Inner Mongolia Trip part 1 | Great sights but . . . NEVER AGAIN ! | Golden Week Holidays in China !

Hey everyone ~
I haven’t updated my blog for weeks now even though ALOT of things happened and I srsly need to show you guys alot of Beijing ~
But actually I want to tell you more about the awesome
Inner Mongolia trip
 I had with some friends !
Awesome as FUCK . Literally .
This trip showed me some sides of China that I would have gladly skipped on haha . . .
Even now when remembering it to tell you . . . I get a headache . . .To sum it up :

Inner Mongolia is really beautiful . Really .
It’s so nice to have visited that beautiful part of China
 . . . BUT . . .
The trip itself was most likely
the most horrible trip I ever had and ever will have had in my entire life .
No I am not exaggerating right now – you can ask the other ( about ) 25 victims :D
I promised myself never to follow any tours like these again . NEVER . Even if one would give me money I wouldn’t as it was so super nerve-wrecking !
Well – done with talking about how miserable it was – now I wanna show you the nice sides I have hold onto ( with photos of course ~ ) !
This will be a 3 part blog series again I guess haha . . .
I noticed how many photos I wanna show you and how much I wanna tell you . . . XD

The whole trip was 4 days long stopping by in Baotou and Hohhot which is the capital of the autonomous region Inner Mongolia .
Did you know there is an Inner Mongolia that belongs to China ( but autonomous ) and a Mongolia that is completely independant ? Now you know haha ~Anyway – most of the time of the trip we spent on the bus waiting to arrive at the next sight or at the hotel .
But sometimes we passed some lovely refreshing sceneries . If I also happened to be awake at those moments I took some photos .
But the bus trip was soooooo boring and more like a torture than anything else so I tried to sleep to let time pass more quickly for me haha ~

Finally we arrived at the first stop and our first nights stay – genuine Mongolian tents .
SURE . . .
See how perfectly rowed up they are ? BTW – the tents are on the left and right side of that bigger buidling in the middle .
And they seem more like small huts made of concrete .
With some paint to make it seem more genuine .
Result appears to me FAR OFF from that .
I kind of really like the following photo haha ~
It was taken from inside the bus when we passed the bigger building of the whole camp ( I will call this a tourist camp for now ) .
A not-yet-finished tourist camp that is .
. . .
. . .
I guess this first impression of our trip didn’t fade but only grew stronger the following days haha ~
. . .
. . .
Actually a pretty sad thing .
Pretty much everyone was pissed off about the whole situation but my friend Cloudy was really looking forward to the horse riding at the camp .
Yes – horse riding .
I was scared . More than just a little but pretty much quite scared :D
Now that was a weird way of saying that I was actually REALLY scared .
Somehow ever since 4th grade I never touched a horse again or got near any horse . At that time we went to a school trip for five days and rode horses everyday . But my horse was the wildest one and just couldn’t stay still . I only felt secure with the lecturer leading my horse but I was scared all the time .
I myself didn’t know this fear never vanished and somehow even got bigger .
I was scared . Damn scared . I tried hard not to show though but I guess I’m no good at that x.x
Look at how happy Cloudy seems though haha ~

Complete opposite of me I guess :D

I tried to take some decent photos of the beautiful wide and open landscape .

I tried but I was too scared to fall of the horse .
And maybe get stomped upon .

And die a truly cruel death .

No no – I didn’t think that way :DD
Everyones butts were hurting like hell even days after this I guess haha ~
All the more I was suuuper excited to get off the horse . . . to get onto these cars !
Geon was also happy I guess hehe
Awwww – I love these cars !
I love speed haha ~
This not so good photo shows how healthy our lunch was ~
Really generous I think . Dinner was exactly the same .

Geon had a hard time having to forgo having meat for both lunch and dinner haha ~

Look at how healthy this was !

Which is why snacks like these were really reaaaally essential during our trip !

To keep it in chronological order – this rather boring part of the Inner Mongolia trip had to be posted first . But I can promise that the following two are more interesting :D
I actually finished writing the 2nd and 3rd part before this part haha ~
Why ? Because they are more interesting after all !I will post the next part in short time !
Look forward to it ~

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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