travel journal part 5 : Yeosu + Namhae | This is Korea !

Hello everyone ~

Before skipping this very last LONG TIME DUE travel post part of South Korea ( . . . )
here is a short insight to the last days in South Korea !
The trip to the southern part of South Korea was definitely refreshing and soooo worth it !
I recommend everyone to not only come to South Korea to visit Seoul ( which is definitely the most interesting part ) but also other parts of the country !
I will definitely return to discover other cities too for example Busan ~
Anyway – the first thing we did after arriving in the south and after arriving by high speed train was this delicious goodiness of a Korean dish :
Korea is famous for its many hearty and spicy stews and this one was filled up with lots of fish and vegetables and ricecakes !
We visited a small village called 


Upon arriving there I felt a very familiar atmosphere there . . . haha not really !
But it somehow looked very western ~
This stone is right at the gates of the small village and tells about the friendship between South Korea and Germany ( or some kind of relationship ) . In the past there used to be a deficit of laborers in Germany since everyone was busy building up the postwar cities . That was when a lot of South Korean went to Germany in order to feed their families back home and also help out in Germany .
The museum in Namhae talks about a lot of South Korean men working in Germany as workers in the coal mines ( which is actually in the area I live ) and women working as nurses .
As a thanks for all their hard work despite the distance seperating the workers from their families , South Korea built this German style village to honor them .
To make them feel comfortable once they return to South Korea .
I think it’s a really nice village and the view is astonishing .
If you are interested in staying short time in this village , you can simply book a stay in one of these cute German style house ~
After taking off from the cute village we visited a buddhist temple far away from cities and noises :
The Boriam Temple in Namhae is truely beautiful .
The walk to the top might be a little breathtaking . . . but the view from the top is sure to worth it !
I have seen a lot of beautiful temples so far and I must admit I am in love with religious places because I can sense the effort and detailing put into everything and the calmness . I just wish that in China there would be much less people and much less noise at such places so you could enjoy the atmosphere much more . . .
I loooove it it’s so beautiful . I could stare at such patterns and corners for a long time and think about the logic and symbols haha ~
No joke . I would if I had the time I really would !
These eight stones we stapled upon each other in the hopes of a wish coming true .
It is said that upon visiting the temple and the mountain of the Boriam Temple one lifetime wish will come true .
Then you have to staple some stones upon each other and wish for it .
And to not got mainstream like the others with ending the stapling with 4-6 stones . . .
we thought we could make use of the holy number of 8 and staple 8 stones .
Don’t tell me it’s not about who got the most .
I just wanted to sho off my skills or whatever haha ~
After visiting some other beautiful spots ( which name I could not get due to non-english guide ) we had another feast ~
Looking at these foodographies from back then . . . I really wish I could have this again . . .
right now .
The next big stop before heading back to Seoul and ending our entire South Korea trip was :


Beautiful beautiful Yeosu but I bet everything could have been much much more beautiful ( and enjoyable ) if only the weather would have been a little less cold .
I remember now with writing this :
Yeosu was about ten degrees warmer than Seoul haha ~
That being said . . . you should know Seoul was about -15 degree . . .
So as a matter of facts it was still too cold for me in Yeosu but I tried to enjoy it anyway !
These photos could look a little more lively after some editing coz obviously there was some light missing here and there :P
But having been there in person I can tell you – it was without a doubt a viewtiful scenery ~
This sign I found somewhere nearby a tourist spot I HAD to take a photo of .
Even at that time I already doubted a little that I would remember all the things I would eat in Korea .
This sign would tell me the names of the most famous local dishes there .
Guess I really did forget the names making this photo worth a lot to me haha ~
Sadly I can’t really remember the ingredients of some of these dishes haha ~
This last dinner in the south of South Korea was soooo good !
It was not in Yeosu but somewhere a little more to the north .
It was right opposite to a reservoir :
I remember paying 30000 Won per person ( which is a lot . . . ) but you could have all-u-can-eat of all the side dishes there !
And these side dishes were AWESOME !
Sooooo much seafood – I love seafood !
After this trip to South Korea I had to eat a lot of super healthy stuff to balance out the super salty and spicy dishes I had in Korea . . . with fruits n fruits n lots of fruits !
And good old chinese soups ~
We went back to Seoul after this dinner and visit of the reservoir .
The next day I got to meet up with a friend I know from back in Germany !
It was a coincidence that he would also visit Korea at that time and he just came from Busan etc. so we had the chance to meet in Seoul ~
We had a nice dinner with spicyyyy squid !
After that we went to KTV ~
It was a spontaneous decision but it was funny all the way !
And this marks the end of my memorable visit of South Korea !
Finally got to wrap this up !
Look forward to my long-time-due JAPAN TRIP POSTS !
Coming shortly ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

special food post : URBAN KITCHEN Galaxy Macau | high class dinner buffet experience

Hello everyone !

This post will probably be one of my favorites and I am sooo excited to write n show you all the foodographies I took . . .
I was in Macau again and this time we stayed at the JW Mariott Hotel at Galaxy Macau and heard about this expensive but ultimatively awesome buffet there where you have to book beforehand to get a table there .
I am talking about the buffet restaurant


at the Galaxy Macau .
I wondered how could a buffet actually be so good that everyone seems to be craving it and waiting up to a month to dine there . . . so I had to try it myself to experience what all the hype is about !
One person in the evening costs about 600 HKD but everything including lots of drinks is included .
As I arrived there were already a lot of people dining and the atmosphere created due to so many people was pretty much like at a Chinese wedding haha ~
For those who don’t know : chinese wedding is too many people + so loud + soooo much food + very happy atmosphere :D
The staff and the restaurant itself were quite contrary to this messy crowd of hungry chinese were clean and neat and fine just like I would expect a high class restaurant to be like .
Quite unique for such a restaurant but rather average for a buffet restaurant I guess is the fact that the entire kitchen can be seen .
Open kitchen all the way . I REALLY like this ~
But the space in front of the buffet was comparatively small and at times it was hard to pass people queuing up for something .

Now let’s take a closer look the drinks they served :

They had this cool fruit juice bar where they offered a few freshly made juices in cute little bottles which I absolutely loved ~
Too sad I didn’t get to take a nice shot earlier so by the time I took the following photo most of the small bottles ( can be seen in the left side background ) were were gone . . .
Super refreshing and healthy drinks FTW !
Besides the cafébar where one could order any drink you could order at a café they also displayed these :
For those who don’t know : HK people love their black milk tea and I tell you it is very different from simple milk tea I get in Germany . The difference is made by the tea which is no English breakfast tea but has a different aroma – I would even say it’s no black tea . . . or maybe I never knew and it simply is no black tea 8D . . .
This nice looking assortment of teas I guess no one touched haha ~
No let’s move on to the main part : the food !

First off the appetizers ~

They offered a handful of fancy looking aperitifs that only few people seemed to be interested in .
The shrimp I did not try but only gazed at because I got another plate full of much bigger shrimp later haha :D
There was a sign next to these tiny plates stating this is ” Gravlax “
I tell you I love gravlax and have eaten it several times back in Germany .
It is raw salmon cured in a mixture of salt + sugar + dill .
Somehow I doubted that this is gravlax because I saw no tiny hint of dill on any of these gravlax plates and the dill makes the difference SRSLY .
I guess they looked pretty cute and fancy but the taste was nothing special :D
The squid I tried was simply boiled then cooled down and cut into thin slices to top those with a sweet and spicy sauce which many people are familiar with as ” asian chicken sauce ” .
I kind of liked the tuna though which seems to be just barely roasted on the outside then cut into sashimi-like slices and served with black pepper mushrooms and some sort of paste which had a nutty taste .
I guess the main reasons for that is the small portion ( oh yea that’s how appetizers are but chinese do not appreciate that ) and the fact that these were displayed right opposite to an assortment of seafood like lobster & giant sea crab & oyster & abalone . . . and so much more ~

Speaking of which – here comes the main food !

They offered mainly seafood and I guess that’s the main attraction of this buffet and also what makes chinese hype this buffet .
I mean . . . ALL U CAN EAT SEAFOOD .
Fresh oyster cracked open right before your eyes omg .
But I had better and bigger ones back in Germany hehe ~
I guess I arrived at seafood heaven .
But I don’t like cold dishes too much when it comes to seafood .
Unless it is raw / uncooked like sashimi or sushi , of course !
The sushi bar specialized on serving sashimi – who needs the extra portion rice that stuffs you way too quickly when there is still so much left to try and eat ?
I really really liked the freshly cooked abalone sea cucumber rice porridge soup and recommend this to anyone .
Though only cooked for barely 10 minutes ( I bet any minute more would improve the taste and especially the consistency of the rice porridge soup ) the taste is nice and rich .
It is different from the rice porridge soups I usually have which are cooked for at low temperature to combine the sea cucumber soup with the rice and create a thick consistency .
This one is still a soup with rice added .
Still good ~
I wish I could have this every day . . .
They also served an enormous amount of lobster claws !
But . . . I tried some and only the big ones were OK .
They were actually frozen and after thawing lobster meat tends to have a texture which is similar to rubber .
This in a layer of salt and spices oven roasted salmon was already a mess by the time I had the chance to take a photo . . . the taste though was still good .
I just prefer it fresh out of the oven more .
Fresh out of the oven just like this piece of Argentinian ribeye roast ! ! !
Cut and served in thin slices with a black pepper sauce it’s the only dish to truly satisfy a meat lover haha ~
Some more photos to show you what else they had to offer :

Next and also last part of this buffet : the dessert ~

Haha I know it is a lot . . . and I can tell you . . . most of them are soooo good !
How I know ?
Hehe . . .
I love sweets too much ~
I always have extra space in my tummy for sweets !
I tried to place all the dessert picks I had very carefully onto the plates to make these photos ~
How do you like them :3 ? ?
I highlighted the ones I really liked ~
 Brownie cake + cheese cake + portuguese egg tart + fruit/herbal jelly + small choux de la creme with chocolate cover + coconut cake pop + bread n butter pudding with custard sauce 
 An assortment of fruits with coconut softice and fresh crepe 
And now to my last plate of this feast :
 death by chocolate cake + mango cheese cake + citron cream cake + jelly with goji berries + apricot cake with pistachios + apple pie + serradura 
Oh yea Serradura is soooo good .
For those who don’t know this dessert – it’s a macanese / Macau dessert dish which you should definitely try when you have the chance or simply make it yourself – it’s super easy !As you can see I had so much food and I swear to you . . . I did feel super duper bad for eating so much when I worked so hard to lose weight haha . . .

YOLO so f**k that and just enjoy what can be enjoyed now haha ~

I will keep on with my workout and try to eat less the next days before I visit Seoul :3


I can’t wait to visit that city !

One week there – I’ll make sure to take lots n lots of photos and foodographies ~ !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Back in Hong Kong ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 1 : Leisure in Macao + new hairstyle ( day 1 – 4 )

Hey everyone ~
I’ve got a HAPPY announcement to make !

Finally after more than 2 years . . .I AM BACK IN HONG KONG <3

After finishing the last projects and even the big 5th semester project I was really looking forward to this ~

I took the flight to Hong Kong via Düsseldorf International Airport with a stop at London Heathrow Airport .

I love taking the Cathay Pacific airline – the service and the food is always really nice !

Everyone gets to have their own entertainment system in front of you , where you can choose what to watch or even play some mini games .

Awesome isn’t it ?

The food was quite nice haha :D But I really didn’t feel like eating . . . because I wanted to keep on watching movies haha ~ I watched until I fell asleep haha ~

Anyway – I actually posted some photos on Instagram to share with you instantly – so make sure to follow me there to keep being updated more quickly than via blogposts ! My internet connection is reeeeeeeeally really slow . . . but it’s good enough to upload some photos at least x.x Sorry for not being able to spam a whole load of foodporn etc. ! ! ! Hehe ~

On the first day in HK I went to a typical residential seafood restaurant .

Yu can actually see and choose your food before eating it here ~

Yummy ! And soooo fresh !

Eating seafood this way is the very best !

On the second day we went to Yuen Long to get our hair cut !

The outcome :

I like my hair when I wear it like this . . . but if I leave my hair down I feel like they cut it too short . . . or I just don’t feel like it’s looking good . . . not the way I wanted it to look . Yup , I’m not too satisfied , but that may just be me and my standards haha ~

I actually really miss my long long hair . . .

But it won’t take too long for it to grow back, srsly !

The third day we visited Macao ~

Macao is like another world really . . . everything is so fancy and luxurious !

The food is always yummy , service is splendid . . .

and everything is extremely artificial . . . lol

Some Macao snacks !
On the fourth day we went to a spa in the evening ~

Not my first time hehe – it certainly was the best so far !

I can only recommend it to everyone !

Bodhi Spa at the Conrad Hotel in Macao hehe ~

I hope to show you more of HK itself in my next post !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~