Rewind of my time at Lucky Chocolate 2010 – 2015 | How I got into this lovely mess ! | Once a maid – always a maid !

Hey everyone <3
As some of you already know I am quitting my hobby / minicab / life as a maid ( sry – this sounds a bit strange XD . . . ) as I am going to China for a year .
I am really sad about this because I know I will definitely miss all the girls in the maid café and the people at the DoKomi . . .
Would you believe it , if I would tell you I have been working there for 6 years now ever since 2010 ??
I was searching for some old photos of me in a maid dress and stumbled upon some really old ones ~
Lucky that I still have an animexx account haha ~
Here comes a rewind of the years 2010 to 2015 of my DoKomi days <3 + 2009 ( not maid yet )
Actually it all started back in 2009 when I went to my first convention ever and also the very first DoKomi in Duesseldorf . I went there in a Misa Cosplay . . .
OMG – brace yourselves
Blond Jenny coming in
3 . . .
2 . . .
1 . . .
NOPE – there is no other photo of me existing so don’t bother yourself wondering :D
I am glad this is low quality haha ~
This photo was taken at Essen HBF but I wore the exact same cosplay in Dusseldorf at the DoKomi :D
Everything except the red wedge shoes and the gray coat is pretty much like a real Misa cosplay . Being my first cosplay ever even ahead of my time as a maid I had no clue what make up could do . . . Meaning : it could have been 2000x better at least !
I met my best friend Henne back in 2009 and after going out for a short period we noticed we were made to be buddies rather than a couple !
My very first time as a maid and I ordered a special maid dress from China with another maid for 60€ each .
It’s a nice basic dress – don’t know where I left it , somehow lost it :DD
Back then I still had my famous bob cut haha ~
I’m sorry Henne for taking this photo – we both look so cute and innocent here haha <3
Despite my weirdo somehow evil look on my pancake face I always had – I liked this photo really much :)
I hate my smirk smile on my face because it doesn’t make things better but rounder . TSSSS .
Yes – I have a HUGE complex when it comes to my face if you haven’t noticed yet haha ~
Which is why I LOVE hiding parts of my face to make it less obvious how round my chubby face is !
Learned about how important angles are that year haha ~
The following photo is actually my favorite photo in this blue 25€ maid dress – alongside a friend ~
Just like in 2010 we matched our maid outfits including a cute panda bag !
This is actually where it started with the panda bags haha ~
Up until today the Lucky Chocolate maids still use these panda bags !
We had a job and got to serve sushi !
Waiting for all the plates we took our chance to take some photos – I am glad we are all so photo addicted <3
This maid dress is my favorite maid dress because it’s the basic cute and innocent dress anyone could wear – for 25€ only :x ! Starting that year we had uniform maid dresses :)
This is a photo taken at a photoshoot .
First time trying pigtails haha ~
Hiding chubby face behind  . . . a strawberry *A* Genius me .
In the following you can see the entire team of hosts and maids at the DoKomi 2012 !
Numbers kept on growing . . .
In this year we got another new dress ( 25€ ) which is more sexy ( back shows skin ) and also out of all the maid dresses so far the one which magically transforms anyone into a beauty !
I swear on this .
Looking at these past photos I really really want to have my bangs again . . .
I also met an incredibly good IRONMAN cosplayer – whose iron suit could move at his will ! It had opening and closing lids !
Best Ironman cosplay I have ever seen in my life !
At this point I first noticed . . . just now actually . . . that I didn’t do a 2014 DoKomi recap !
No wonder it’s so hard finding a photo of that years coord . . .
Sorry for this rather low quality photo I got from the facebook fanpage of Lucky Chocolate ( take a quick look HERE ! )
That year we had yet another maid dress ! This time I got mine from a friend who bought it on bodyline ( good quality finally haha ~ )
I got it for 15 or 20 € from her – I think the original price was at 60 – 70 € !
My all-time favorite photo was from a photo shoot in February / March with two other maids and still with the old 2013 maid dress .
I started wearing my rose crown ever since then :)
Looking back at this photo I also miss my old hair . . . no bangs at all . . .
I will grow it back for sure !
This year was my last year – yes – but time went by so fast . . . it was just a few weeks ago !
The uniform was the same as last year – it might remain this way for the next years ~
So many selfies haha ~
Here I want to credit Sakomoto goshujin-sama for always being a kind and lovely customer and for always taking nice photos the past years ! Also a friend who deleted her animexx account . . . I forgot both real name and username . . . Another credit goes to the lovely Kao aka Kaori , who was also a maid at Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé up until two years ago ! She was the hardworking head maid !  . . . to Hakanai for the photos in blue maid dress ~ . . . and thanks you B1NH photography too ! To all the others who I forgot . . .
I am sorry for being so forgetful and thankful for the photos ! 
If you want any extra credited photos or some taken off my blog – feel free to tell me !
That’s it .
A quick rewind of my past 6 years as a maid at Lucky Chocolate ~
I will miss each and everyone from this awesome and moe and lovely team !
lots ‘n’ lots of love . . . ;A;

DOKOMI 2015 recap – another wonderful three days ~ | Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé 2.0 !

Hello everyone ~
I’m back from another short break and this post will be all about the
DoKomi 2015 days !
It’s been a very busy weekend with everyone and once again I got to be part of the best manga and anime conventions in Germany ~
This year we had soon many awesome special guests . . .
like Reika ~
~Misa ~
~ Liui ~
and more ~ !
Unlike all the other maids I didn’t get a selfie with handsome Liui but it’s alright .
I have cried over this enough now XD
Still happy about this group photo with him ~
Nyaaaa ~ Misa is sooo cute and pretty ~ Such a beautiful cosplayer <3 !
The Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé got even bigger this year ! Just look at all the maids in the photo above . . . or in this poster with all the maids listed :
Spot me hehe ~
We also got three of the uber cute Maids of England to visit and help us !
They sure were of great help !
Took a photo of them in front of the main stage hehe ~
But I must be honest with you guys . . . this wasn’t the best DoKomi I had so far . . .
I was way too busy and got nearly no break time to enjoy the convention or to even eat something !
I was so happy to eat a Melonpan in the evening after the first convention day ;A; . . .
That is one of the many reasons I decided to quit being maid . . .
Besides being absent for a year because of my year in Beijing <3 Whaaaa – three months left in Germany – can’t wait for it !
I will make sure to visit DoKomi 2017 as a guest so I can finally take a better look at all the things it has to offer :3
Yet I am also very sad . . . it’s not like I will never see the others again . . . but somehow I just can’t imagine another DoKomi as a guest ! And even though it’s really stressful as a maid – I always loved serving the guests and talking with them !
I actually also wanted to show you a little of the delicacies we made for our guests . . .
I made about 250 cake pops ! This year we had too much self-made stuff so the weren’t sold off :x
Nyaaa – it’s the last time so it’s ok I guess :3
Selfmade by LingLing <3 Soooo cute and yet not too sweet !
I love how the topping of these cupcakes look ~
My creation ~
One of the staff made 4 cakes like the following one and they were the very best . . . Even the inside of the cakes looked too good <3
Even though I didn’t feel like eating anything sweet ( after serving plate after plate of cakes ) I had to give them a try !
I met some people I knew from previous DoKomis and also many new people . . . and took an uncountable amount of photos really . . .
But sad thing is – I can’t get my hands on them XD !
I also met a guy who wanted to take a photo with me and told me that he follows my blog and twitter .
I was kind of surprised and also very happy ~ I still am hehe ~
Thank you <3 And also thanks for allowing me to use this photo  !
My legs look a little chubby here ;-;

But nevertheless it’s a nice photo !

And probably my favourite photo ( of another photo :P ) :
Selfie with Instax camera with Junmei <3

The Rillakkuma prints are so cute <3

Be sure to come and visit the Dokomi 2016 next year if you can !
You might as well tell me all about it haha ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Japantag aka J-Day in Düsseldorf ! part 2 / how about photo ?

Hey lovelies <3
This is the 2nd post about this years J-Day in Düsseldorf !
SORRY for posting this 2 weeks late x.x
The day was great but the night was just as nice !
The Lucky Choclate Maidcafé got a job to work as special photowall girls for the Aftershow party of the J-Day . That is why I wore a maid dress in a disco :P
Angel from
was with us the entire time to take lots of lovely photos ! With 10 yrs experience , I wouldn’t expect anything less !
At daytime we walked around in the city and did some promotion for both DoKomi plus Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé and the asianparty at the Nachtresidenz :
All the beautiful ladies here are maids :3 Actually we are about 40 maids in total !

Selfie-stalking photo , but I like it :D

Not yummy but needed 8D

Right after the gigantic firework at the Rheinpromenade we went to the Nachtresidenz to take photos with guests :D It was really funny and
I got to see soooo many of my friends , which I haven’t seen for a long time !

Here are some of the photos asianplace took :

Our maid team for the evening !

One of the DJs of the night and the one in the red shirt behind him – the big boss Steve :D

Best friends for ever Henne !!!

Our dear KamiZero !

Some of the hosts also visited us :3
But – tss – they only want our candy !
Maid Risa and Maid Uyen visiting us with a friend :3

Maid Risa and Uyen – sooo cute those two sweethearts ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Japantag aka J-Day in Düsseldorf ! / Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé dancing : Happy Morning ! / sailor uniform OOTD

Hey lovelies <3
J-Day ( Japantag ) in Düsseldorf 
is over now and it was a great day !
The weather was lovely ( not too hot and not too windy ) , the people I spent my day made it an even better day and the aftershow party at the Nachtresidenz in Düsseldorf was awesome !
Once every year there is an event in Düsseldorf to celebrate the good connection the city has with Japan as it is the city with the most japanese people . Düsseldorf also has a street which is known as Little Japan – the Immermannstraße .
It’s already my 6th year visiting the J-Day 
Because I know that the stuff there is ALWAYS too expensive , I thought it would be nice to make something for the day : Teriyaki chicken Onigiri !
It’s easy as hell to make them , all I need is chicken , teriyaki sauce , rice and nori sheets or these handy onigiri sheets I got from a korean grocery store !
They look just like from the Onigiri stores in Düsseldorf . . . hehe <3
Sadly I wasn’t able to take any HQ photos as I didn’t bring my camera with me . . . I only took some selfies with friends . . . good thing there were lots n lots of people who took photos for me haha <3
I also got to meet Jürgen from
again !
As always with a camera in his hand and taking photos
Here are some of the photos he took of me <3
I got this sailor school uniform from and it arrived via amazon prime in just one day ! Love their prime delivery <3 So handy !
Here are some of my selfies with some of my friends I met there :3
With Junmei – we know each other for 4 years now don’t we ??? Whaaa <3
With cutie Uyen <3
With Eileen <3 Her eyes always look so cute and gorgeous <3
Newbie Host Anthony . . . he is actually a Shadowhunter :O ? ? Rune of Angelic Power ! ! !
Newbie Maid Jinli – I gotta search for a fullbody photo of her ! Her outfit was extremely cute and sophisticated <3
With beauty queen Cinja – her eyes are sooooo lovely >_____< !
Somehow I never have photos with Sasa . . . who accompanied me the entire day . . . and if we take photos , it’s with his Iphone . . . tssss – gotta catch him at last !
The Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé also had a performance on the mainstage of the event ! I was in the first row right in the middle and took this video to share with you all <3
Sorry for the bad camera . . .

For lunch/dinner we visited the new japanese restaurant on the Immermannstr.
All the other restaurant were veeeery crowded and had long queues . . .
This was their trademark ramen yet I think it was nothing special . The noodles were good , the soup basic , anything else was also very basic . Nothing extraordinary like at Naniwa :D
We waited for the firework to start and about fifteen minutes later we walked to the next highlight of that day . . . ASIANPARTY AT THE NACHTRESIDENZ in Düsseldorf !

Gotta tell you more in the next blog post with full of photos from a friend , who also accompanied us during that day :D
Till then <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Special Christmas Event : Lucky Chocolate Maid Café ~ Dreams come true ~

Hey lovelies !
Last weekend we had a special Christmas Maid Café Event in Mülheim – so about 15 of us maids dressed up nicely again ( and some very fitting to this season ) to serve our customers ! ( Ojou-sama and Goshujin-sama of course :3 )
It was kind of chaotic , since it was the first event with the new maid leaders but I think they did a great job there !I also invited the blogger and photograph Jürgen from
to the event , to take photos for his blog and for us and I must admit . . .
HE DID A WONDERFUL JOB THERE !Although he wasn’t our official photographer , he took a lot of time and patience to take these photos :) And his way from Frankfurt also isn’t that short . Thank you for coming , I guess all the others are also very thankful , so I may speak for them too :
Thank you for the nice photos , Jürgen !
Here are some of the photos he picked out for me :
You want a piece of cake ?
Playing guitar together with Arina – NOT . Just faking :D
And now with DoKomi organizator Andi <3
special OOTD
rose headpiece from Primark
maid dress + hand cuffs + apron from Bodyline
rabbit tights from Syndrome
black sneaker wedges from H&M
Definitely need to wear these rabbit tights again when we start an easter event , tehe ~
With maid Tecky ~
With maid Arina , May and Aimi ~
With all the maids at the event plus our dear kitchen chef Dobby :D
Don’t mind my face in the photo . . . I dunno what I tried to do there !
So nice he helped us there – finally we have a good new group photo ! Although by now we are so much more maids XD 40 maids I guess ? Maybe we have reached the title of most famous , biggest maid café in Europe ? Or maybe in the near future ? I love the maids – they are all so lovely ! Everyone has an entirely different personality ~
Hope you liked the post !
And be sure to enter my giveaway that will end on the 31st of December ! 
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~