HAPPY NEW YEAR | year of the monkey 2016

Hello everyone ~ !

Three weeks after visiting South Korea for the first time I finally found some time to tell you about . . . ok I guess you would expect I blog about the Korea trip but it’s CNY !

I’ve been way too busy with stuffing my tummy with loads of traditional Chinese food since it was Chinese New Year days ago . . . since it’s the biggest event and holiday in the year of a Chinese everyone gathered and held end of the year dinners before Chinese New Year and also start of the New Year dinners . SRSLY .


This was my first time being in China for CNY because usually this time of the year I have always been busy with studying for upcoming exams . . .
So first I want to welcome you to this years special monkey year ! This will be a great year especially if you are a monkey . . . just like me haha ~

I wish you all a prosperluckyhappy&blissful


I will try my best to upload my South Korea trip posts soon !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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