the cushion puff inside and on top of the pressed rouge . You know how  some pressed powders ( rouge or similar ) are too loose so that the puff included in the product loosens up so much powder ( especially while on travel ) – and you get the surprise once you open case haha ~
That’s an experience you should avoid by any chance . . .
Long time testing
After using the rouge for a whole day the appearance of the color has faded . Of course this depends of the weather and what you do during the day . But I think that it’s perfectly fine as the Cookie Blusher is pretty much made to take with you :)
I’ve made the experience that most pressed powdered rouge won’t stay on my cheeks all day – only moist rouge ( or actually liquid ones ) stay all day . So I’m fine with this fact :D Nonetheless I like using pressed powdered rouge most ~
I give this product 
( 4 out of 5 )
+ packaging
+ quality cushion puff
+ quality pressed rouge
+ decent pinkish rouge tone
– endurance ( needs reapplication during the day )
Together the fluffy puff and the pressed rouge create a decent and cute blush on my cheeks :3
I usually use more orangish blushes but I think this pink one will work just as fine for me ~
I once used a pinkish Majolica Majorca blush and this product really reminds me of it .
It also has a cute fluffy cushion puff and the blush lasted for about a year even though I let it slip and fall for too many times haha . . . it never cracked srsly .
Hope you liked this review !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~