Between traditional and modern China ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 3

Hello lovelies ~
This is part 3 of my HK trip blog posts :D
You know why I love China so much and I also think why many people like it that much ?
It’s because everywhere in China you can still see its traditions . And the Chinese still live their traditions .
Seeing the people put so much effort in saving their heritage is something any country should do .
Because it’s where we came from , who we are .
It fascinates me how such old traditions such as the one I was able to be part of are still being kept . . .
This is a tradition in which all the villagers celebrate , honor and thank the teachers of their children for their efforts with a feast . And it’s no small feast ! Every teacher is invited and the represantatives of the village .
How I sneaked myself in there ? Not sure – my father got asked by a friend of his haha :D
Traditions like these show the moral of the Chinese people which is simply part of every childs education to honor and be thankful to teachers ( actually anyone who teaches you XD parents etc too ) .
The traditional rice bowls looked like this .
Not round but octagonal ! Way easier to make by handcraft than perfectly round ones !
Then there is this new China .
Most objects build nowadays have a really western touch .
They don’t resemble the traditional China at all . . .
This architectural style is global , international .
These buildings beauty has nothing to do with the old China which is ok .
But I don’t like how almost every new building follows this global style . . .
Yes, this is still in China ! It’s the university isle of Macao .
The university isle is completely new ( thus there are almost no people on the photo ) .
Would you have guessed this photo is taken in China when you would have stumbled upon it on any other website on the web ?
The way Macao is growing into a greater Las Vegas with lots n lots of luxurious hotels and loads of casinos . . .
In the Venetian Macao – shopping level with canal . Just like in Venice . Look at the sky . It’s fake .
I must admit that on one hand I don’t like the way Macao is . . . but on the other side I can’t deny that I like it there . Going there is always like diving into another world to me . If that is a good thing – I guess there ups and downs of anything .
I only know that Macao is making a whole lot of money for China and thus it can do about everything it wants haha ~
In those three weeks in Hong Kong I stayed in Macao 4 times !
I always have the best sleep of my life there because the beds are so ultimately comfy ~
Just take a look at this Dim Sum !
It has gold leaves on top of it !
I don’t mean to brag . . . it’s just that everything in Macao is sooooooo exaggerated .
It’s a bit too much I think . . .
Even making me feel bad staying there !
But what my dad says is so true . . .
Everything there is TOP .
Never had such yummy food as there
Truffle Dim Sum . . . I can’t describe how good this one was ;A;
Kobe beef . . . first time eating it . . . damn – too good . . .
I guess I like Macao haha . . . because of the food . . .
Who could ever say NO to such good food ? !
I would never dare x.x !
Until the next part of my HK trip !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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