travel journal part 3 : Seoul | This is Korea ! | Bukchon + Ihwa | villages of Seoul

Hello everyone ~

this third part of my Korea trip posts will be about one of my favourite things in Seoul :
the cute and artsy villages of Seoul !
I only made it to two of the villages of Seoul but they are both soooo interesting and super beautiful ~
IF ONLY it wasn’t that cold . . . I surely would have enjoyed walking in the small streets longer . . .
But you should always see the bright side of everything like me thinking it’s actually pretty smart to come in winter when it’s so super cold because this way there are only few tourist at all the tourist spots :D
And yeah that was an absolutely correct thought !

Haha . . .

I don’t like being in too crowded places for too long so I preferred it this way :D

The first village I visited was

Bukchon Hanok village | Korean traditional village

The streets here are small and not straight at all . . . walking down those streets make you actually forget you are in such a big metropole .

It’s like you are back in time in an old Seoul ~

I love the atmosphere that these old houses create !

Sooo different from the rest of Seoul yet it is just minutes away from the modern parts haha ~

Rare of me to let myself get photographed by someone else especially all alone in a picture . . .

so this photo which came out quite OK is worth showing haha ~

The next village we visited ( on another day though ) was the

Ihwa Mural village

which is famous for it’s artsy streets and walls and paintings at every corner .
Even the staircases are super cool !

Several artists have made installations + wall paintings + other art creations all across this village .

The streets here give off an entire different atmosphere than in Bukchon Village .

A lot more . . . chaotic somehow but not rundown at all !

Unlike the other village I think photos taken in Ihwa Village would be even more charming with more people on them :P

From the top of this pretty village with steep , really steep streets I could see Seoul at sunset .

Not that far from there we went to the Seoul Tower and Seoul’s highest point of view .

I got to catch this photo hehe ~

At first I only wanted to take a nice photo of the moon which shone soooo bright upon the whole city .

Then I noticed the green highlighted Seoul Tower next to it and wanted to take a photo of both together .

THEN I noticed the beautiful pavillon underneath the tower .

That’s exactly how this photo was made haha ~

I totally recommend any Seoul visitor to take a look at these two villages !

It’s a MUST-SEE really !

I hope you enjoyed this post ! Maybe it will give you some ideas of what to ( MUST ) see when you get to Seoul hehe ~
The next part will be :

Seoul | This is Korea ! | Everland safari + Myeongdong Dog Cafe 

OMG after visiting the dog cafe I think I really want to have a dog now . . . so cuuute !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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