travel journal part 2 : Seoul | This is Korea ! | spa experience + Kwangjang Market

Hello everyone !

In this post I will tell you about my funny experience at the spa ( yea – like in Korean TV drama haha ) and at local markets like the Kwangjang Market ~
Oh yes I didn’t expect to be taken to the spa but we actually stayed over here since it really is cheaper than a hotel and this particular spa we stayed at is really good and well known .
Because it’s not tourist season ( too fcking cold I guess ) there weren’t many people at the spa which made the whole experience even more relaxing !

I couldn’t possibly get a picture to show you the bathing area but let me tell you it was really interesting .

I never went to a public bath before and so I was feeling a little uncomfortable getting completely undressed in front of all everyone ( women area of course ) and then going to the bathing area x.x
But the many bath tubs / water basins with different healthy and revitalizing substances really helped me forget about feeling awkward and made me want to stay all day haha ~

I guess the baths are the most valuable part of the spa but the institution actually had several floors !

Sooo many floors and rooms and areas – since everything was new to me everything was so interesting to me !
I am glad that there were only a few other guests so I could sneakily take some photos hehe ~
The above photo shows one of the main areas the meeting place where women and men can meet up again after their shower and bath in the lower level .
The following photo shows the cute entrances to some of the many fomentation rooms .
I actually never heard of the word ” fomentation ” before so I’m not sure if it is used correctly by them . I just hope it is . . . XD
The following photo is the the Red Clay Cave sleeping area in the top level .
I didn’t sleep here and – I didn’t sleep in the sleeping area at all .
I simply slept in one of the fomentation rooms which are quite small so that there are less people to disturb me sleeping ( by snoring or other noises ) .
Plus it was super cozy warm haha ~
After bathing you relax with some ice cold rice drink ( super refreshing ! ) and boiled egg which originally are boiled in the hot water tubs of a spa :D
Not the best dinner I had in Seoul being at the spa made it somewhat special anyway :
cold noodles + seaweed soup + lots of side dishes
Damn I just LOVE Korean side dishes .
One of the reasons I love Korean cuisine so much ~
Next morning we went to a market which is well known for its rice cakes ~
I looove korean rice cake and here they come in special styles :
Crispy hot and spicy or plain salted with oil honey coating .
I preferred the spicy one which may as well be more unhealthy haha ~
So I had a whole pot of this !
No way I could finish all this .
I had a much smaller plate XD
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This is the glazy plain rice cake which is crispier than the spicy one .
Seeing this now while writing about it I want to have rice cake omg . . .
Another market I visited another day was really full of people and everyone was having traditional Korean pancake / pizza ( that’s how Geon called it ) and raw beef tartar and kimbap and a whole lot of fried veggies .
The fried pancakes were super oily but soooo crispy and good ~
They pre-fry this so you could chose to have them as take-away as they are cooled down or refry them so you can instantly enjoy them .
My friend introduced me to Yukhoe – spiced raw beef with eggyolk .
The taste was really good and it was much better than I thought it would be but I refrained from having too much of this x.x
I really like the market though there were so many people .
It can’t be compared to chinese markets and I like how the people would sit next to the stalls to enjoy freshly fried food served in front of them despite the cold weather .
How I would loooove to visit this place again . . . ~
I hope I can somehow learn to make that Korean pancake or the rice cake fried like that by myself !
Anywayyy – I really reaaaaally recommend you guys to visit the local markets to get cheap and yummy Korean food . You would miss something if you don’t !
Coming next is my 3rd part of the travel journal :
Seoul | This is Korea ! | Bukchon + Ihwa | villages of Seoul
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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