Tiny Ghibli ( & Co ) worlds ~ | quick update on my Beijing life

Hey everyone ~
I have recently stumbled upon some overly lovely miniature stuff and you need to know
because – why else – it’s so small and thus soooo cute ~
But what I saw was soooo super duper cute . . .
It’s miniature worlds !
Some kind of hipster-ish biotopes inside some glass container and tiny characters from Ghibli and Co. ~
That’s like SUPER cute and . . . HOW I LOVE GHIBLI ! AND DISNEY ~
The shop in the Aegean Mall nearby my place had so many mini-worlds – a little expensive but I think it’s brilliant idea for the next gift to get for you female friend :D
In case she loves Disney or Ghibli . . . I heard rumors that there are actually people out there who don’t like those . . . . . . .
How could you not love Ponyo for instance ?
Or Pooh ? ?
How about Totoro ? ? ?
Not the character I like but still lovely – Stitch !
If I would be able to transport these glass containers safely back to Germany I would have bought one or two or three FOR SURE .
How to get that on the airplane without getting it into a huge mess afterwards ?
No way . . . sadly
In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to lately – here is a quick update :
I was in Xian last weekend and I have yet to write and tell and show you ALOT of my experiences so far in China .
Sorry for taking so long – but I will try to blog once a week now ( sorry beforehand in case it won’t work out tehe ~ ) !
One more eventually important information I would like to share with you
I lost my phone again some days ago haha ~
Actually about two weeks ago . . .
I was so super sad and upset with myself . . .
I was walking back from university to home and only visited two small shops and my iPhone definitely got stolen while walking on the road .
The thief was kind of strange to have turned it on very shortly for three times afterwards so I could check that he was nowhere near my home .
Sad thing . . .
I am quite a carefree person at times :(
Now I have a new iPhone with the same qualities and thanks to iCloud backup also the very same content haha ~
I love iCloud – doesn’t matter how other people think of it and it’s leaking-history .
I just wish there would be an app that connects my iWatch to my iPhone and makes a terribly loud sound whenever it disconnects the bluethooth connection due to distance .
Please tell if there already is such an app – I srsly need that . 
I would pay for that !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

3 thoughts on “Tiny Ghibli ( & Co ) worlds ~ | quick update on my Beijing life

    • <3 Thank you for feeling with me ;A; Now I got a new phone but my purse had to bleed alot of money that x.x Haha – I think you can't help but think these are sooo adorable right ?? Yes, making your own gives them your personal touch and maybe come out even more adorable <3 !!

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