travel journal part 4 : Seoul | This is Korea ! | Everland safari + Myeongdong Dog Cafe

Hello again ~

I really wanted to share two awesome experiences and places in Seoul that U NEED TO take a look at !

BEFORE I get to this incredibly cute little pug on the top half of this collage I want to tell u about my first ever safari experience which I was able to get at the

Everland Theme Park


which lies a little more outside of Seoul but can be reached with train and bus in an hour .
And ( again . . . ) if it weren’t that cold I would have enjoyed it sooo much more than I’ve already done back there .

But super cold weather ( the sun couldn’t possibly warm me up against the freezing wind ) + fast rides on rollercoasters or other attractions just don’t do anyone any good .

It was pretty surprising to me though that there were quite many people in the theme park !

I guess they all wanted to enjoy the really really cooool safari tours there ?

There was a tour with a bus to take a look at a lot of tigers and lions , snow lions , ligers , etc and I was a little afraid first . . .

but they didn’t move much so I was totally fine throughout the tour :)

It’s cool for someone like me who won’t ever get to countries where these animals are at home .

But I did keep in mind that they are held there against their will .

People may want to talk all they want against such an act and I truly DO NO support these things


it’s not like they hold the animals there and harm them .

People should raise more awareness against the killing of these animals and THAT doesn’t happen in zoos etc .

Instead they are fed all the time and get a lot of love from the staff .

And a lot of small children get to see such great animals in real life and get super excited and happy .

I think things like these also matter :)

First time I ever saw these animals in real life .
Might as well be the last I will ever get this close to them .
This giraffes head was right above mine .
How I would have loved to pet it . . . ~
As I was freezing and trying my best to warm up but it was no use . . .
( sorry Geon for taking me to this wonderful place and sorry for being so sensitive to cold :( . . . )
we went back to Seoul and had something super healthy and yummy to warm up again !

Super good KIMCHI !

Of course it wasn’t the super yummy kimchi that warmed us up but the Ginseng Chicken !
I strongly recommend anyone to try Ginseng Chicken like this .
I love it because it’s super good for health and warms you up in cold winter days ~
I also tried this once in Beijing in Wangjing and it was super good there but this one was EVEN BETTER .
There are plenty of places to get this Korean dish so don’t miss it when you visit South Korea ! ! !
We also visited Myeongdong and had breakfast there :
Haha – I super duper rarely ever have breakfast . Instead my first meal of a day is lunch .
This is why sometimes I call this brunch :D
Anyway – it was a good meal ~
I like how in Korean restaurants they like to add some rice to what is left in the wok / bowl at the end and then fry it .
One thing I have to share with those of you who do not know of it :
the best part of these fried rice at the end is the rice that gets stuck on the wok / bowl and gets a little burned .

IT’S THE BEST PART coz it’s super crispy I LOVE IT ~


Roaming the streets of Myeongdong we set our eyes on a

Myeongdong Dog Café

which happens to be close to a cat café .
One can’t help but instantly fall deeply in love with those super cute and fluffy and cuddly dogs inside the café !
They were all so cute and it’s really cool and interesting how it’s not us visitors who get to choose the dog we want to cuddle and pet . . . no . . .
Needs some amount of patience to get a decent photo with the dogs you like when they actually don’t want to stick with you ;A;


I don’t know why but I find pugs so cuuuuute ~


They had sooo many dogs but the three different sized pugs were my favourites ~


I guess they have a super relaxed life here at this dog café .
But most of them were picked of from the streets actually . . .
I really like how this café didn’t simply pick cute n good looking dogs but dogs that were in need !


I always wanted to raise a dog . . . after this experience my urge to want one has grown bigger . . .
So that’s it about Seoul I wanted to share with you :)
I had sooo much good food here hehe ~
Look forward to the last part of my Korea trip journal :
Yeosu + Namhae | This is Korea ! part 5


A visit to the south part of South Korea !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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