Xi’an trip part 1 | sightseeing inside Xi’an | Green Forest Hostel | De Fa Chang ( world-famous dumpling restaurant ) is . . . !

Hey everyone !
It hasn’t been long since I last posted something right ?
Hehe ~ I promised to change my bad habbit of delaying blogging about recent stuff . . . at least I try my best :D
Be prepared – this will be a LONG and image-heavy blogpost !
Not long ago I was on a weekend trip with a group of friends again !
But this time it was really really nice despite the comparatively bad weather . . .
I was happy it didn’t rain at all :D That would have surely made things a little worse :P
The city I visited was
Xi’an | 西安
People may know about the Terracotta Warriors of China – they are actually in Xian and part of the huge tomb of Chinas forth emperor Jing .
I also visited his tomb but I will tell you more about it in another post .
I want to keep it in chronological order so let’s start with the first thing we did in Xian :
have breakfast !
Haha ~
It was damn cheap and everyone got full :D
These cute n yummy mini baozi | 包子 were reaaally good !
I guess I prefer these over the big ones haha ~ It reminds me of Dim Sum .
After being stuck on a rather tiny space inside a wagon of the train from Beijing West to Xian for 12 hours ( glad it was overnight . . . . . . ) and having nothing decent to eat I guess almost everything would have satisfied our cravings . . .
Next thing we did was search for the hostel – not hard to find but it was a little amount of walk :P
When we arrived . . . I was really surprised by it . . . really positively surprised !
I instantly fell in love with the hostels interior ~
Just look at the following photos !
This is the bar and dining place of the hostel – it looks really nice , right ?
I really love the collection of tiny succulent pot plants !
Maybe I should start collecting these too ? I already have one hehe ~
I reaaaaally recommend this hostel – it was super cheap ( 60 RMB per person in two-men-room ) and it was really clean ! The rooms we booked were like hotel rooms so I wasn’t sure at first whether I should call it a hotel or a hostel .
There are also more hostel-like accommodations and rooms which I guess should be even cheaper than what we had . . . with group bathrooms . They were actually really clean but the private rooms already had nice n clean toilets so – no need ~
They also have some interesting activities everyday which they display nearby the elevators .
This seem more than perfect for those travelers who seek more individual sightseeing than what normal tourists get !
In case you want to visit Xian and search for a stay – here is the necessary information to get a stay there :
Anyway – we discovered Xian by ourselves . This way we could choose when to eat or snack or whatever and change plans anytime . I think I prefer this kind of sightseeing over any other .
First day ( Saturday ) we walked around the inner walls of Xian’s central ( which is surrounded by very old and tall walls of the old Xi’an city) and also took a look at some other spots nearby central for instance : the Big Goose Pagoda .
Besides taking photos of sightseeing spots I already told you how I love to take snapshots of others hehe ~
Big Goose Pagoda in the background , Monk statue in the middle and people and colorful balloons in the front . Somehow I like this image ~ and also the following one haha ~
The next stop was the very central of the central of Xian :
the Bell Tower .
Its significance can be seen through its positioning :
the Bell Tower is right in the middle of a giant traffic roundabout whose size can be compared to the roundabouts of the Siegessäule ( Victory Column ) in Berlin or the Arc de triomphe ( Triumphal Arc ) in Paris .
Pretty much highlighted yup .
But the sight from up there is nice THOUGH it could be much nicer if only the air condition were better . . .
Guess I can’t complain about this when thinking of the air condition in Beijing these days . . .
Though I waited for all the people to leave until there was no one left on the corridor I chose this photo with this stranger couple in the background .
Somehow people make lifeless buildings appear even more beautiful because only then the building becomes alive again .
Before we ascended the Bell Tower we stumbled upon this
Right above the Häagen Dasz store was the
world-famous restaurant De Fa Chang | 徳發長
that is said to have the most famous and best dumplings .
I must admit – the dumplings we had were good .
I just had better ones for sure .
I read alot about this restaurant only after visiting it and the opinions split into positive feedback ( which I think are from people who do not know better rlly ) and really bad feedback .
I must side with the later one haha ~

Why ?
I think this place is more of a tourist spot and just became famous out of luck ? There are countless spots to grab better food than here . I don’t say the food here is bad – just that it doesn’t do its reputation justice .
You can get better and much cheaper food elsewhere . This is the first reason .
The other reason is that the service staff was kind of rude towards us .
I don’t think it’s OK to let the guest feel out of place . SRSLY .
We went to third floor of the restaurant because we were a group of 8 people and the tables downstairs were already occupied . Little did we know that the third floor is for guest who spent more than the lower level guests .
Next time you better go to the first floor ?
Even my low level Chinese skills were able to understand that .
So what we ask for more valuable dishes ? We are your guests and it’s not like we are being rude in any way . I have worked in gastronomy some time and I was taught to NEVER make the guests feel uncomfortable in any way .
Guess she got too much over her head or actually skipped this class in her beginning of her career . Doesn’t matter if you get tip or not – always treat your guests the same .
Basically I want to warn anyone who intends to visit here – better give your money to some who show more gratitude than people like her . 
Plus it might be much cheaper and also better elsewhere haha ~
Anyway – I took some nice shots of the food we had there :P
It was good no doubt also looks really yummy ( thanks to my baby Lumix GF3 and the special lens hehe ) and my photo-editing skills ~
To be really really honest . . . my universities canteen makes better Jiaozi | 饺子 than these here sorry .
Just being fully honest :x
Plus they are cheaper . Did I mention how much I love the canteen of my university ?
The one at Tsinghua is supposed to be even better haha ~
OK – I really liked these dumplings because of the filling :
glassnoodles , spring onion and tofu .
But the same filling I discovered a day later at some street food vendor :D
Before I finish this blogpost about the first day – some nightshots of Xian :
We went onto the walls of the old Xi’an city ~
I prefer daytime photographies because in the night you can mostly only see the lightnings of buildings instead of the building itself . . . but I guess when it’s like this it’s OK haha !
Looks a little like in a videogame because the lightning is so bright and vibrant .
Somehow I like this image – maybe I’ll try redrawing this one ~
Thanks to long shutter time it got a little blurry . . .
The next Xi’an post will be a peek at the famous Muslim Street of Xi’an !
Look forward to it haha ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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