review : Etude House Blending Sleeping Cream spoons ~ / back to busy(ness) !

Hello everyone ~
It’s been about a month or even more since I last blogged ? ?
I am soon sorry but I have been far more busy than I have expected . . . otherwise I would have written some posts before I went MIA >____< ! !
I got the opportunity from
to review the
 Blending Sleeping Creams  
from Etude House !
First of all I must say that I absolutely LOVE Etude House .
Their products never disappoint me and the packaging is always so lovely !
Whaaaa ~ !
TOKKIHAUS actually sent me 5 different creams :
Rosehip + Shea Butter + Blueberry + Seaweed + Olive = <3
I had to choose wisely which one I should try out first . . . They are all good moisturizing the skin but additionally to that they can even brighten up the skin ( Rosehip ) , are nourishing ( Shea Butter ) , have antioxidants ( Blueberry ) or smoothen up the skin ( Seaweed ) . . . not sure if it works – I guess I’ll have to try that ;D !
In order to make a good comparison I gave the OLIVE a try first . It’s supposed to “richly moisturize” my skin – more than the others . . . possible ? XD
Let’s take a closer look at the packaging of the cream :
SRSLY . . .
Who came up with this cute packaging ?
Once you peeled of the foil you can separate the bottom part with the cream from the top part , which you should use to blend the cream .
 I have NEVER seen anything like this before ! 
Veeeery interesting indeed haha ~ So you’re supposed to mix the cream colored cream with the gel cream with the stick . . .
The cream smells – typical to Etude House products – really decent and nice ~
This Olive Sleeping Blending Cream smells similar to the moisturizer I’ve been using for my hands ever since I was a kid ~
Not sure which brand it was , but this really reminds me of it .
Sooo – I took the photos a day before and applied the cream before going to sleep .
Yup – you’re supposed to leave it on like a very thick moisturizer or a mask . . . I had a little problem with it because I never lay still while sleeping . . . I am used to rolling / moving around XD
NOT SURE . . . if my sleeping habit removed the cream or it just simply dried overnight x.x
I will have to try with other creams XD . . .
But the result is still great :
My skin seems smoother and softer . . . really enriched with moisture ~
My skin is usually a mixed type but nevertheless I experienced quite a difference compared to my skin when not using this cream but simply moisturizer ( I usually use Oil of Olaz for normal skin ) .
Sooo – to finish of my review of the cream . . .
Here is the rating :
  ( 5 / 5 )
+ + really good moisturizer
+ lovely scent
+ cute and innovative packaging
+ single usage packs ( but the amount could last for 2-3 usages )
+ variety
I guess that the spoons would even make a great gift idea for any female friend who likes masks / is interested in beauty products – it’s really really ONE OF A KIND !
Thank you for reading my review – I hope you liked it :)
And thank you for the lovely package , TOKKIHAUS !
They even sent me this cute card as a thank you >_____<
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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