self made sushi level up / fine dining

Hey foodlovers !
If you have always loved sushi plus you’ve been keen to make you own sushi – and maybe tried a few times already ? – I want to show you in this very short food post how easy it is to make sushi you will just love because
1 – it looks like a master piece
2 – it’s so much fun making it
3 – you can be creative <3
4 – it’s made with so much effort and love !
I’m not saying or even claiming that I am a sushi chef or anything similar – no such thing at all on that professional level . Nevertheless it is not that hard to make a sushi that you yourself will enjoy to you fullest I think :)I have tried making sushi myself for several times now and someday it seemed to me , that it always looked and tasted . . . the same .

Sure was yummy ( maybe because I’ve starved myself with yet another 2-3 hours preperation time ? ) but it just simply always looked the same haha ~
So for the first time I wanted my sushi look a lot better because you also eat with your eye , don’t you ?I prepared the fillings of the sushi rolls in the following – spent a little bit more money than I would usually in higher quality products haha . . . don’t expect anything too fancy from a nearly broke student !

This is smoked salmon maki with a rucola leaf upgrade ~
in the center : wrapped salmon tartar with spring onion and rucola nigiri
After posting this I have this urge to repeat this dinner very very soon !
Sorry for not posting anything for the last weeks . . . but I’ll make sure to change it starting now :)
Semester has started and once again I’ll start posting some more about my architecture studies , the projects , some more OOTDs ( even when it’s getting colder . . . ) and maybe some more reviews ? Let’s see ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

What to do on a sunny sunday ? / Lucky Chocolate Spring Photoshoot !

Hey lovelies <3
Time for an update !
Last sunday I had another shooting with two girls of the Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé !
Finally the weather got much better and a lot of great photos were taken by . . .
Hochihochi <3 Aka Ahoachi . Aka my bf <3 .
He was so kind to endure our demands for 4 hours haha !
First time for him taking photos with a DSLR but he did great :
Maid Misa , me and Maid Luna under the cherrytrees ~
This one is one of my favourites he took !
We look so peaceful – well , the sun was shining so bright , it was so hard to keep our eyes open !
Borrowed Maid Luna’s cat-ear-headband <3 Suits her more though :P
But I like this photo because the colours here look really soft and natural :)
I don’t know what I was trying to do with my hand there haha . . .
My favourite solo pic <3
Thanks Hochiii for the photos <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Special Christmas Event : Lucky Chocolate Maid Café ~ Dreams come true ~

Hey lovelies !
Last weekend we had a special Christmas Maid Café Event in Mülheim – so about 15 of us maids dressed up nicely again ( and some very fitting to this season ) to serve our customers ! ( Ojou-sama and Goshujin-sama of course :3 )
It was kind of chaotic , since it was the first event with the new maid leaders but I think they did a great job there !I also invited the blogger and photograph Jürgen from
to the event , to take photos for his blog and for us and I must admit . . .
HE DID A WONDERFUL JOB THERE !Although he wasn’t our official photographer , he took a lot of time and patience to take these photos :) And his way from Frankfurt also isn’t that short . Thank you for coming , I guess all the others are also very thankful , so I may speak for them too :
Thank you for the nice photos , Jürgen !
Here are some of the photos he picked out for me :
You want a piece of cake ?
Playing guitar together with Arina – NOT . Just faking :D
And now with DoKomi organizator Andi <3
special OOTD
rose headpiece from Primark
maid dress + hand cuffs + apron from Bodyline
rabbit tights from Syndrome
black sneaker wedges from H&M
Definitely need to wear these rabbit tights again when we start an easter event , tehe ~
With maid Tecky ~
With maid Arina , May and Aimi ~
With all the maids at the event plus our dear kitchen chef Dobby :D
Don’t mind my face in the photo . . . I dunno what I tried to do there !
So nice he helped us there – finally we have a good new group photo ! Although by now we are so much more maids XD 40 maids I guess ? Maybe we have reached the title of most famous , biggest maid café in Europe ? Or maybe in the near future ? I love the maids – they are all so lovely ! Everyone has an entirely different personality ~
Hope you liked the post !
And be sure to enter my giveaway that will end on the 31st of December ! 
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

ONE OK ROCK CONCERT ! / in Bonn , Germany

Hellowwww ladies ‘n’ gents ~
I know it’s been way toooooooo long since the concert took place , but I actually totally FORGOT to write you about it !
I saw them . . . heard them . . . all in live ! !
ONE OK ROCK actually came to Germany half a month ago and I got the chance to go there ~
Everyone waiting in front go the building ~ Soooo excited !
I actually just came from university but still I wanted to dress up nicely :3 Since I also wanted to wear comfortable things , I decided on a simple festival look with my red roses headpiece !
Waitin in line with Henne <3 Long time not seeing you again
The stage . OMG . >___________< <3
With the others tehe <3 I didn’t know that there would be solo many of us at the concert :D Was really nice ! Many people means crowd-controll in concerts you know XD ? !
I was soooo happy at the end of the show ! They even gave us an enchore :3
So niceeee – I definitely HAD to buy a T-shirt from them !
So that’s it ! It was soooo worth it ! ONE OK ROCK ,  they are so awesome >______< <3
Every single song was great ! I soooo soooooo love their vocalist ~
Hooottiiiiiieeee ~
Tehe ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

MISO restaurant / sushi in Osnabrück / after a looooooong time – food porn again !

Hey lovelies <3
I know that I have been slacking in terms of posting about food . . .
But I want to recommend and tell you about a great place to eat sushi ! 
And other yummy stuff ! I must admit – and that may not be exaggerated – there is no other place to eat such good sushi than this :D !
OH PLEASE – I haven’t been to all places yet so I may not know which is actually the best place for sushi, but if Osnabrück were so much nearer to me, I would go there every once in a while <3
Soooooo – let me show you all the lovely sushi !
I love Unagi sushi
Never tasted this one – wakame salad sushi
Grilled mushrooms ! Mushroom FTW !
Surimi salad !
Fish egg topping sushi !
Vegetarian Gyoza . . . in weird but somehow lovely shape :D
This one is interesting – so gonna try to make this myself !
Crispy-cheesy-potato balls !
Fried tofu ! Ok, not as interesting as the rest, but a standard dish <3
rack of lamp – yummy . . . I could never be vegetarian fyi XD
No need to say what this is right ?
Three of a kind . . . all different and yet all so yummy <3
And now to finish everything of :
Matcha Cookie Sorbet done especially for my family and me :D
(Tehehehehe . . . )

So this was my sushi journey <3 Do you think that I eat to much sushi as I always post sushi foodographies ??????


I hope to visit HK again soon and to eat more and fresher sushi there !

Until then <3