Once upon a time . . . in a neobaroque garden / little red dress ~ / favorite color : bordeaux red

Hi lovelies <3
Do you also have a favorite color ?
And several clothes with this color ?
Haha – not sure how it happens but whenever I see something ( cloth or any other object ) in wine red or bordeaux red ( for a time also that so called oxblood red ) I just can’t take my eyes of it haha <3
These two OOTDs which I just recently wore include some of my favorite clothes in red ~
A-line dress from H&M
small shoulder bag from Gina Trikot
black laced up wedges from asos
The combination of dark colors with this dark red creates a nice elegant look ( yet with a touch of mystery – especially my OOTD with the black waterfall skirt ! ) 


red chiffon blouse from Primark

golden layered chain necklace from ROMWE

black clutch from Gina Trikot

black waterfall skirt from H&M

black laced up wedges from asos


Only about 3 weeks until the last exam of this semester . . . then I’ll be in the 5th semester . . . and only 1/2 year until I do my bachelor !

OMG – time really goes by fast ! That reminds me of when I started this blog about . . . two years ago ?! 

Have a nice and happy day <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

OOTD / lumberjack shirt can be this chic ~

Hello everyone ~
It’s been a looong time since I last actually wore this lumberjack shirt and I bought it when I was in Hong Kong last . . . it’s quite a long time now sadly :( !
That was when I had really short hair and a more tomboyish style . . . but I loooove lumberjack shirts especially this red one so I had to find a way to fit it into my actual style and . . . 
This is how I combine few elements of my wardrobe to create a rock-chic look !
red lumberjack shirt from UNIQLO
golden necklace from Karstadt ( I forgot the actual brand name . . . )
high waist black shorts from ROMWE
black tights
favorite backpack from BURBERRY
Monster Solo from DR DRE
BTW – I wore this outfit with black wedge sneaker shoes from H&M ( the ultimately comfortable ones ~ ) and . . .
I notice that some red lipstick would have been even better for this outfit !
Hope you have a nice and 
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

It’s spring time ! OOTD / new watch from ASOS

Hello lovelies !
It’s been a while since my last OOTD post but somehow I have been too busy to take any proper OOTD photos :P
Anyway – I wanted to show you my lovely new watch from ASOS .
It’s a fake chronography watch thus it is pretty cheap but looks quite expensive <3
( photo taken from asos.com )
It has a very soft rosé gold tone which I absolutely love !
Such lovely weather – finally T-shirt weather again !
Plus first time trying on my highwaist jeans that turned out to be a little too big :(
black highwaist shorts from ROMWE
floral shirt from Cotton On
and of course –
rosé gold boyfriend watch from ASOS
Hope you’re having nice weather too :)
Enjoy the weather before it turns cloudy again – like here in Aachen . . .
There was a very heavy rainfall a few days ago coming out of nowhere !
I was glad that I wasn’t outside that time haha . . .
Anyway I still got ill somehow *sniff* and it doesn’t appear to go away anytime soon . . .
So make sure to take care of yourself and wear warm clothes even when the sun is shining brightly !
Or at least bring a cardigan with you <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

I should smile some more . . . hehe / OOTD

Hey everyone <3
Here is another OOTD with a very simple and casual outfit !

I absolutely love skirts and this polkadot pattern skirt is one of my favourite clothes ~

nude coloured shirt from Hong Kong
polkadot skirt from Hong Kong
brown leather bag from Trafaluc ( Zara )
brown suede wedge shoes from S.Oliver
I hope everyone is also having a nice day wether it’s sunny or not !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Look out for bobble hats ! / OOTD

Hey lovelies !
I hope you’re not as busy as me with studies and actually do have a life besides remaining in the same room 5 to 6 days per week , 10 to 15 hours per day . . .
But every once in a while I do have some time to relax .
Since the weather has become a less cold these days I also had the chance to take a few photos on the way to university .
And yes . . .
I actually DO wear pants in these photos . . . 
I would never go out without pants or skirt ! :P
bordeaux bobble hat ( is it called this way ? ) from Müller
oversized military style jacket from envii
oversized print shirt from somewhere in Hong Kong
brown faux leather bag from Trafaluc / Zara
black distressed shorts ( that cannot be seen in any of the photos . . . ) from ROMWE
black thermo ( ! ! ! ) leggings from Tchibo
blue wedges shoes from flip*flop
Taking nice photos on the way to university actually takes only a few minutes if the weather is nice !
Hope to take some more soon :) Exam days are gonna start so . . .
Fighting , everyone !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~