special OOTD : my first time in a YUKATA ! / 14nth Japan Day aka Japantag 2015 in Duesseldorf

Hey everyone <3
It’s been about a week since the famous
Japan Day / Japantag / JDay here in Dusseldorf !
This year I didn’t get to see much of the event ( again . . . me being such a workaholic haha ~ ) but I definitely wanted to share with you my very first time wearing traditional japanese clothing !
I was really excited when I got the news that I would wear a yukata for work ~
The sleeve of my sweater peeking from underneath my yakuza sleeve :P
Haha ~ So this is my very special
patterned yakuza from Japan
OMG I love this patterned   ~
And the cute bow at the back ! Whaaaaa <3
I don’t know where it’s from but I NEED to get one myself ! The japanese lady said this one is a cheap one for only ( . . . ) 60 € . It’s cheap for traditional clothing , yes , but it’s still money that I don’t have ;A;
The other yukatas from May , Junmei and Lingling were also sooooo beautiful ~
We all looked like stunning japanese beauties in these clothes haha <3
Work didn’t even start at that moment where photo was taken . . . yet I already looked so tired haha ~
I had a break for about 30 minutes and luckily I even got to meet some friends in the masses ! Among those was also dear old friend who was the photographer of a fashion shoot I had in Cologne ~
I hope to do this again soon – but my bachelor thesis is calling !
Anyway ~ he took some photos of my chubby smiley face XD
Don’t mind my tired look – of course it’s all intentional ~

I like looking busy and stressed haha ~

Take a look at his facebook page myasianstyle or website www.myasianstyle.de <3
I even got some snacks the japanese lady and her husband gave us ( they were incredibly loving and caring towards us ~ Always gave us food and drinks while working ! ) ~
Along these two packages of osenbei and tea I also got a package of sushi and most delicious dorayaki ~

I loooooooove their dorayaki !

With beautiful May ~

Our eyes both look so cute with the circle lenses but I always envied your eye make up ~

She does lolita so her make up skills are pretty much next next next level haha ~

I tried to keep my makeup simple and natural but still with lashes because they do make a huge difference . . .

I am somehow thinking of getting lash extensions ( maybe in China ? ) hehe . . .

Well that’s it !
I am currently working on loads of reviews for the beauty products I got back in Hong Kong from a previous blog post .
I hope I can show them to you soon . . . because of my bachelor thesis final phase next month x.x
I also received another package of TOKKIHAUS to review some of their products . . .
I think I will do that one first haha ~
Also – look out for the ULTIMATIVE eyeliner comparison blog post .
Bet on it !
Love you my dear readers so soooo much ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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