Dear Pat ! | my very own UNICORN – DIY tokidoki | Pastel Pink Pusheen ~

Dear lovelies ~
I’ve been gifted some years ago with something great . . .
a very dear friend – Pat !
Though we may not have much contact with each other because of the time delay and because of me being such a busy person ( s o r r y . . . ) but I think it’s always great to write or talk with him once in a while !
I hope to be able to meet you in real life in the future so you can show me around in America !
We have a tradition of sending each other a package for christmas each year and this time I wanted to show you what he got me ~
I already mentioned a UNICORN . . . in the title . . . and yes . . . I am now able create my very own UNICORN with this lovely
DIY Unicorn set from tokidoki 
Tehe . .  I guess I can’t wait to paint it <3
Actually the first thing I saw was 
I was like . . . oh god XD
But then it turned out to be
an uber cute yet a bit weird pink Pusheen
And then I took my other Pusheen in original grey tone to compare :
Some deformation happened when transforming to pastel-pink I guess XD ? Nevertheless it’s really lovable ~
I also received these japanese gummy candy and omg . . .
It might be the most strawberry-ish thing I have eaten or smelled in my life so far !
Still tasty ! I thought it would taste really artificial , but it’s just as yummy as the smell ( at least to me haha ~ ) !
Not sure if Pat knew of my glitter-phobia or not . . .
If only it wouldn’t sparkle that much
And this lovely Micky Christmas card ~
I always receive the most beautiful cards from Pat . . . it’s such a shame I never get to show them off . . . so I decided to show them to you <3
Thanks for everything , Pat , and for the presents ~
I hope you also liked my presents !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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