Fragrant Hills | one of Beijings TOP spots | Beijing from the top

The Fragrant Hills
This is another great must-stop-by spot of Beijing .

I claim that there is no other better place to get the best new of Beijing !

Though I can’t possibly know that . . . because it’s the only highup place I have been to :D . . .



You srsly get an all over view of the oh-so-huge capital Beijing !
There is just one condition for you to get access to this view :




and walk a loooong loooooong road all the way up the Fragrant Mountains :)


You could of course as well pay your way up to the top but I can promise you – once you reached the top after walking for 3 hours maybe ( no joke ) you feel so proud of yourself for not having returned halfway .

I love these kinds of experiences !

They view is lovely and the photos I took can’t possibly fully show you how beautiful that scenery is .


Yes – I am telling to go there by yourself haha ~

But let me show you my photos to let you get an idea of how it is like there :)

The weather was so good and the air soon fresh up here ~
You can see a lot of Beijing from here – in case the air pollution on that day is not too bad that is :P


But I was lucky that everything was totally fine that day !




As I was making my way up to the top we stopped at some spots to take short breaks and I got the chance to take panorama photos ~
Another chance to show off the iPhones great panorama feature hehe . . .  



And let me tell you one more thing – the scenery will look soon much better when the leaves are getting red and yellow ( autumn look ) ! Make sure to check that when you come haha ~

Both Geon and me were so exhausted from the LONG walk but super happy when we reached the top haha ~

He denied being exhausted for a long time and I bet everyone could see he was .
Stupid .
That’s how I always call him .
Stupid Geon tsss .
In the end I said that it’s damn human to be exhausted .
I was also super exhausted and thirsty . . . but I saw him being like that and so I told him to take a rest .
OF COURSE I ALSO WANTED TO REST HAHA ~Sometimes it’s better to speak out ones mind even if it’s plain stuff like these haha ~

Love you anyway. . . my stupid Geon  <3

This place is nearby Tsinghua University ( Science Park ) but still a little far off from central – it took us an hour to get there . Or maybe a little more :D ?

But it was worth it and I reaaaaally really LOVED the streets we passed to get to the entrance of the Fragrant Hills Park !

Full of yummy food and stuff – make sure to grab water there ( not expensive actually ! ) before you head to the park !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Secret resort of Hong Kong : Tung Ping Chau ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 5 : bachelor thesis

Hey everyone ~
In this fifth and last part of my HK trip journal I wanted to share something special with you !
Remember when I said that the real reason I went to HK was not actually the food or the clothes and stuff here :D ?
It’s about my bachelor thesis I am going to do about the home isle of my family called
Tung Ping Chau
Only a few people even know about this place ( even locals don’t know for sure ! )
The reason why it is called Tung Ping Chau / 東平洲
is because :
Tung /  = East 
-> The isle lies east and it’s actually the remotest island of Hong Kong .
Ping Chau / 平洲 = flat isle
-> The isle highest point is about 48 meters . Not really than much in comparison to other islands !
What is so special about this island ?
It’s the only place in Hong Kong where you can go diving .
Why you would want to dive there ?
Well – it’s been given the title of a Marine Park a few years ago because of the variety of corals and reefs ~
Actually it has two other titles : it’s a Geopark and it’s also part of a Country Park !
The water there is nearly all clears – BUT it was way clearer back in the days when my fathers family still lived there .
Now there are only a few people left who live there .
It’s become quite difficult for the people to live there as there is less fish .
But they grow their own organic produce there !
I’ve tasted a papaya there and it sure is yummy despite its looks ~ !
The small island port :)
All the tourists ( mostly locals ) arriving at the isle .
Actually there are no water pipes or electricity on the island but I found this solar  street light which also produces electricity for cooking water or similar .
The island has been completely deserted years ago as all the villagers went to Hong Kong and even to Europe to strive for a better life – just like my father did !
Thus most of the houses look like this :
Only a few houses like the one from my family has been able to withstand time and nature up until now !
The people seem to try to revitalize the island by moving back there and doing business there for the tourists ( restaurants ) .
What is so special about this island to me is not only the origins of my family but also the silent beauty of it .
With my bachelor thesis I want to draft a plan for the use of the island part where my family has a house .
I want it to be a crucial part of the revitalization of the island – luring in tourists and showing them the beauty of this island ~
I don’t plan to make the island into a tourist peaked resort or whatsoever ! I want it to remain the way I remember it from my childhood memories until now :)
These two following photos were taken ( by my father ) at another day when it was low tide .
Now what do you think ?
It’s a sight known to only a few people about Hong Kong .
Haha –  yes , this is still Hong Kong though it is much nearer to mainland China ( 4km ) than to HK itself !
I hope you liked this post and if you are interested in Tung Ping Chau –
be sure to keep on following my blog !
I will make sure to update you on anything about my bachelor thesis in the following 3 months !
AND ALSO – don’t forget to visit Tung Ping Chau next time you visit Hong Kong !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~