DOKOMI 2015 recap – another wonderful three days ~ | Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé 2.0 !

Hello everyone ~
I’m back from another short break and this post will be all about the
DoKomi 2015 days !
It’s been a very busy weekend with everyone and once again I got to be part of the best manga and anime conventions in Germany ~
This year we had soon many awesome special guests . . .
like Reika ~
~Misa ~
~ Liui ~
and more ~ !
Unlike all the other maids I didn’t get a selfie with handsome Liui but it’s alright .
I have cried over this enough now XD
Still happy about this group photo with him ~
Nyaaaa ~ Misa is sooo cute and pretty ~ Such a beautiful cosplayer <3 !
The Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé got even bigger this year ! Just look at all the maids in the photo above . . . or in this poster with all the maids listed :
Spot me hehe ~
We also got three of the uber cute Maids of England to visit and help us !
They sure were of great help !
Took a photo of them in front of the main stage hehe ~
But I must be honest with you guys . . . this wasn’t the best DoKomi I had so far . . .
I was way too busy and got nearly no break time to enjoy the convention or to even eat something !
I was so happy to eat a Melonpan in the evening after the first convention day ;A; . . .
That is one of the many reasons I decided to quit being maid . . .
Besides being absent for a year because of my year in Beijing <3 Whaaaa – three months left in Germany – can’t wait for it !
I will make sure to visit DoKomi 2017 as a guest so I can finally take a better look at all the things it has to offer :3
Yet I am also very sad . . . it’s not like I will never see the others again . . . but somehow I just can’t imagine another DoKomi as a guest ! And even though it’s really stressful as a maid – I always loved serving the guests and talking with them !
I actually also wanted to show you a little of the delicacies we made for our guests . . .
I made about 250 cake pops ! This year we had too much self-made stuff so the weren’t sold off :x
Nyaaa – it’s the last time so it’s ok I guess :3
Selfmade by LingLing <3 Soooo cute and yet not too sweet !
I love how the topping of these cupcakes look ~
My creation ~
One of the staff made 4 cakes like the following one and they were the very best . . . Even the inside of the cakes looked too good <3
Even though I didn’t feel like eating anything sweet ( after serving plate after plate of cakes ) I had to give them a try !
I met some people I knew from previous DoKomis and also many new people . . . and took an uncountable amount of photos really . . .
But sad thing is – I can’t get my hands on them XD !
I also met a guy who wanted to take a photo with me and told me that he follows my blog and twitter .
I was kind of surprised and also very happy ~ I still am hehe ~
Thank you <3 And also thanks for allowing me to use this photo  !
My legs look a little chubby here ;-;

But nevertheless it’s a nice photo !

And probably my favourite photo ( of another photo :P ) :
Selfie with Instax camera with Junmei <3

The Rillakkuma prints are so cute <3

Be sure to come and visit the Dokomi 2016 next year if you can !
You might as well tell me all about it haha ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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