Happy New Year EVERYONE ! | Eason Chan concert in Macau | food post : teatime & Co

Hello everyone ~

I wish each and everyone of you all the best and that you should try to enjoy life more from time to time in case you are a super busy student or whatsoever like I have been the last three years . . .
Step outside and explore the world !
Haha ~
It’s been not even a week since I posted right ?
This will be a looong post !
WOW – I really gotta keep this up . . .
If I had made any New Years resolutions or whatsoever it would have been to update here more frequently . . . AND TO KEEP CONTACTING MY FRIENDS !
Actually . . . I would say that I am not a good friend . . .
I am a very good friend to those around me ( of course ! ) but what makes me a very terrible friend is the fact that I am too busy and keep contacting my friends :(
That would be my NO. 1 thing to change for this year ! But as I said in my last post – I don’t make resolutions like these . I guess I am afraid of not keeping my own words :x
At the moment I am residing in St Regis Hotel in Macau and also spent New Years Eve at this place ~
The countdown to 2016 . . .  I spent in a concert hall at the Venetian Macau with thousands of other people :D
I spontanously joined some friends to a concert of a cantonese singer named Eason Chan .
Apparently he is the ” King of Cantopop ” – not sure about that but it wouldn’t surprise me .
He sings really well and his show was really entertaining !
That dude on the background screens is that famous singer .
He’s already been in this business for 20 years so he is not the youngest and most handsome .
At first I thought it would be boring for me to join but somehow I recognized so many of his songs haha ~
I really like his ballads / slow songs and I often listen to them not knowing they are sung by him . . .
Really interesting show but I don’t like the quick energetic songs that much :P
Only his ballads make best use of his voice !
It’s been a while for a full body selfie :D
Being in a nice hotel room with lots of HUGE mirrors screams for a mirror selfie of course !
I don’t like selfies but when I do take them these recently they look like this haha ~
Arriving in Hong Kong I definitely can’t get away without having Dim Sum Brunch :D
I say brunch because it’s the first thing we have yet we had this breakfast at a lunch time .
I could have this #alldayeveryday .
( I don’t know but I have come to use this hashtag in instagram quite often . . . don’t know where it comes from . . . and I always use it in context with FOOD . )
After that I had my first tea in YEARS .
Tea as in teatime .
When I think of teatimes I think of fancy itty bitty little snacks and I LOVE THOSE .
I would love to make such sweet and savory snacks someday !
But actually . . . I don’t really like the idea of having a teatime .
It’s unnecessary and just additional food you don’t need .
Oh wait did I just write that ? I mean I love food n all but I prefer having two meals a day haha ~
Enough teatime and cold dishes – let’s enjoy some
I just love seafood and I have been craving for it for months !
In Beijing seafood is neither fresh nor good . Here in Hong Kong and Macau I can enjoy the freshest seafood and no need to worry about the bills haha . . . my father pays :3
I just hope I won’t gain toooooo much in the next 2 months . . .
Ok that was just a very short update post – look forward for the next post in a few days !
I promise :D !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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