Back in Hong Kong ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 1 : Leisure in Macao + new hairstyle ( day 1 – 4 )

Hey everyone ~
I’ve got a HAPPY announcement to make !

Finally after more than 2 years . . .I AM BACK IN HONG KONG <3

After finishing the last projects and even the big 5th semester project I was really looking forward to this ~

I took the flight to Hong Kong via Düsseldorf International Airport with a stop at London Heathrow Airport .

I love taking the Cathay Pacific airline – the service and the food is always really nice !

Everyone gets to have their own entertainment system in front of you , where you can choose what to watch or even play some mini games .

Awesome isn’t it ?

The food was quite nice haha :D But I really didn’t feel like eating . . . because I wanted to keep on watching movies haha ~ I watched until I fell asleep haha ~

Anyway – I actually posted some photos on Instagram to share with you instantly – so make sure to follow me there to keep being updated more quickly than via blogposts ! My internet connection is reeeeeeeeally really slow . . . but it’s good enough to upload some photos at least x.x Sorry for not being able to spam a whole load of foodporn etc. ! ! ! Hehe ~

On the first day in HK I went to a typical residential seafood restaurant .

Yu can actually see and choose your food before eating it here ~

Yummy ! And soooo fresh !

Eating seafood this way is the very best !

On the second day we went to Yuen Long to get our hair cut !

The outcome :

I like my hair when I wear it like this . . . but if I leave my hair down I feel like they cut it too short . . . or I just don’t feel like it’s looking good . . . not the way I wanted it to look . Yup , I’m not too satisfied , but that may just be me and my standards haha ~

I actually really miss my long long hair . . .

But it won’t take too long for it to grow back, srsly !

The third day we visited Macao ~

Macao is like another world really . . . everything is so fancy and luxurious !

The food is always yummy , service is splendid . . .

and everything is extremely artificial . . . lol

Some Macao snacks !
On the fourth day we went to a spa in the evening ~

Not my first time hehe – it certainly was the best so far !

I can only recommend it to everyone !

Bodhi Spa at the Conrad Hotel in Macao hehe ~

I hope to show you more of HK itself in my next post !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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