! Announcement ! / Switching back to blogger.com ! / my christmas summary

– announcement –
blog switch to
– see more at the bottom of this blogpost :) –
I hope everyone is having a wonderful warm and cozy merry christmas time <3
The last weeks have been as busy as always and I got into christmassy mood quite late . . . still I didn’t forget to get all the presents for my friends and family !
Hoot hooot ~ ! Filled with lots of sweets and stuff !
At this point I must thank amazon soooooooo much for getting presents to me in time ! I must say, your service is a lifesaver for sure ! Haha <3
Two of my best friends and me reunited to have a christmas celebration before the actual christmas arrives and we even had a huge christmas tree ! My last christmas tree was kind of a modern interpretation and it looked really skinny and white and . . . without any love :P
Well , anyway – I prepared these two gift surprises for my friends hehe ~
Right now I am in Belgium !
But I didn’t to wish you all a Merry Christmas :3
Of course I also want to brag about all the awesome food I got to eat once again haha ~
Some cake for christmas teatime ~
Tasty pot of curry with orza and . . . deer .I didn’t eat any of that though :P
I don’t really like Antipasti . . . but it did look yummy :x
My mum made a whole lot of freshly fried Vietnamese Springrolls <3The very best !
This was royally tasty !It’s similar to Teriyaki chicken but with some spices added like cinnamon and star anise !
Another salad haha ~ At least I ate those cute cherry tomatoes ~
This may look like a soufflé but it’s a pretty plain tasty potatoes au gratin . . . with mashed potatoes !
We also visited Liège aka Lüttich
because I have never been there but sadly we didn’t get to take a look at the central station . . .
Pretty cheap food ! You had to wait 10 minutes at least for some freshly warmed up Belgium Waffles  !
I guess this will be the last post of 2014 ~
And I have an important announcement to make . . . 
I’m gonna switch back to blogger.com soon ! So this might as well be the very last wordpress.com post . . . 

After 1 1/2 years with wordpress I’ll leave it again , I’m sorry . . .
But please make sure to follow me again ! My old blogger.com blog will be updated very soon !
Here’s the link :
I hope you all keep on following me to the next year and beyond hehe ~
I’m gonna make good use of the softbox I got and make some more reviews :)
Have some lovely last days in 2014 and warmly welcome 2015 !!
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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