Xian trip part 3 | sightseeing Xi’an : Terra Cotta Army

Hey everyone ~
This is the last part of my Xian Trip blogging series :3


I was a little busy due to finals this week but now I am finally finished !

Christmas is coming next week ( so soon ? ! ) and I have yet to prepare everything until I leave for Hong Kong next next Monday . . .

I will celebrate New Years with my dad and others in Hong Kong for the first time ~Sorry for taking so long to finish this blogpost . . . even though it’s already weeks ago . . . but this one might be interesting for those who are interested in China’s history :D ? 

Well – don’t expect too much as I am not a historian and I think the internet can give you much more detailed information about the Terracotta Warriors and the tomb ~
I enjoy sightseeing but I must admit that most of the time I don’t know too much of what I see .
The way I do sightseeing is trying to take beautiful photos ( from an architects eye :D ) and THEN do the research .
I do think it might be better the other way round haha but I have always done it this way haha ~
This is one of the few photos with the entire group haha ~
Mirror selfie ftw !

So here some facts for you :
The place these terra cotta figures have been found is part of the ( SRSLY ) GIANT tomb of the emperor Qin Shi Huang .
Emperor Qin was the first to rule a unified China thus the abstruse dimensions of the tomb . AND IT WAS NEVER FINISHED .
You sense some kind of madness here ? Naaaaaaah ~
The tomb is about 2200 years old and so the Terra Cotta Army has been intact for this long time !

Some are in really reaaaally good shape . . . of course most of them needed to be fixed by professionals / archeologists but I guess thanks to this tomb people were able to get to know a lot more about China and the first emperor .

All 8000 warriors ( estimated to be more though ) used to be colored .
8000 is a number you may think you can imagine ? 
Alright then think back of your best try at handcrafting or sculpting something .

Now think of man-size and no tech and 8000 of them .

Just look at the following ones of these well-preserved warriors . . . so detailed . . .


And also think of horses . . .
BTW – this is the largest hall with the most Terra Cotta Warriors . The other halls had not nearly as much excavated figures as this one .
In comparison to the other halls this one is also the most beautiful :D
I kind of like this view – in the back you can see that there are no more warriors . Or so it might seem : most of them remain buried or not completely unburied but the corridors of the warriors were once filled . I would love to see such an image . . . !
Anyway ~
To end this short lesson about the Terra Cotta Army some other photos of my group n me haha ~

Cute couple haha ~

Me and Geon :3
Did I ever mention I was highly interested in becoming an archeologist before I had my eyes set on becoming an architect ?

That was the reason I was so stupid to study old latin language instead of french or italian . . .

After walking for so long I think we were all really really hungry :D
These specialities from Xi’an were really cheap n good !
I saw some at the Muslim Street too but didn’t try them there .
These are bread buns filled with a really good but hard to describe filling .

They get their trademark appearance by being flattened and baked in layers of flat round hot stones .



More or less that’s pretty much all I saw in Xi’an !

Of course there is SO MUCH MORE to see there but I guess a 2-days-stay is simply not enough :)

I guess there won’t be another blogpost before Christmas so I hope you will have nice and merry days with your beloved ones !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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