Star Wars + Pusheen + food = happy Jenny ! | food post : Mochi Sweets + Choux Creme

Hey everyone !
I don’t usually do shopping spree posts now , do I ?

But I srsly NEED to show you two things I bought and two things I snacked on ( hehe . . . ) while shopping in Macau ~

some may say it’s one word because one does not simply divide those two words :


I found this super cool pullover in an i.t. store and had to instabuy it .

250 HKD – now that is a deal !
I might be the only Star Wars fan on the earth to not have watched part VII yet and I will wait patiently and in hope that no one spoils me until I watch it with my big sis who will come to HK in about a week .
I promised to watch it with her and I will wait .
NOW . . . she went to see the movie few days ago with my other siblings and wants to watch it again . Just so we can go together .
The next thing is this super duper comfy and fabulous baggy pants I got for 149 HKD at H&M .
There was no size S so I got the size M one . . . which is a little TOOOO big yes . . .
no make-up-me looks a little tired sry x.x
Fell in love at first sight .
Just remembered telling my friends I don’t believe in love at first sight .
There are two exceptions :
1 – clothes like these
2 – FOOD
Back to the food topic haha :
It’s my first time trying the oh-so-popular
that people here in Hong Kong have been craving for especially in the summer .
They are about 2 Euro | 15 HKD a piece and make some pretty expensive tiny dessert .

Before enjoying them you need to wait at least 20 minutes and I waited patiently .

While taking photos of it haha ~
I got the Durian Cream one and the Red Beans Matcha Cream one .
And after tasting both I can tell you :
SRSLY do not waste your money on this .
15 HKD is too expensive for mochi icecream that is srsly not good .
The sticky rice skin aka the mochi part of the Durian fruit was nothing special ok .
But the mochi part of the Red Bean had a abnormal hard or dry outer skin .
How to describe this . . . ? It”s like sticky ricecake that has been exposed to air for too long so it got dry .
The filling itself ( I guess that is the more important part ) was ok .
Nothing special . I would have liked more Durian .
AND THE mochi part should be thinner .
Maybe it’s just me but I rlly didn’t enjoy these . . .
But I sure did enjoy this cream puff :
I got this from
Choux Creme
and they have lots of different tastes !

I went with the mango yoghurt one for 20 HKD and wow . . .

It is a little expensive but I like the crispiness of the bread which is at the same time super fluffy and filled with a not too heavy yoghurt cream and some fresh n sweet mango cubes .
It was a little hard not to drip the cream though :P
My resumé : WORTH IT .
I will try other tastes someday soon hehe ~
Ok so that’s it for today !
Next time even more food haha !
My face doesn’t show but I have lost weight thanks to strict workout sessions .
I don’t quite get it but somehow I feel unwell and upset if I skip working out for a day . . .
. . .

REALLY I swear ! !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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