Inner Mongolia Trip part 2 | Wudang Temple | Golden Week Holidays in China !

Hey everyone ~
So this is part 2 of 3 of my
Inner Mongolia trip !
Here’s a peek at what I’m going to blog about this time ~
I super rarely use the panorama function of my iPhone but when I do . . . most of the time the photos come out shitty . Haha XD
But recently I got the hang of it I guess :D

photo taken from a high up spot with best view of the scenery
This panorama shot showcases the beautiful Wudang Temple in Weimongu / Inner Mongolia . Make sure to click on the photo to expand and enjoy the view haha ~
The temple at the Yinshan mountain nearby Baotou ( where we also had a hotel stay at ) looks so peaceful and harmonious due to its quite remote location .

photo taken in front of the main entrance of the temple
I like how China makes tourists climb stairs ALOT .
Good for the health of tourists and good for the income of the Chinese people who are always nearby to sell some pricy beverage to you !
But climbing up stairs is srsly always worth the work ( out ) haha ~
All the more it seemed like an outstanding place to me ~
The architecture was also quite interesting – they said it was Tibetian architecture ( I am not sure which style that is ) .
Cloudy while going off the road to take some nice photos hehe ~
I like taking photos of people when they are doing something – not just posing for a photo and that’s it . . .
I guess I have always liked that haha – it’s far more interesting this way !
Another example :
handsome Geon haha
He wasn’t posing for this photo and actually I didn’t even intend to take a photo of him – he just happened to be there XD I wanted to take a photo of the hill we went up to get the panorama overview of the temple area ~
I like how the temples here are always so colorful – makes them seem so full of life even at moments when there are no people there .

Of course it’s stupid to even compare – but I guess I still like gothic ( christian ) architecture more when it comes to religious architecture :D Do I need to tell you why ? :D

That was another great stop of our trip .
Next on the schedule : a Chinese restaurant like any other . Or at least so we thought haha ~But before I forget it – did I mention the great infrastructure at some spots in China ?

Stopping to get out the bus and trying to get the bus pass this stop did have something good ( always try to search for a positive thing :DDD ) -> breathing some fresh air before being stuck in the bad-air-conditioned bus for another 2-3 hours again and having something more to talk about haha ~

WOW – in just four days and being 80-90 percent of the time of the trip ( including sleeping time ) on the bus . . . somehow a lot of incidents piled up . Just WOW haha ~

OK – back to the schedule again – Chinese restaurant .
Photo of the food :
Nothing special . Or to be precise – pretty much the cheapest dishes you could make .
I don’t complain .
This way we made up for having tons n tons of snacks in the bus ( while being stuck on there and getting bored – snacking is a nice thing to do haha ) :D

What the restaurant made it so special ? Well at least to us – we may never forget the show they presented haha ~
Actually they had a wedding party but I have never attended a chinese wedding like this . It was shitty as hell .
Sorry not sorry .

No comment . I have nothing against older people doing this stuff . I have some kind of HUGE problem their getups and that glittery sparkly stuff that’s like at least thousand times exaggerated . Why Chinese people WHY ? Tell me why so many of you don’t think of this as simply TOO MUCH .
This kind of portrays the general taste of the Chinese .
Which is why I find it super hard to get some clothes that I like .

After this dinner we had a long long trip to a hotel in Hohhot .
Being stuck in a traffic jam was just one rather long but boring part of the trip .
Needless to say something more interesting occurred – I could have skipped on that one too :
we had a car accident . No one got injured but the bus was damaged . After waiting for the police and wasting more of our precious time we could have spent sleeping in an actual bed at a hotel we continued our journey . YES . DESPITE the bus being damaged . Y ? Chinese .

Did I mention how they tried to repair the clothes washer ? 

It had a pretty obvious leak in the pipes at the back of the machine – the pipe that pumps the dirty water from the machine . It could be so simply and done without further ado . NO . Using the most likely cheapest duct tape might do the job all the same . At moments like these I wish I would be better at speaking Chinese . . . I would have told them how stupid that was and how I would do a better job than them . Even if I really were only using a duct tape .
U know the way you use a duct tape to connect two pipes can vary BIG TIME .

Stupid .

I don’t want to say that things are like this in general .
Just saying that things are like this in general for me :D
Anyway – look forward to my last blog post ~
More interesting things coming up there !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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