Secret resort of Hong Kong : Tung Ping Chau ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 5 : bachelor thesis

Hey everyone ~
In this fifth and last part of my HK trip journal I wanted to share something special with you !
Remember when I said that the real reason I went to HK was not actually the food or the clothes and stuff here :D ?
It’s about my bachelor thesis I am going to do about the home isle of my family called
Tung Ping Chau
Only a few people even know about this place ( even locals don’t know for sure ! )
The reason why it is called Tung Ping Chau / 東平洲
is because :
Tung /  = East 
-> The isle lies east and it’s actually the remotest island of Hong Kong .
Ping Chau / 平洲 = flat isle
-> The isle highest point is about 48 meters . Not really than much in comparison to other islands !
What is so special about this island ?
It’s the only place in Hong Kong where you can go diving .
Why you would want to dive there ?
Well – it’s been given the title of a Marine Park a few years ago because of the variety of corals and reefs ~
Actually it has two other titles : it’s a Geopark and it’s also part of a Country Park !
The water there is nearly all clears – BUT it was way clearer back in the days when my fathers family still lived there .
Now there are only a few people left who live there .
It’s become quite difficult for the people to live there as there is less fish .
But they grow their own organic produce there !
I’ve tasted a papaya there and it sure is yummy despite its looks ~ !
The small island port :)
All the tourists ( mostly locals ) arriving at the isle .
Actually there are no water pipes or electricity on the island but I found this solar  street light which also produces electricity for cooking water or similar .
The island has been completely deserted years ago as all the villagers went to Hong Kong and even to Europe to strive for a better life – just like my father did !
Thus most of the houses look like this :
Only a few houses like the one from my family has been able to withstand time and nature up until now !
The people seem to try to revitalize the island by moving back there and doing business there for the tourists ( restaurants ) .
What is so special about this island to me is not only the origins of my family but also the silent beauty of it .
With my bachelor thesis I want to draft a plan for the use of the island part where my family has a house .
I want it to be a crucial part of the revitalization of the island – luring in tourists and showing them the beauty of this island ~
I don’t plan to make the island into a tourist peaked resort or whatsoever ! I want it to remain the way I remember it from my childhood memories until now :)
These two following photos were taken ( by my father ) at another day when it was low tide .
Now what do you think ?
It’s a sight known to only a few people about Hong Kong .
Haha –  yes , this is still Hong Kong though it is much nearer to mainland China ( 4km ) than to HK itself !
I hope you liked this post and if you are interested in Tung Ping Chau –
be sure to keep on following my blog !
I will make sure to update you on anything about my bachelor thesis in the following 3 months !
AND ALSO – don’t forget to visit Tung Ping Chau next time you visit Hong Kong !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

10 thoughts on “Secret resort of Hong Kong : Tung Ping Chau ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 5 : bachelor thesis

    • From what my relatives and father say about their past and living there : it sure was ! That’s why it’s even sadder that the government doesn’t reclaim this island as a place for civilization but for nature only (marine park, geopark, country park) . . .

  1. hi! i’m going to hong kong soon for a trip, i would love to visit Tung Ping Chau. however it says on the hk tourism website that the ferry only operates on fridays and weekends, and there’s only one ferry trip back and forth. how can i find out the timing for the ferry? i don’t want to miss it!

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