review: LALA – Cleansing Sorbet – Wild Rose ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hey everyone <3
Thanks to Tokkihaus who once again asked me to try out their product, I will test yet another review from LALA !
This post will be about the
Cleansing Sorbet – Wild Rose
from LALA
They also had a Lemon Lime one.
But I simply LOVE roses so went for the Wild Rose one ~
At this point I want to thank Tokkihaus again for sponsoring this :)
Have a look at their facebook and their online shop – they are stocking up more and more great korean beauty products ~
First time ever hearing of the cosmetic product brand LALA when I first looked at their shop btw :D
I feel kinda honored to get to try these products from them hehe ~
Well – let’s head to the actual review part !
The packaging looks great and really appealing :D In a shop I would DEFINITELY take a closer look at this product !
Up close you can see how lovely and cute it is designed . The only thing that kinda irritates me are the two children (?) with the star and flower head . . . it’s still a mystery to me what they might symbolize ?  I mean . . . I have never seen a similar image before – have you ? ?
I guess I’ll never get this out of my head so maybe it
first impression
This is amazing shit srsly .
Not only is it really hygienic ( thanks to the tiny plastic spoon you get an individual amount of the product very easily ) but it also has an uber lovely rosy smell ~
It’s not that cheap rose smell that is way too strong but a really refreshing and decent rose scent ~
It somehow reminds me of my favorite Yankee Candle with a really natural rose scent . . . OMG I LOVE THIS !
The “Cleansing Sorbet” is very creamy and yet firm and like some kind of ice or – guess what – a sorbet ! Just look at the photo above – you can spoon it up and it’s truly sorbetlike in a way ~ !
So I did some testing to show you on my hand with make up on .
Hidden under a decent amount of MAC longwear  concealer I have drawn a small heart with a waterproof eyeliner hehe ~
I got a small amount of the Cleaning Sorbet and rubbed it on my backhand in circular motion .
The more I rubbed the more the Cleansing Sorbet began to melt ( really . . . like a sorbet :D ! ) and dissolved the make up .
After washing off the cleanser my skin was well cleaned – all the make up was removed :) Plus my skin felt really soft and moisturized !
I rarely use any hand lotion at all – so I noticed a great difference there . And this lovely smell . . . I really really love this Cleansing Sorbet !
BUT I’m not done yet with my testing !
I wanted to give the extreme testing a try by drawing lots of lines with different eyeliners and using the Cleansing Sorbet to remove them – the result :
I tried rubbing in the cleanser for a 3 seconds and in the last photo for about 6 seconds .
Well – I guess this Cleansing Sorbet is not perfect .
Really – I don’t mind at all if it can’t remove my super-waterproof eyeliners haha ~
It removed my eyeliner drawing underneath all that concealer in the first testing though . . .
i give this product
 4.5 out of 5 cookies 
+ lovely natural rose scent ( I’d actually give this a +++++ )
+ hydrates skin
+ leaves your cleansed skin with a glow
+ hygienic usage with little spoon
+ removes most make up
+ only small amount of the product needed ( so you can use it really often :D ! )
– has problems with extreme waterproof eyeliners
I hope you liked this review !
Maybe you also want to give the Cleansing Sorbet from LALA a try ?
I’d definitely recommend that !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : LALA – Pigment Eye Shadow – No 5 Athena ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hi lovelies <3
Another review coming <3
This post will be about the
Pigment Eye Shadow
from LALA
They had several different tones to choose from but I wanted a brownish one .
So I chose their No 5 Athena ~
The lovely people from Tokkihaus gave me yet another product <3 I really loved the previous ones I got to try !
Have a look at their facebook and online shop : ~
The loose eyeshadow comes in a small tin which is super handy ~
I have never used loose eyeshadow before but only pressed eyeshadow so I was really looking forward to testing this ~
After opening the dose there was a plastic lid which made sure that you won’t get a glitter-overload-sparkling surprise all over the floor – I think I will keep this plastic lid :D And I also recommend everybody to do so , too ! Unless you actually want a glitter-loaded floor . . .
I must admit I still need to learn a whole lot about eyeshadows . . . I am but a noob when it comes to applying eyeshadow – SRSLY .
Still I like using it and I have lots of eyeshadows . . . and it’s sad how I only use 5 percent of that haha  . . . gomen ;A; . . .
First testing
It was really easy to apply this SUPER pigmented eyeshadow . But I had to be carful not to let all the glitter fall onto my cheeks haha ~ I used the KIKO eyeshadow brush to apply and also to blend the color .
I like this rusty red-brown tone – it’s not too much and even though I HATE glitter and sparkly things ( and pink – just so you know ) , I kind of liked the shimmering eyeshadow <3 It gives my tiny eyes more depth while not looking to dark .
For this more natural / nude look I used dark brown eyeliner only ~
I’ll try the eyeshadow with faux lashes and circle lenses another time <3 But I rarely use that much make up haha ~ Lazy me . . .
Long time testing
I wore this eyeshadow for another 5 hours and everything was still all set at the right place :)
Even though I didn’t even use primer – I forgot to use it x.x
Feels kinda awkward having this much make up on for so long when only staying at home haha ~
I was working on my bachelor thesis until late again . . . not long until I am done ~
I give this product 
( 5 out of 5 cookies )
+ small and handy tin
+ highly pigmented
+ pretty rust tone
+ really really shimmering 
( anything but an eyeliner would have been a – score now )
( + lasts pretty well )
I hope you enjoyed reading this review <3
I really recommend this product – even eyeshadow noobs like me can easily apply this ~
I am thinking of getting another one or two of the Pigmented Eye Shadows from LALA . . . They have so many to choose from !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : HOLIKA HOLIKA Sweet Cotton Pore – Cover Powder ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hi lovelies <3
I’ve got another review of a korean beauty product for you !
This time I’m going to tell you about the
Sweet Cotton Pore – Cover Powder
from Holika Holika 
Thank you Tokkihaus for yet another product to test !
Take a look at their facebook HERE ~
Maybe you are also interested in getting some korean beauty products from their online shop <3
The packaging of the cover powder seems really simple yet cute :)
The cotton candy print on the packaging seems to implicate how fluffy and light the product is . . . so let’s see :)
The cushion puff of this powder is more of the flat type ( more typical ) and fits perfectly into the space of the powder case on top of the plastic lid inside ( for separation and dosing ) .
First testing
The said plastic lid has some small holes to control the dosage of the loose powder .
Actually I have never used loose powder before . Srsly .
So at first it was a bit difficult to get the right amount of powder onto the cushion but after a few tries I think I got it right :D
The powder smells barely of anything ~ Which is good ! It has a lovely yet decent scent which kind of reminds me of . . . I can’t think of anything else srsly . . . but the names gives it away : cotton !
Cotton or baby powder or something similar to that haha ~
The powder is loose and white and after applying it on top of my daily make up it leaves a truly matte and smooth finish .
 I don’t have problems with pores . . . but I guess the powder being so smooth and fine might as well cover small pores and make them a little less obvious :3
But be careful not to use too much of the powder . . . It might look a bit cakey ! (Does this word even exist ? . . . )
Long time testing
At this point I was a bit afraid of having applied too much because my skin is mixed + sensitive .
It’s a bit hard to handle actually x.x
The powder really made my skin appear less shiny through out the day <3 But I am not sure if it would also kind of “dry out” some parts of my more sensitive skin and days where my skin is irritated ( then my skin tends to get a bit dry ) .
I would recommend not using too much of this product ~
I think this powder is more suited for less sensitive skin , normal skin and oily skin :) I would still use it at times when my skin is less irritated though haha ~ I really like how it keeps my skin looking matte and fresh :)
But being an all white powder it might appear to make you look like a ghost using it . . .
and it might truly be the case haha ~ !
Which is why I prefer using not the puff but a brush to blend it onto my skin more evenly :)
I am still not used to pressed powders but I think most pressed powders should be applied with a brush to get the right amount :D
I give this product 
( 4 out of 5 cookies )
+ dosing
+ great mattifier
+ nice decent scent
+ lasts about all day ( barely needs reapplication really :D
Unless you actually want to dry out your skin XD )
– not for all skin types !
I hope you enjoyed reading this review and make sure to follow my blog to keep track on the posts <3
Finally it’s summer and the sun is shining brightly each day – so make sure to drink enough !
2 liters water a day is perfect :)
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : ETUDE HOUSE Cookie Blusher ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hello my lovelies <3
It’s been a long time now and finally it’s time for another review ~
I’m going to tell you all about the
Cookie Blusher from ETUDE HOUSE 
I got a lovely package with review products from 
Tokkihaus <3
Do take a look at their facebook HERE and their online shop !
Just recently they added some new products to their shop – all from Korea ~
You know how much I love korean beauty products these day ?
That’s why I love Tokkihaus so much ~ Plus they ship super duper fast haha <3
The Cookie Blusher I have tested is the No 2 Strawberry Choux in a pretty pink tone :
The Cookie Blusher is like super cute packaged pressed powder rouge with a fluffy cushion puff and a tiny ribbon .
Somehow reminds me of a macaron . . . I know how macarons look though haha ~
I like how all the Etude House products look so cute and lovely ~
Just remember the photos I have taken of the Etude House store in Mongkok in Hong Kong ?
I don’t usually like pink , but when I do – it must look like this 8D . . .
first testing
Pardon my chapped dried lips x.x
I love how the cushion puff is so big ~
The core is actually not as fluffy as it might look from the outside so there is kind of a certain resistance to your cheeks if you dab the cushion puff with rouge onto your skin ( good if you have chubby cheeks like me haha ) . This makes the application of the rouge really easy !
The pressed rouge is quite thick / compact so that you have to press the cushion puff with a bit more pressure to get the right amount of rouge . This might seem annoying to some but I like it as it shows that the rouge doesn’t crack that easily ( if you let it fall or you’re on travel with it a lot ) ! It also makes it no problem keeping the cushion puff inside and on top of the pressed rouge . You know how  some pressed powders ( rouge or similar ) are too loose so that the puff included in the product loosens up so much powder ( especially while on travel ) – and you get the surprise once you open case haha ~
That’s an experience you should avoid by any chance . . .
Long time testing
After using the rouge for a whole day the appearance of the color has faded . Of course this depends of the weather and what you do during the day . But I think that it’s perfectly fine as the Cookie Blusher is pretty much made to take with you :)
I’ve made the experience that most pressed powdered rouge won’t stay on my cheeks all day – only moist rouge ( or actually liquid ones ) stay all day . So I’m fine with this fact :D Nonetheless I like using pressed powdered rouge most ~
I give this product 
( 4 out of 5 )
+ packaging
+ quality cushion puff
+ quality pressed rouge
+ decent pinkish rouge tone
– endurance ( needs reapplication during the day )
Together the fluffy puff and the pressed rouge create a decent and cute blush on my cheeks :3
I usually use more orangish blushes but I think this pink one will work just as fine for me ~
I once used a pinkish Majolica Majorca blush and this product really reminds me of it .
It also has a cute fluffy cushion puff and the blush lasted for about a year even though I let it slip and fall for too many times haha . . . it never cracked srsly .
Hope you liked this review !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

HUGE HK shopping haul ! / beauty & gadgets from Sasa + Innisfree + Watsons + Co.

Hello lovelies and beauty addicts !
This blog post might be interesting for those who will visit Asia and are thinking of buying lots of beauty products !
I did lots of research online prior to my HK trip and went shopping with a long list of TO-BUYS ~
I’m only going to list up all the beauty stuff and gadgets I bought so there will be NO REVIEW in this post .
I will definitely make lots of reviews about some products that I think are worth showing to you !
But if you are particularly interested in one product – make sure to comment below and tell me !
Actually can’t wait to make reviews to show you but my time is limited in these three months due to my bachelor thesis . . . x.x
Anyway ~ let’s start of with my
I got this nice “Heritage Set” from Innisfree including three products I would have bought individually – but this set was really cheap !
330 HKD for all five products !
This is the widely known Super volcanic pore clay mask .

Said to be successful in minimizing the appearance of black heads !

Will try it out for sure ~

This Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam I wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t in the set .

Simply because I have not heard of it yet :D

I’ll be sure to give it a try !

This Green tea seed serum is said to work miracles to the skin !

The long days ( and nights ) for my architecture studies really drain me and I hope to look less tired with the help of this serum ~ Hope it will work !

This Green tea balancing skin ( moisturizer ) in combination with the serum is said to keep your skin looking fresh and balanced ~
Green Tea balancing lotion ( body ) – just like the other green tea products it smells really nice and decent .

I don’t like switching lotions ( I ‘ve only been using a baby lotion – since years and it always gives me soft skin hehe . . . ) but I’ll give this one a try .

Next :
faux eyelashes 
I got a few of them and was struggling not to buy more . . .
Because I like how it looks when using fake lashes . . .
BUT I AM A RETARD when it comes to using them on myself XD
Haha ~ . . .
I hope I’ll get better . . .  it would be a waste otherwise !
Got two of these ( accidentally ) ~

This series is promoted by one of my top favorite japanese models ( also a VIVI model ) !

I loooove her <3

This series eyelashes aren’t completely black but they are more like dark brown – mixed with strands of black lashes .

They look really natural this way !

These look really natural :)

Charming Kiss – I also got their eyelash glue because it looked just too small cute and handy to skip on it !

I wanted to give lower / bottom lashes a try so I thought these “natural” brown ones from Dolly Wink might be the right choice .

Hope I’m not wrong XD !

I had to get this one .

Dolly Wink‘s eyelash case .

Actually you could use any tray to store your eyelashes but it wasn’t that pricey .

Hehe ~

The next things I bought on mass are eyeliners and similar !
With similar I mean things like these :
Highlighter – actually this package had two different colors inside !

Silver and Gold .

Gold .

Gonna highlight my eyes ( face ) golden no thank you .

See ?

: D

This handy beauty products does three jobs :

There’s a brow pencil ( bottom left )

brow powder ( bottom right )

and brow brush ( top right ) .

I think that’s awesome and it really works well !

I saw this in a recommended list from a beauty blogger and thought I should try this out :

The Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow from CLIO has two functions .

One is to draw eyebrows with a decent color that is said to last for days ( thus tattoo ) and

the other is a simple brow mascara ( I have never used any before :DDDD . . . ) !

Also got this as a special gift for buying two of these tattoo brow tints hehe ~
Here’s the list of
I got :
(You may notice – they are mostly DARK BROWN colored .
I think dark brown looks less harsh and little more natural .
But it depends on the quality to look not too fake brownish . )
Used this one right away – it draws extremely thin lines !

If you are accurate enough – it might be perfect !

Love it .

Bought two of these eyeliners from Wink Up simply because it is highly praised .

It’s a thicker eyeliner brush but last pretty good !

That’s the eyeliner above .
Not tried yet – from the same brand as the eyeliners I loved to use the last years : K-Palette .

This looks unusually cute compared to their usual very simple packaging haha . . .

Simple : I HAD TO BUY THIS .

One word : Sailor Moon .

Oh that’s two actually nvm ~

Not tested yet . Another K-Palette eyeliner with 0,1 mm precision .

I love these thin eyeliners ~

Next is :
wash & soaps
( after makeup products so to say :D )
This cleanser from Bifesta got recommended to my by a friend of mine .

I gave it a try and it’s awesome really . . . No oil – similar to the Micellar Makeup Remover from various brands but a little bit better .

This peeling gel aka gommage from DTC I got in expectation it would be similar to the CURE Japan peeling gel .


I guess nothing can keep up with the original .

SADLY I didn’t find the CURE peeling gel . . .

These eye remover wipes from SASA are better than expected .

Bought last minute in Macao when I forgot to bring any makeup remover I got this .

And it’s working pretty well !

This vibrating TONYMOLY cleansing brush gets all the pores . You might feel it or you don’t .

Like me haha XD

My rather small
Etude House haul :
I got a few of these and used up all of them except this one .

It’s not bad at all ! But a little too pricey . . .

But their smell . . . soon niceeeee ~

This one here does magic .

The Black Head Remover-X (set) from Etude House .

Used properly it really reduces the appearance of black heads !

Either this or the usage of Evian water for my skin as part of my skin routine worked miracles haha ~

This cute Rosy tint Lips from Etude House really works well !

I shall show you at another occasion / blog post haha ~

Next is :
I didn’t buy many masks because they are way too heavy for my luggage .
But the few ones I did buy – are said to be great ~
My friend recommended this one to me .

Especially because she saw how I love the Milky girl !

It’s a milk sheet mask ~

Looks too cute <3

Hehe . . . how could I have said NO to this handsome face ?

Kim Soo Hyun is the endorsement partner of the korean brand BEYOND now – almost all their products have his face on them haha ~

I found this on the web and thought to give it a try .

It’s a very interesting products – supposed to whiten up the skin .

The famous Rice Scrub from Skin Food <3

Definitely one of my top favorite buys this journey !

ACTUALLY . . . almost half the asian products are whitening products . . .

That Milky mask might be one too without me ever knowing it . . .

I just noticed the Beyond sheet masks above really are whitening masks haha !

( They say brightening . )

But that mask doesn’t brighten / whiten up my skin ( gladly ) .

I already used it twice ~

Other makeup products I got :
This Banila Co. CC Cream is 

awesome .

I like how it really keeps my skin moisturized .

It’s kind of a tinted moisturizer while also evening out my skin tone and giving my skin a natural glow .

It’s said to be the BEST CC cream out there .

I’ve tested others so I must admit : I believe it is .

The pore primer powder from Banila Co.

I was searching for a powder that doesn’t look cakey at all when applied and reapplied during the day and here it is :

One of the best no-color powders I have ever owned !

I’ve been using the MAC Studio Concealer for years now but at times it gets a bit too cakey and dry when applied .

This other MAC concealer , the Pro Longwear concealer , is much smoother on the skin and easier to apply .

Also more hygienic :D But it’s a bit less covering .

This BB Foundation Lunch Box from
too cool for school
is more of a fantastic foundation than a BB Cream ~

There is also a concealer and a highlighter included with a mirror on top of the the “lunch box” <3

Awesomeee ~

One of my favorite buys !

This Primer from Banila Co. is said to work reaaaally really nice !

The classic one was the most recommended one but I got myself this instead :D Hope it works just as well ~

Didn’t try this one yet but it looked like a nice new handy brush for to-go .
These cute new puffs I bought in case I need to switch the puff from the Banila Co. powder .

They look cute don’t they haha ~

In Asia they have these handy cheap tools . Just look at the bottom end of these qtips .

They are made for makeup haha ~

Now it’s time for some NON-beauty products I got which are worth mentioning !
These are actually NOT tip-ex !

They are decorators for any letter / paper etc. ~

Too cute !

Rilakkuma ? 
Yes – of course <3 !
These sandwich cutters look too adorable to pass on them !
Hope they really work well !
This uber cute silicone mold can be used for making ice Rilakkumas or even chocolate Rilakkumas ~

I will try to make lovely chocolate Rilakkumas one day ! ! !

Got a few of these cases haha ~
Do you know this character ?

And if you do – you might be awesome .

I love this little girl – that was my idol about 15 years ago haha !

A new ( and hopefully longer lasting ) rosé golden watch from BERSHKA .

Why I never get expensive ones ? Because I break ALL watches .

And even a little amount of food :
You should try these ( and also Puccho’s other candies ) if you haven’t already !
These are like topping for rice .

I like to eat these with rice only as a meal ~

Full of flavor ~

But some may NOT like it . . .

This is a package of 20 satchets of similar rice topping .

Little did I know that each satchet had an individual print . . .

Well . . . that’s it !
This sure was a lot x.x . . . thanks for scrolling all the way down to here haha !
These are the products I wanted to show you haha ~
I hope this gives you a little inspiration on what to get on your next trip to Asia / China / Hong Kong !
( I managed to take some puris <3

But… That’s actually the lowest level of enhancement of the puricura machine I used lol )

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~