travel journal part 1 : Seoul | This is Korea ! | first impressions of South Korea

Hello everyone !

This will be the first part of the travel posts of South Korea ~
Since I got to see sooooo many things and took alot of photos I figured I should slowly tell you about my trip and I hope I will be finished with this by the time I get to Tokyo XDD !
Because after Tokyo there will be even more to tell you about and no I don’t want to procrastinate anymore . . . but I swear it was not on purpose ! I simply don’t have WIFI at home here in Hong Kong . . .
I finished editing all the headers for the upcoming posts though haha ~

So let’s start with my first impressions of South Korea :D

I thought about telling you everything in chronological order but I don’t want to make this into a 8 part journal and rlly I could tell you so much but I spare you haha !

So I will make this into a chaotic 6 part travel journal ~So my very first thought once I stepped out of the airplane to hop onto a bus to transfer us to the terminal of Incheon International Airport was : COLD .

Cold as hell .
And I had this thought several times while walking around in the bitter cold urban area of Seoul .
Well all together I really really liked my trip in South Koreas capital BUT I could have enjoyed my stay soooo much more if it only weren’t that cold .

-15 C

I can’t remember a day when I had to endure this kind of weather before omg .
But I tried my very very veeery best to enjoy the time in Seoul despite freezing to death .
I was super glad all the buildings were equipped with good heaters !
And while strolling around the streets there were many streetfood vendors to sell yummy food to warm you up ~

One of my favourite foods from this journey – Bungeoppang .

Sweet red bean filled fried fish shaped cakes which are similar to the japanese snack Taiyaki .

I was surprised at how cheap all the streetfood was because friends warned me of not expecting cheap prices from the food in Seoul .
Of course it’s not as cheap as in Beijing but I really expected european prices XD . . .
old style steamed korean buns
They are areas where food is more expensive though – areas where there are lots of tourists who don’t care of the prize :D
I don’t actually belong to this group but I couldn’t get around without buying this poop shaped Bungeoppang !
This single one costs exactly the same like three fish shaped Bungeoppang which are much more delicious btw .
Coming to Seoul one of the first stops was the Palace Gyeongbokgung .
Knowing the palace in Beijing and being an architecture student I have to apologize for comparing these two palaces .
I know they are so different and I rlly don’t want to say that the Chinese palace is much bigger but well that’s a fact haha but both are beautiful in their own way .
Korea is much smaller than China after all but this palace is reallz charming and I personally like the size of this palace much more ~
Directly opposite to the palace thrones King Sejong the Great who invented the Korean Alphabet Hangul for the mostly analphabetic population of Korea .
I totally agree that Chinese characters are simply too difficult 8D . . .
During my trip I got to know a lot about South Korean history in museums and from friends . Actually I knew about nothing before because at school I was only taught about european history and world war history and other big events for western people .
South Korea has comparatively little to do with Germany after all .
I just remember something I witnessed in front of the monument !
You know how Chinese people just LOVE to take photos of everything ?
There was a family taking photos with the statue and the three objects in front of it .
They even sat their little son onto one of the objects which may look comfortable to sit on but is actually one of the inventions King Sejong introduced and this particular one is for measuring the rainfall .
[ source : ]
Facepalm .
All the way .
My friend told them that it is an important object and that one shouldn’t sit on it so they immediately got their little boy from it . Still feel sorry for their ignorance . . . 

Ok next topic – FOOOOOD !

I got to know a LOOOOT of good Korean food and to sum up my dining experience there : hot and spicy and sometimes also sweet .
Koreans love their red chilli pepper paste and most of the dishes I tried included the paste .
This makes Korean food very salty and thus a little unhealthy ( high blood pressure risk ) and adding sugar makes their dishes not only more likeable to eat but also quite high in calories .
You wouldn’t consider these things when enjoying Korean dishes haha ~
Since I rarely have Korean food I couldn’t care less about such facts and just enjoyed the food !
I visited several places and of them was a stylish style restaurant in Hongdae named

Hwatteok No1 Tasty Road in Korea

 and I loved both the interior design as well as the food there ~
We ordered the menu for two which was more than enough for us to feel super duper full .
One of my favourite dishes of the Korean cuisine is sweet n spicy squid !
This lobster baked with cheese topping looked fancier than it actually tasted .
Guess it was OK but since Seoul geographical situation towards the ocean / sea is similar to Beijing the seafood here can’t be too fresh AND cheap .
Me coming straight from Hong Kong knows how fresh seafood makes a HUGE difference !
Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this travel journal :
Seoul | This is Korea ! | spa experience + Kwangjang Market
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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