ONE OK ROCK CONCERT ! / in Bonn , Germany

Hellowwww ladies ‘n’ gents ~
I know it’s been way toooooooo long since the concert took place , but I actually totally FORGOT to write you about it !
I saw them . . . heard them . . . all in live ! !
ONE OK ROCK actually came to Germany half a month ago and I got the chance to go there ~
Everyone waiting in front go the building ~ Soooo excited !
I actually just came from university but still I wanted to dress up nicely :3 Since I also wanted to wear comfortable things , I decided on a simple festival look with my red roses headpiece !
Waitin in line with Henne <3 Long time not seeing you again
The stage . OMG . >___________< <3
With the others tehe <3 I didn’t know that there would be solo many of us at the concert :D Was really nice ! Many people means crowd-controll in concerts you know XD ? !
I was soooo happy at the end of the show ! They even gave us an enchore :3
So niceeee – I definitely HAD to buy a T-shirt from them !
So that’s it ! It was soooo worth it ! ONE OK ROCK ,  they are so awesome >______< <3
Every single song was great ! I soooo soooooo love their vocalist ~
Hooottiiiiiieeee ~
Tehe ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

RUSH K-Pop Cover Dance Group perfomance at the / gamescom 2013 – celebrate the games ! part 2

Back from being busy and from the . . .
GAMESCOM 2013 ! 

This is the 2nd and last part of my gamescom report for this year and I hope you enjoyed reading the first part !My K-Pop Cover Dance Group got the chance to perform on stage at the gamescom 2013 and we really rocked the stage !I must admit that it was really reeeeally last minute for me to learn the dances, as I was so busy with university stuff . . . I still feel kind of guilty for not being able to do my best because of that . . . which will be the one and only reason for me leaving the group. It was super awesome with the girls and our dear trainers (Momo and Soy :) and I feel really sorry for leaving… I hope that they can do even better without me so that they can show me next year !Until then – I wish them best wishes and good luck ! RUSH SHALL KEEP ON ROCKING ITS ROAD !
Please do visit our page on facebook :

Here are the next three dance covers – enjoy <3


We are a bit different

from EVOL

(This is our best dance – we put most effort into this because of the K-Pop Dance Cover Contest in Bremen <3 )



form Girl’s Day


Like Money

from The Wonder Girl’s feat. Akon

I soooooo love the Wonder Girl’s ever since I listen to K-Pop !!!
So that’s it ! The gamescom is over… Sorry for NOT reporting about the games there… I actually had not much time to play! OR RATHER – I had no patience to queue for 2 hours per game WTFH.

Leader Tecky as Mario and me as little Link <3

Dancing with BEATBUDDY !

The Maids and me . . . Maid for few hours before I got tired of people taking photos of me . . . my aim wearing the maid dress was to get maaaaaany goodies . . .  failed .

My little brother and my Big Sister visited and I showed them around :) So here is my lil bro next to his nerd friends :D

What we got from League of Legends : AN ORANGE .

Don’t ask me why ._____.

This is a lovely gift I received from a fan … XD?! The others also got their cans I guess – really lovely of him <3

So that’s it !
I hope you enjoyed this post !
Lots n lots of love to you <3

RUSH K-Pop Cover Dance Group perfomance at the / gamescom 2013 – celebrate the games ! part 1

Back from being busy and from the . . .

This year was super awesome as my K-Pop Cover Dance Group and me got the chance to perform on stage in front of hundreds of people !
Please do visit our page on facebook :
So let me show you the Saturday in photos and some exclusive video material of some of our cover dances !
First of all : Jasmin and me in front of the waiting people :D All of them had to wait be we got to get in first because we were VIP . . . 

While taking a photo for a friend – photobombing level : zombie .

OK, I guess :D

Just look at those masses . . .

So in this first part of my gamescom report the first two dances of my group !
Lovey Dovey
from T-ara
I am the best
from 2NE1

After that we went out for karaoke and food with some of Jasmins friends :)

We were sooooo hungry . . .
Jasmin and me derping around while waiting for her friends :P
So that was the first part summary of the gamescom – do look forward to the 2nd part with the next three dance covers !
Lots n lots of love to you

RUSH cover dance group / Evol – We are a bit different / K-Pop dance group cover contest in Bremen

So we’ve put a whole lot of effort into this dance for many training sessions now… for over half a year… and this weekend we got to show the world that
Our Kpop dance group RUSH  drove all the way to Bremen (3-4 hours in the car :P) to participate in this contest and guess what… we got 3rd place ! Yeaaaaa !
Well, gotta show you my weekend in photos now :) With no more than a few words ~
And NOW – it’s showtime !
Enjoy ~ 

Yes, that was our very first time dancing on a stage in front of a crowd… it was so much fun and it gave me so much motivation ! It was awesome to dance in front of all these people (most of them also participants of the contest!

After that day we met up with some of Momo’s friends and well, look what happened :D All I want to comment on that is : they earned 75€ in a few minutes doing what they love – dance XD NICEEEEE <3

Did not get onto any photos… I was the photographer after all :D

And now for the end of todays blogpost : PHOTOBOMBING LIKE A BOSS .
So that’s it for this weekend !
I hope you all have a lovely summer by now ! <3

The Ting Tings / That’s Not My Name !

No post with photos this time because I haven’t taken any photos these days ;-; Even the weather ain’t on my side, so that I couldn’t even take some nice ones of the sunset. It really looks lovely at times when the weather is good *-* Sometimes the whole sky gets a pinky-purple colour, I really need to show you!

But well, instead of that let me introduce to you yet another one of my favourite musicians – this time a band again : The Ting Tings !

Lovely name comes with lovely music, they stand for it. The Ting Tings are two people from the UK, Jules De Martino (male) and the singer Katie White (female). Oh my gaaaawwwd, how I lovelovelove her <3 She is so freaked out and so riotgirlish with so much power! Listening to their music and her voice always makes me want to party!
I guess many people already know their song No 1 UK-Hit “That’s Not My Name” .
If not, please do listen! I think it’s also on the playlist for the Playstation game Singstar?

This is an acoustic live version done by them, the original of this song sounds quite different and worth listening to it as well :)


Here’s them rocking “Keep Your Head” live at “Rock am Ring” just recently this year.

When thinking of the Ting Tings, there are just a few great songs I could name like the two above. Guess what, all of them from their “Shut Up And Let Me Go” album, their first and published in 2008 album. It is an awesomely great album, definitely their best. Why? Because up to now they have published jsut two albums… one in 2008 and the next just this year. They’ve been rocking the old songs for years now and I swear, I still love them. Every now and then my Ipod touch’s shuffle function plays one of their songs again and I would never press “Next”, I would listen to the very end of the song. Now this sounds good, doesn’t it XD?

BUT . . . their new album Sound from Nowheresville” is, well, not as good as their first.

My favourite song of their current album – “Hit Me Down Sunny” :

Really. I love them but people might have expected something better than what came with their second album after all those years of waiting. I guess I am dissappointed in some way ;_____; But no need to say, I still love them! So keep on rocking your road!