Tiny Ghibli ( & Co ) worlds ~ | quick update on my Beijing life

Hey everyone ~
I have recently stumbled upon some overly lovely miniature stuff and you need to know
because – why else – it’s so small and thus soooo cute ~
But what I saw was soooo super duper cute . . .
It’s miniature worlds !
Some kind of hipster-ish biotopes inside some glass container and tiny characters from Ghibli and Co. ~
That’s like SUPER cute and . . . HOW I LOVE GHIBLI ! AND DISNEY ~
The shop in the Aegean Mall nearby my place had so many mini-worlds – a little expensive but I think it’s brilliant idea for the next gift to get for you female friend :D
In case she loves Disney or Ghibli . . . I heard rumors that there are actually people out there who don’t like those . . . . . . .
How could you not love Ponyo for instance ?
Or Pooh ? ?
How about Totoro ? ? ?
Not the character I like but still lovely – Stitch !
If I would be able to transport these glass containers safely back to Germany I would have bought one or two or three FOR SURE .
How to get that on the airplane without getting it into a huge mess afterwards ?
No way . . . sadly
In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to lately – here is a quick update :
I was in Xian last weekend and I have yet to write and tell and show you ALOT of my experiences so far in China .
Sorry for taking so long – but I will try to blog once a week now ( sorry beforehand in case it won’t work out tehe ~ ) !
One more eventually important information I would like to share with you
I lost my phone again some days ago haha ~
Actually about two weeks ago . . .
I was so super sad and upset with myself . . .
I was walking back from university to home and only visited two small shops and my iPhone definitely got stolen while walking on the road .
The thief was kind of strange to have turned it on very shortly for three times afterwards so I could check that he was nowhere near my home .
Sad thing . . .
I am quite a carefree person at times :(
Now I have a new iPhone with the same qualities and thanks to iCloud backup also the very same content haha ~
I love iCloud – doesn’t matter how other people think of it and it’s leaking-history .
I just wish there would be an app that connects my iWatch to my iPhone and makes a terribly loud sound whenever it disconnects the bluethooth connection due to distance .
Please tell if there already is such an app – I srsly need that . 
I would pay for that !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

IP – Integrated Project / Successfully absolved ! / B17 Cremonacrew !

Hey lovelies <3
Time to finally show you what I have been busy with the last half year and what was the cause for our immense sleep deprivation . . . but first let me introduce you the
honorable soldiers of the B17 Cremonacrew :

This is my group – the legendary, overly awesome Cremonas after the presentation of our work haha ~

Our task was to plan a whole building for any companies . Which means that we had to plan it to be very customizable for any usage of the halls .
The concept of our building was to clearly differentiate the three functions of the building into three partitions.
The first partition which is next to the street is the functional part, which inhabits the sanitary and technological rooms ( air conditioning, heating, electricity, etc. ) , the kitchen and the meeting rooms . This part is more introverted and thus its structure is solid building .
The 2nd part is the hall part, in which there can be up to 8 divisions of renters .
It is a lighter construction which opens up to the nature in front of it .
The 3rd part is the part in between the two other parts which we call the middlehall .
It broadness and height gives it a light and clean character which is why only a few elements like air conditioning or two bridges in the 2nd level interrupt its open space .
front rendering with street
inside rendering of the bridges and the hall


front rendering with wide green space
1:50 model


1:50 model


inside rendering of an exemplary view from a visitor


inside photo of 1:50 model


1:20 model of a facade cross section


Our overall presentation
It was a big success !
Though the grades have not been published yet ,  I thin that we all did our best and that no matter which grade we get – we should be proud of this !
Seeing the outcome is one of the best things in this study course ! It makes me forget all the sleepless nights and all hardship ~
Plus I totally love my groupmates ! It was a lot of fun to work with them !
I hope you also keep up with whatever you do ! No matter how hard it is – in the end all your effort is shown in the outcome :) Fighting everyone ! If I can do it , all of you can !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

EE exercise 4 – Kommune / a community house / from beginning to the end / history of Aachen

Hello lovelies !
So sorry for being busy these days so I wasn’t able to post anything lately… But these next months will be full of work for me so it will remain like this for those months… sorry ;A; ! But still I gotta keep you updated every now and then so how about we start with the final exercise of the semester for architectural drafting?
This project was really interesting as it was no longer as abstract as the exercises before (though still a bit abstract) and much more complex. Our task was to fill a gap between houses with a building which should be of use for a group of persons, a community. Thus the name “Kommune” – commune.
First we went to visit the said place in order to analyse the surroundings, the neighbourhood etc. :
A very interesting street art opposite of the gap :
the history of Aachen !
Students being kids again – well :D
After the analysis we started with the draft for a building… by first thinking of a pamphlet which should portray the theme/keynote of ones building. I thought of a rather extreme keynote – oligarchy. It was a bit too negative and extreme for my tutor so she told me to change it into safety and shelter, protection. Here is the pamphlet I drew for my keynote, I did not need to change it at all :D
BTW – I have been inspired by some communist pamphlets before I drew this :D . . .
Here are some of the others:
The last one was done by a dear friend of mine – Nik :D He really did a great job and I think he is really talented when it comes to drawings !
After that we had to think of a space model. Space as room space . I need to admit that I didn’t really give my all in those models but rather in the work I have done after that.
Shall I show you the final result of our hard work ? 
First time I got picked by the professor and he praised me for the neatly done model and the drawings (he probably didn’t notice, that I have drawn them with Autocad – computer program . . .  still was a hell lot of time spent on them !). But he complaint about my toilets. Well, there might have been not enough space to move freely I guess
So here is progressing of the model :
Anyway – I think we all did a pretty good job ! I spent more time than usual on model and drawings and it definitely paid off ! Guess I need to keep this up – it really motivated me after being praised
Next exercise to finish will be Baukonstruktion (constructional drafting) – this will be literally big . Format A0 . WTFH but I guess I need to really push myself for this exercise . . . the last weeks have been very very hard for me especially because of this ! FIGHTING !

Short trip to the Netherlands and Belgium part 2 / short post about the days in Belgium !

Le me and my lil bro derping around while taking selcas, cheaaaaaa .

Complete cut now :

Sooooo- I have been to Belgium right after the days in the Netherlands!

Here are some photos I took while my stay in Belgium at my aunts house. I found these lovely objects and paintings which I definitely wanted to share with you! Some might even recognize the paintings somehow… Guess why :D????

Lovely chandelier

OMG, old antique clockwork . . .

Real silver tea set . DA FAQ .

Since we visited my aunt during easter time, she prepared some food for us, lovely of her <3

Well, that’s it.
After reading THIS post, you might have noticed that the days in Belgium were kinda lacking…
Ok, it was nice, spending some time with aunt and family and stuff but I wish I could have seen more of Belgium.
Another city besides Brussels.
Well, I guess I have to go on my own next time :D
(new pullover from Pull&Bear bought in Rotterdam – totally forgot to mention in the last post! )

museum isle of Hombroich / architectural excursion

This time we had an one-day excursion to a somewhere near Aachen I have never heard about :)
They call it the
museum isle of Hombroich
(or rather Hombroich island?)
even though it is not an island but rather an isolated place with interesting aspects in art and architecture. Some very prominent architects have planned a building here, some may look a bit strange even, but nevertheless I think it is a bit out of the world . . . :D
Not really as interesting as I thought it would be, but maybe that’s all due to the very dull and gray weather that day . . . not forget to mention how bitter cold it was. I just felt completely ill all day through except at the time were were having lunch or when we sat in our busses back to Aachen.
We came here to see the landscape and decide depending on the draft idea we already had for the next biiiiiig Bauko project, which certain place to locate our building.
(Dunno if that is english just now… never mind :D Hope you understand either way!)
I totally fell in love with this construction… 
the mix of wood and the white ceiling… fascinated me more than any objects of the museum!
So that’s it, not much commentary from my side, art is at its best left alone without words anyway :D