Xian trip part 2 | street food at the famous Muslim Street !

Hello everyone ~
Needless to say anyone who knows me knows this one fact about me :
I can’t remember a day when I was not craving for food haha ~
Food is more than just a neccessity ! At least to me it is a luxury which I really really enjoy to have ~
And I love taking photos of good food !
Which is why more than 50 percent of my photos on this blog are foodographies :P
Anyway – as I have come to visit the city
Xi’an | 西安 
I have also visited the famous
Muslim Street
which is widely known as the place to find various kinds of Xian / Chinese street food !
This blogpost is to showcase a small but decent amount its eateries ~
Some people may not like it there but I am really fond of that kind of lively atmosphere on the streets where you can see the food vendors cooking the snacks right before your eyes .
Even though the street was super duper packed ( which I actually do not like too much ) I couldn’t help it but look fascinated by all the stuff they had to offer there ~
I wish I had tried more food there :(
It all looked to good . . .
And so cheap !
Swirly | twisted potatoes on mass !
Fried spiced tofu on the right ~
Just look how crowded this street is ! And everyone is craving food ! !
I actually thought these are noodles he was trying to make right there . . .
But seeing the next food vendor with the same method making this food I noticed it was some kind of candy :D
And I even tried the candy – delicious ~ !
I love candyyy ~
Yup – he is making candy right there haha ~
Just like this following photo – also some candy in the making but pounded instead of pulled :D
You can see another speciality of Xian’s street food in the front of the photo below – a little blurry . . . I’m sorry . . .
It’s some kind of sweet ricecake with dates – you will notice them as they are super sized and everywhere on the Muslim Street .
After loitering around in the main street when went further in to smaller parts of this area which I thought were even more packed .
Looking back at the photos just confirmed that .
All this street BBQ stuff and bread etc. looks and smells too good ~
The following snack is candied fruit and a popular sweet snack among the Chinese .
I actually have yet to try these . . . though I love candy I am a little scared of the amount of sugar it has . . .
These wooden frogs make frog-like sounds when you draw a wooden stick over the zigzag back part of it – the bigger the frog the deeper the sound .
I am actually regretting right now why I didn’t get one .
They look so cute !
Beautiful floral crowns are super IN these days everywhere ( instagram , bloggers have them , all tourist spots in Beijing have them , etc. ) and I love must admit . . . I also love floral crowns especially rose crowns ~
I was mostly amazed not at the candy-making you saw in some photos above but at a situation which can be seen in the following photo :
I looked at the soup or whatever that was in that massive vessel or pot or whatever that should be called . It looked interesting . Really .
I guess I was more fascinated at the fact that the vessel or pot or whatever was actually spitting fire than at what it was cooking !
Hope this got your mouth watering or | and highly interested in visiting Xi’an ( or China ) soon haha ~
Next post will be about the sightseeing of the Terra-cotta Army in Xi’an !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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