MERRY AND LOVELY XMAS wishes from Beijing !

Hello everyone ~
I don’t know whether you have the luck of enjoying a white christmas or you are somewhere lying in the sun or hiding inside to avoid getting yourself killed ( by smog apparently ) but
I am wishing you all the best and a
with the ones you hold dear and I hope you can enjoy some fine dining and get a little something from your beloved ones to show you how much you mean to them .
I LOVE the artist of this chinese grumpy cat haha ~
Still need to buy the book – I took a photo of this illustration from Cloudy’s book :)
I finally finished my final exams and I guess I did quite good hehe ~
I am happy about being a diligent student when it actually pays off :3
Compared to my student time in Germany I have so much more freetime here in Beijing so I decided to start kind of a part-time job next year ~
For now I spent a lot of time baking because it’s been years since I made christmas cookies !
They look simple but taste good :D
But despite being done with this semester I am not returning to Germany so it will be my first time to celebrate Christmas not with my family . . .
Yea I have always ever had Christmas with family because I think there is no thing more important than family .
There are definitely exceptions but my family will always always be right behind me in case anything happens .
What happened to my sister and how much affected they were showed me the love my family gives .
Even though I find it a little sad that they don’t usually show it but I think it is kind of Chinese not to openly say how one feels so I grew used to that haha ~
In anyway . . . being so far away from my beloved ones I am missing them a lot and can’t help but feel lonely these days . Especially now when it’s Christmas once again .
But thanks to a wonderful person I got to meet here in Beijing I won’t be all alone here and I am receiving a lot of love from that person .
Thank you :)
Cheap but srsly nice looking Christmas tree ~
You know I don’t like glitter and sparkle and such things but I make an exception fro Christmas I guess :D
I wanted to cook something special but because there was no gas to use for cooking I only could use the oven . So I spontanously came up with this wrapped in foil dish :)
Ahhh ~ how I love cooking <3

The important thing about this dish was the freshness of the salmon ( Y IS SALMON SO EXPENSIVE HERE ? ? ? ) and the sauce which is based on tomatoes + masalan curry spices + garlic + fresh lemons + oil + salt + pepper giving the dish a very unique and deep flavor ~

There is something I stumbled upon and wanted to share with you which has something to do with Christmas ( of course haha – but maybe some of you already know that saying x.x ? )
I just came to know where the saying
Ten Frenchman don’t make an Englishman .
 comes from and I really didn’t believe it at first . . .
Well I read it on 9gag and that might have made me doubt the liability haha ~
So after that I instantly did some web research :
Did you know that on Christmas 1914 some German soldiers made a truce with some British soldiers somewhere in Belgium at the battle fronts of World War I ?
At that time they shared whatever they had ( alcohol , cigarettes for instance ) with each other and chatted like there was no war . Just a few days after the ceasefire ended on 27nth of December 1914 they resumed to war .
Yea . . . it might be a VERY extreme example of celebrating and thinking of the meaning behind Christmas . I just think how absurd it is to be fraternising each other and then be at each others throats in the next moment .
That’s just war . Making people stupid .
But though being part of something so stupid – people can still be like this .
That’s something that positively fascinated me and I just wanted to tell you about it in case you didn’t know about this :)
By the wayyyy ~
Do you know the meaning / origins of Christmas :D ?
Thanks to my religious education teacher I always got reminded and know it by heart now haha ~
I don’t make New Years resolutions ( rlly I don’t like doing this – just trying my best and keep moving forward in the best possible way is what I’ll do and I think that is fine )
BUT I do like to look back at what happened and make a resumé / evaluation of this year :
  1. I have finished my Bachelor studies and am now Bachelor of Science in Architecture !
  2. I got the chance to travel to China and started learning Chinese here ( mandarin + characters )
  3. met some great and inspiring people who I would have never come across to otherwise
  4. learned some important life lessons from those people
  5. learned about my origins culture and history ( which I think is pretty important haha )


Not a long list but I definitely can say about 2015 that every obstacle was worth getting by every decision right or wrong made me grow into someone I am proud to be .

I hope that if you look back at this years events you can also see how you grew from all the experiences no matter if they were sad or good .
Sad memories make good memories even better :D And in moments of sadness some things become even more warm and good . 
Oh yea – did you watch the Pixar / Disney animation movie INSIDE OUT ? If not – watch it as soon as possible !

Another children story but with deep and great meaning :)
And I actually think that the story is really interesting ~
Whoever came up with this is genius !Anyway – wishing I wish you merry and jolly holidays !
Hear from me soon next year ~

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Tiny Ghibli ( & Co ) worlds ~ | quick update on my Beijing life

Hey everyone ~
I have recently stumbled upon some overly lovely miniature stuff and you need to know
because – why else – it’s so small and thus soooo cute ~
But what I saw was soooo super duper cute . . .
It’s miniature worlds !
Some kind of hipster-ish biotopes inside some glass container and tiny characters from Ghibli and Co. ~
That’s like SUPER cute and . . . HOW I LOVE GHIBLI ! AND DISNEY ~
The shop in the Aegean Mall nearby my place had so many mini-worlds – a little expensive but I think it’s brilliant idea for the next gift to get for you female friend :D
In case she loves Disney or Ghibli . . . I heard rumors that there are actually people out there who don’t like those . . . . . . .
How could you not love Ponyo for instance ?
Or Pooh ? ?
How about Totoro ? ? ?
Not the character I like but still lovely – Stitch !
If I would be able to transport these glass containers safely back to Germany I would have bought one or two or three FOR SURE .
How to get that on the airplane without getting it into a huge mess afterwards ?
No way . . . sadly
In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to lately – here is a quick update :
I was in Xian last weekend and I have yet to write and tell and show you ALOT of my experiences so far in China .
Sorry for taking so long – but I will try to blog once a week now ( sorry beforehand in case it won’t work out tehe ~ ) !
One more eventually important information I would like to share with you
I lost my phone again some days ago haha ~
Actually about two weeks ago . . .
I was so super sad and upset with myself . . .
I was walking back from university to home and only visited two small shops and my iPhone definitely got stolen while walking on the road .
The thief was kind of strange to have turned it on very shortly for three times afterwards so I could check that he was nowhere near my home .
Sad thing . . .
I am quite a carefree person at times :(
Now I have a new iPhone with the same qualities and thanks to iCloud backup also the very same content haha ~
I love iCloud – doesn’t matter how other people think of it and it’s leaking-history .
I just wish there would be an app that connects my iWatch to my iPhone and makes a terribly loud sound whenever it disconnects the bluethooth connection due to distance .
Please tell if there already is such an app – I srsly need that . 
I would pay for that !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Hello from Beijing ! | Goodbye Germany – see you again in a year !

Hello everyone !
It’s been a long time since I last wrote an update about my life and what’s happening I’M SO SORRY . . . things have been soon busy since I had to prepare hundreds of stuff for my departure to China !
So a quick listing of what has happened the last weeks :
Not official yet but my bachelor thesis already got graded ~
if you haven’t already read about it : HERE is the link to my blogpost about my bachelor thesis :D !
I visited the Animagic in Bonn this year and wore my first ( actual ) cosplay !
I was Kotori from School Idol Project Love Live ! 
The beautiful Wonderful Rush version ~
I’ll also make sure to blog about that very soon to share with you . . . how I look when I’m blond haha ~ It was better than expected XD . . . still awkward .
My lovely Kpop Cover Dance Group RUSH ( and me ) performed at this years games com in Cologne !
We had 4 shows and each of them were a blast ~
I can’t believe it’s already over . . . it was SOOOO MUCH FUN !
HERE is the link to our Facebook page and HERE is the link to our youtube channel ~
I’m not in charge for neither of them :P
I’ve been having issues with very bad internet connections both in Hong Kong and here so it takes way too long for one single image to upload . . . and you know my blog entries are mostly picture-loaded haha ~
If you are wondering where HERE is , I am talking about being here in Beijing ~
Since I wanted to take a break from studying after finishing my Bachelor I wanted to finally learn some Chinese . Best place to do that ? I thought of Beijing because here I can learn it first hand from real Chinese people in daily life and also get to know more about Chinese culture !
I will try to do my best and currently ( it’s my third week now since university started ) I am learning almost every single day until late . . . but I really just can’t wait to finally be able to speak Chinese well and understand the people here !
Being a Chinese people always try to talk to me in Chinese – yet not being able to understand I just can say Wo bu shuo hanyu… / 我不说汉语 … 
Well that’s the situation I’m in right now :D
The people at my university who attend Chinese class are ( guess what ) mostly foreign people from ALL OVER THE WORLD ! It’s supper international here and because of that . . . it was a bit hard to find friends at first . . .
I am not the kind of girl who walks up to a person and casually says “Hey – wanna be friends ?” Haha ~ In front of people I don’t know I am quite a shy person . . . I am also more of an introvert than people may think :P
Still I found some really nice people here and it’s starting to be really comfortable over here in Beijing !
And I also took lots of foodographies in Hong Kong / Macau . . . Oh dude – I can write a lot but my internet connection atm is like SRSLY forcing me into taking a lot of time between posts because of the images . . . I guess it’s also the fault of my VPN . I got the most expensive one actually – still it’s no good for me . For most others it’s no problem at all !
Anyway – let’s kick of my JOURNAL of my stay in Beijing with a first entry :
This is Beijing how it looks at the moment .
For real .
Where’s the smog and the traffic jams ?? 
Haha – I guess I picked the right time to come here haha ~
I haven’t been sightseeing at all since I came here – instead I had a whole lot of lunches and dinners with super yummy food ~
I need to show you so much ~
And make you either jelly or curious about the food here ! !
One of the first places I had dinner at was at Guijia – a very famous street for street food and crawfish ( never tasted that before ) .
When it’s lunch / dinner time the streets are packed with people . . . all of them wanting to eat and patiently waiting for a table .
The restaurant in the background of this photo apparently is very popular :D
Thus my father insisted on taking a photo in front of it . . .
I will make sure to make some good foodographies of the food from here next time I come here – but because of the red light next to us I was only able to get LQ photos :(
Here is another really famous and popular restaurant we went to plus the food we had there haha ~
It’s actually quite close to where I live so I will definitely have more chances to go there :D
The 24 at the top left side stands for 24 hours open – come here and get food at ANY TIME you want ~
That’s what I love about China haha ~
Very late or NO closing time !
Lychee-Prawn – anything fried tastes good haha :D This is one example of unhealthy food here . . . which is too good to pass on .
Some steamed Baozi-like dumplings with lots of meat inside – not my favorite but it was really juicy and fresh ~
What kind of looks like vegetables ( beans ) which are too dry or cooked for too long is actually a very yummy and tasteful side dish !
This is some kind of fish with some sorts of vegetables on top . I didn’t bother trying only a little – it was not too much of my liking :P
Shanghai steamed dumplings , I guess ? These were better than the other ones !
Sichuanstyle peanut sauce noodle – SUPER SPICY but SUUUPER YUMMY omg . . .
These are Baozi with a lot of meat filling – compared to others I think the bread was way too dry and not soft at all . I actually don’t recommend them . Go buy them fresh on the street haha ! It’s just 2-3 yuan each most of the time ~
This is one of the best yoghurt I ever had in my life .
No joking .
Beijing has so good yoghurt which they sell everywhere on the streets ! For drinking and for eating !
It’s some kind of tradition that’s been passed down to these days haha ~
I hope I can post something at least every second week :)
So make sure to follow me to keep up with my life here haha ~
I still got so much to tell you . . .
but that’s it for today’s post . . .
See you next post ! ! !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Rewind of my time at Lucky Chocolate 2010 – 2015 | How I got into this lovely mess ! | Once a maid – always a maid !

Hey everyone <3
As some of you already know I am quitting my hobby / minicab / life as a maid ( sry – this sounds a bit strange XD . . . ) as I am going to China for a year .
I am really sad about this because I know I will definitely miss all the girls in the maid café and the people at the DoKomi . . .
Would you believe it , if I would tell you I have been working there for 6 years now ever since 2010 ??
I was searching for some old photos of me in a maid dress and stumbled upon some really old ones ~
Lucky that I still have an animexx account haha ~
Here comes a rewind of the years 2010 to 2015 of my DoKomi days <3 + 2009 ( not maid yet )
Actually it all started back in 2009 when I went to my first convention ever and also the very first DoKomi in Duesseldorf . I went there in a Misa Cosplay . . .
OMG – brace yourselves
Blond Jenny coming in
3 . . .
2 . . .
1 . . .
NOPE – there is no other photo of me existing so don’t bother yourself wondering :D
I am glad this is low quality haha ~
This photo was taken at Essen HBF but I wore the exact same cosplay in Dusseldorf at the DoKomi :D
Everything except the red wedge shoes and the gray coat is pretty much like a real Misa cosplay . Being my first cosplay ever even ahead of my time as a maid I had no clue what make up could do . . . Meaning : it could have been 2000x better at least !
I met my best friend Henne back in 2009 and after going out for a short period we noticed we were made to be buddies rather than a couple !
My very first time as a maid and I ordered a special maid dress from China with another maid for 60€ each .
It’s a nice basic dress – don’t know where I left it , somehow lost it :DD
Back then I still had my famous bob cut haha ~
I’m sorry Henne for taking this photo – we both look so cute and innocent here haha <3
Despite my weirdo somehow evil look on my pancake face I always had – I liked this photo really much :)
I hate my smirk smile on my face because it doesn’t make things better but rounder . TSSSS .
Yes – I have a HUGE complex when it comes to my face if you haven’t noticed yet haha ~
Which is why I LOVE hiding parts of my face to make it less obvious how round my chubby face is !
Learned about how important angles are that year haha ~
The following photo is actually my favorite photo in this blue 25€ maid dress – alongside a friend ~
Just like in 2010 we matched our maid outfits including a cute panda bag !
This is actually where it started with the panda bags haha ~
Up until today the Lucky Chocolate maids still use these panda bags !
We had a job and got to serve sushi !
Waiting for all the plates we took our chance to take some photos – I am glad we are all so photo addicted <3
This maid dress is my favorite maid dress because it’s the basic cute and innocent dress anyone could wear – for 25€ only :x ! Starting that year we had uniform maid dresses :)
This is a photo taken at a photoshoot .
First time trying pigtails haha ~
Hiding chubby face behind  . . . a strawberry *A* Genius me .
In the following you can see the entire team of hosts and maids at the DoKomi 2012 !
Numbers kept on growing . . .
In this year we got another new dress ( 25€ ) which is more sexy ( back shows skin ) and also out of all the maid dresses so far the one which magically transforms anyone into a beauty !
I swear on this .
Looking at these past photos I really really want to have my bangs again . . .
I also met an incredibly good IRONMAN cosplayer – whose iron suit could move at his will ! It had opening and closing lids !
Best Ironman cosplay I have ever seen in my life !
At this point I first noticed . . . just now actually . . . that I didn’t do a 2014 DoKomi recap !
No wonder it’s so hard finding a photo of that years coord . . .
Sorry for this rather low quality photo I got from the facebook fanpage of Lucky Chocolate ( take a quick look HERE ! )
That year we had yet another maid dress ! This time I got mine from a friend who bought it on bodyline ( good quality finally haha ~ )
I got it for 15 or 20 € from her – I think the original price was at 60 – 70 € !
My all-time favorite photo was from a photo shoot in February / March with two other maids and still with the old 2013 maid dress .
I started wearing my rose crown ever since then :)
Looking back at this photo I also miss my old hair . . . no bangs at all . . .
I will grow it back for sure !
This year was my last year – yes – but time went by so fast . . . it was just a few weeks ago !
The uniform was the same as last year – it might remain this way for the next years ~
So many selfies haha ~
Here I want to credit Sakomoto goshujin-sama for always being a kind and lovely customer and for always taking nice photos the past years ! Also a friend who deleted her animexx account . . . I forgot both real name and username . . . Another credit goes to the lovely Kao aka Kaori , who was also a maid at Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé up until two years ago ! She was the hardworking head maid !  . . . to Hakanai for the photos in blue maid dress ~ . . . and thanks you B1NH photography too ! To all the others who I forgot . . .
I am sorry for being so forgetful and thankful for the photos ! 
If you want any extra credited photos or some taken off my blog – feel free to tell me !
That’s it .
A quick rewind of my past 6 years as a maid at Lucky Chocolate ~
I will miss each and everyone from this awesome and moe and lovely team !
lots ‘n’ lots of love . . . ;A;

Dear Pat ! | my very own UNICORN – DIY tokidoki | Pastel Pink Pusheen ~

Dear lovelies ~
I’ve been gifted some years ago with something great . . .
a very dear friend – Pat !
Though we may not have much contact with each other because of the time delay and because of me being such a busy person ( s o r r y . . . ) but I think it’s always great to write or talk with him once in a while !
I hope to be able to meet you in real life in the future so you can show me around in America !
We have a tradition of sending each other a package for christmas each year and this time I wanted to show you what he got me ~
I already mentioned a UNICORN . . . in the title . . . and yes . . . I am now able create my very own UNICORN with this lovely
DIY Unicorn set from tokidoki 
Tehe . .  I guess I can’t wait to paint it <3
Actually the first thing I saw was 
I was like . . . oh god XD
But then it turned out to be
an uber cute yet a bit weird pink Pusheen
And then I took my other Pusheen in original grey tone to compare :
Some deformation happened when transforming to pastel-pink I guess XD ? Nevertheless it’s really lovable ~
I also received these japanese gummy candy and omg . . .
It might be the most strawberry-ish thing I have eaten or smelled in my life so far !
Still tasty ! I thought it would taste really artificial , but it’s just as yummy as the smell ( at least to me haha ~ ) !
Not sure if Pat knew of my glitter-phobia or not . . .
If only it wouldn’t sparkle that much
And this lovely Micky Christmas card ~
I always receive the most beautiful cards from Pat . . . it’s such a shame I never get to show them off . . . so I decided to show them to you <3
Thanks for everything , Pat , and for the presents ~
I hope you also liked my presents !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~