review: LALA – Cleansing Sorbet – Wild Rose ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hey everyone <3
Thanks to Tokkihaus who once again asked me to try out their product, I will test yet another review from LALA !
This post will be about the
Cleansing Sorbet – Wild Rose
from LALA
They also had a Lemon Lime one.
But I simply LOVE roses so went for the Wild Rose one ~
At this point I want to thank Tokkihaus again for sponsoring this :)
Have a look at their facebook and their online shop – they are stocking up more and more great korean beauty products ~
First time ever hearing of the cosmetic product brand LALA when I first looked at their shop btw :D
I feel kinda honored to get to try these products from them hehe ~
Well – let’s head to the actual review part !
The packaging looks great and really appealing :D In a shop I would DEFINITELY take a closer look at this product !
Up close you can see how lovely and cute it is designed . The only thing that kinda irritates me are the two children (?) with the star and flower head . . . it’s still a mystery to me what they might symbolize ?  I mean . . . I have never seen a similar image before – have you ? ?
I guess I’ll never get this out of my head so maybe it
first impression
This is amazing shit srsly .
Not only is it really hygienic ( thanks to the tiny plastic spoon you get an individual amount of the product very easily ) but it also has an uber lovely rosy smell ~
It’s not that cheap rose smell that is way too strong but a really refreshing and decent rose scent ~
It somehow reminds me of my favorite Yankee Candle with a really natural rose scent . . . OMG I LOVE THIS !
The “Cleansing Sorbet” is very creamy and yet firm and like some kind of ice or – guess what – a sorbet ! Just look at the photo above – you can spoon it up and it’s truly sorbetlike in a way ~ !
So I did some testing to show you on my hand with make up on .
Hidden under a decent amount of MAC longwear  concealer I have drawn a small heart with a waterproof eyeliner hehe ~
I got a small amount of the Cleaning Sorbet and rubbed it on my backhand in circular motion .
The more I rubbed the more the Cleansing Sorbet began to melt ( really . . . like a sorbet :D ! ) and dissolved the make up .
After washing off the cleanser my skin was well cleaned – all the make up was removed :) Plus my skin felt really soft and moisturized !
I rarely use any hand lotion at all – so I noticed a great difference there . And this lovely smell . . . I really really love this Cleansing Sorbet !
BUT I’m not done yet with my testing !
I wanted to give the extreme testing a try by drawing lots of lines with different eyeliners and using the Cleansing Sorbet to remove them – the result :
I tried rubbing in the cleanser for a 3 seconds and in the last photo for about 6 seconds .
Well – I guess this Cleansing Sorbet is not perfect .
Really – I don’t mind at all if it can’t remove my super-waterproof eyeliners haha ~
It removed my eyeliner drawing underneath all that concealer in the first testing though . . .
i give this product
 4.5 out of 5 cookies 
+ lovely natural rose scent ( I’d actually give this a +++++ )
+ hydrates skin
+ leaves your cleansed skin with a glow
+ hygienic usage with little spoon
+ removes most make up
+ only small amount of the product needed ( so you can use it really often :D ! )
– has problems with extreme waterproof eyeliners
I hope you liked this review !
Maybe you also want to give the Cleansing Sorbet from LALA a try ?
I’d definitely recommend that !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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