review : ETUDE HOUSE Cookie Blusher ( sponsored by Tokkihaus )

Hello my lovelies <3
It’s been a long time now and finally it’s time for another review ~
I’m going to tell you all about the
Cookie Blusher from ETUDE HOUSE 
I got a lovely package with review products from 
Tokkihaus <3
Do take a look at their facebook HERE and their online shop !
Just recently they added some new products to their shop – all from Korea ~
You know how much I love korean beauty products these day ?
That’s why I love Tokkihaus so much ~ Plus they ship super duper fast haha <3
The Cookie Blusher I have tested is the No 2 Strawberry Choux in a pretty pink tone :
The Cookie Blusher is like super cute packaged pressed powder rouge with a fluffy cushion puff and a tiny ribbon .
Somehow reminds me of a macaron . . . I know how macarons look though haha ~
I like how all the Etude House products look so cute and lovely ~
Just remember the photos I have taken of the Etude House store in Mongkok in Hong Kong ?
I don’t usually like pink , but when I do – it must look like this 8D . . .
first testing
Pardon my chapped dried lips x.x
I love how the cushion puff is so big ~
The core is actually not as fluffy as it might look from the outside so there is kind of a certain resistance to your cheeks if you dab the cushion puff with rouge onto your skin ( good if you have chubby cheeks like me haha ) . This makes the application of the rouge really easy !
The pressed rouge is quite thick / compact so that you have to press the cushion puff with a bit more pressure to get the right amount of rouge . This might seem annoying to some but I like it as it shows that the rouge doesn’t crack that easily ( if you let it fall or you’re on travel with it a lot ) ! It also makes it no problem keeping the cushion puff inside and on top of the pressed rouge . You know how  some pressed powders ( rouge or similar ) are too loose so that the puff included in the product loosens up so much powder ( especially while on travel ) – and you get the surprise once you open case haha ~
That’s an experience you should avoid by any chance . . .
Long time testing
After using the rouge for a whole day the appearance of the color has faded . Of course this depends of the weather and what you do during the day . But I think that it’s perfectly fine as the Cookie Blusher is pretty much made to take with you :)
I’ve made the experience that most pressed powdered rouge won’t stay on my cheeks all day – only moist rouge ( or actually liquid ones ) stay all day . So I’m fine with this fact :D Nonetheless I like using pressed powdered rouge most ~
I give this product 
( 4 out of 5 )
+ packaging
+ quality cushion puff
+ quality pressed rouge
+ decent pinkish rouge tone
– endurance ( needs reapplication during the day )
Together the fluffy puff and the pressed rouge create a decent and cute blush on my cheeks :3
I usually use more orangish blushes but I think this pink one will work just as fine for me ~
I once used a pinkish Majolica Majorca blush and this product really reminds me of it .
It also has a cute fluffy cushion puff and the blush lasted for about a year even though I let it slip and fall for too many times haha . . . it never cracked srsly .
Hope you liked this review !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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