A day at Disneyland Hong Kong ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 4

Hey lovelies ~
This is part 4 of my journey and . . .
it’s all about – guess what !
My day at Disneyland Hong Kong !
My very first expression :
dafaq is with this FAKE CASTLE back there ? !
You know how every Disneyland has a Disney princess’s / tales castle and how they all one of a kind ?
Now this castle is sure to be one of a kind !
Tsssss – how dare you be fake . . . it’s my VERY FIRST time in a Disneyland ;A; !
Well – all the other things except that castle were lovely though haha ~
Just take a look at these Mickey Mouse waffles !
( Expensive shit though . . . 50 HKD ? That’s european prices ! )
The mainstreet reminded me of the mainstreet at the Phantasialand in Cologne though . . .
Nothing new here :D

All theme parks are divided into many themes and so is this Disneyland .
The theme I liked the most is this Toy Story Land !
This is truly one of a kind !
I like how you seem so small next to all these gigantic props / toys ~
I can’t help but LOVE these green three-eyes aliens from Toy Story !
In all the three movies they were always so adorable ~
Had to take a picture of this !

Which Disney fan wouldn’t know where this is from ?

Pricey ballons x.x But so beautiful ~

But you know what ?

They only look this beautiful together .

Not single .

I took part in a short Disney Creative Academy class haha ~

This is the outcome :

Not that bad , right ? ?

But Minnie looks a little bit more grown up here XD

Every day at 3 o-clock there is this parade where all the Disney stars gather and dance ~

Luckily we we’re there in time to get a good spot to take photos from !
It’s ok . I like walking alone .
Beautiful Disney princesses ~
At the end of the day I went to a shop to see these awfully beautiful phone cases . . . 250 HKD each ! No ways I could have bought one ! Not if they don’t even ensure the life of my iPhone !
Instead I got myself this :
Gotta wear it on a photoshoot hehe ~
Take a look at this ! I stumbled on this when I went through the shops :D
Not sure if the upload worked as a video . . . ~
Even my father got a little souvenir from Disneyland hehe . . .
( He only picked us up , didn’t visit it XD )
I really enjoyed the day in Disneyland ~
But I do hope that Disneyland Paris is a bit more exciting
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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