Inner Mongolia Trip part 3 | Gobi Desert + Dschinghis Khan Mausoleum | Golden Week Holidays in China !

Hey everyone !

Ready for the last part of this travel series ?

This is part 3 of my

Inner Mongolia trip ~

The third day was most probably my favorite day !

Even though things like traffic jams and wasting time in the bus like forever didn’t get any better

( NO – actually it got even worse . . . )

I was really really happy :D

After all it was my first time seeing a desert in real life .

You think it’s boring ? So did I at first haha ~

But the sun was so nice and we got to do some fun activities !

1st activity : riding camels !

This was sooo much nicer than riding horses ~

And they look so much friendlier than horses ( to me :P ) !

You noticed these super cool scarves ?
Just look at how fashionable we looked with these scarves to prevent us from breathing in too much dust .


Yup – totally cool .

2nd activity : riding a squad car
but we weren’t allowed to drive x.x

Damn it – no photo of that even though that was probably my TOP favorite activity of the entire tour .


3rd activity : sliding down a dune

That looked so much more fun than it actually was .

It was super slow and looking up from the bottom the dune seems not as high as thought :P

Cloudy was somehow really fond of the shovel she found lying around at the bottom of the dune .

And wanted to build a sandcastle .

I guess the amount of sand strongly recalls old memories of being a little kid in a huge ( vast ) sandbox :D Or maybe it’s just our inner little child who wants to play around from time to time haha ~

My inner little child was hugely fond of the cute pineapple ice I had ~
4th activity – 
One last photo of the desert –
dedicated to my architecture buddies !

I miss u guys !

After that we had lunch at another restaurant .

And here comes the next strange thing about this whole trip :

( Skip to next photo if you are not interested in more details :P )

The tour guide told us that we were not able to go to the Dschinghis Khan Mausoleum because we are far behind our time schedule . He told us that by the time we had lunch we should already have arrived at the Mausoleum .

What’s this . . . fishy smell here ?

We were totally on time when we departed from the hotel in Baotou .

We got to the desert without much ado . Actually it was no problem at all !

In the desert we just quickly went from activity to activity .

NOW he was telling us that we were 1.5 – 2 hours behind our time schedule ? ? ?

He told us that it would be better to directly head to Hohhot so that we would arrive there by normal dinner time . 5 hours bus drive .

If we were to head to the memorial first it would take 2 hours ( or at least 1.5 h ) and maybe we wouldn’t even be able to access it because they don’t let people inside anymore and close once it starts to get dark .

Looking at some internet sources we knew it would get dark starting 5.30pm .

The time he told as and we had lunch was about 3pm .

So he actually tried to persuade us , that it would be for nothing if we head there .


He wanted to hand us back 100 RMB .

But srsly . The Dschinghis Khan Memorial is one of the MOST IMPORTANT sights in Mongolia .

I am not that much educated in history especially asian history but I do now the importance of Dschinghis Khan dude .

You tell us to pass on this ?

After A LOT of thinking and talking and not being sure and having to decide by poll . . . we actually went to the memorial !

Yea ~

I think it was definitely worth it !

After an 1.5h bus drive ( I think the bus driver speeded up a little ) we arrived at the memorial and the sun was still up !

Race against time won haha ~

We got off the bus and explored the whole area by ourselves – like always :D

Looking at this photo and comparing it my perception of the Mausoleum when standing in front of it . . . I feel like there’s no way of showing you what I felt .

I can only tell you that the whole atmosphere of this vast open and actually high up space ( 99 holy steps + more ) was great !


I like monumental architecture like this – it’s terrifying and makes the individual human being appear soooo small and yet . . . it’s some individual humans who leave behind significant footsteps who are honored like this .

To remember them forever .

Leaving behind something to remember is what I think is so great about architecture and which is why architecture is not only about being a shelter !


After this we got ready to leave for Hohhot – the capital of Inner Mongolia .

After arriving I can tell you – in enormous contrast to the rest of Mongolia ( except Baotou ) . . . this city appeared so Chinese to me haha ~

Felt like being somewhere similar to Beijing rlly .

But before we even got to see the sight of the streets of Hohhot . . .

We ended up in a HUGE traffic jam . 

And also caused a HUGE traffic jam .

The photo above was obviously taken the next day when we left Hohhot ( after seeing actually nothing of the city but this the streets from inside the bus ) .

Before we could sleep in the not-so-lovely beds of a little run-down hotel in Hohhot we caused a huge traffic jam . It was midnight and we still had 1 hour to go but a transport car from the opposite lanes drive into the side-planks and also took a huge pole with him .

This pole fell right in front of our bus .

Good and bad news for us !

The good news were – thanks to the bus drivers reaction of braking . Otherwise it could have been far worse .

The bad news were – we needed to wait for a looong time to continue our journey :D

How I love waiting . After all only the bus was damaged so I should have been happy .

But how could have possibly been grateful in this situation after all of this ???

NO WAY in hell . Not when we arrived at about 2 or 3am at our hotel .

I still feel kind of angry writing all of this .

So much to complain about but I guess –

YES – I did have some nice memories of this trip . . .

it just wasn’t worth the money and it’s not even worth complaining about that misery but I guess the good memories should be hold onto even more to forget about the bad things more easily :3

I reeeeally liked the Wudong Temple and the Gobi Desert and the Dschinghis Khan Mausoleum ~

Well that’s it !

I will try hard to push myself to blog again very soon !

There’s too much to show you actually I don’t even know where to start atm x.x

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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