Hello Fresh Box / special food post !

Hello everyone ~
It’s been quite a while but I definitely have to tell you about a great food box I have stumbled upon and ordered for two weeks .
The food box from
is mostly organic food for 3 or 5 meals per box for two persons and you get to experience a great variety of dishes (even vegetarian ! ) <3
The box comes like this : fully packed with fresh vegetables, cooled food ( they use recycled wool and cooling packages to make sure the food arrives in top quality )  and other food .
Here are my favorites among the dishes :
This is pide bread with a feta-pepperbell-onion filling and hummus ( so easy to prepare ! )
This one is my TOP FAVORIT :

Orzo ( noodle in rice shape ) mushroom risotto garnered with prosciutto stripes and a simple tomato salad
This one I definitely have to recook soon :
Tarte Flambee ( german: Flammenkuchen ) with brussels sprout , onion , cheese and an simple salad with apples slices .
This dish was great but I doubt that I would cook it again . I rarely eat pig :P
Pig medaillons with a cremé fraiche onion sauce , oven potatoes and salsify ( never heard of this vegetable before . . . never seen it before . . . it’s a weird black vegetable :P But it was really yummy ! )
Korma Curry with chicken breast and Basmati rice ( I love this rice ! )
I love curry and I have tasted a lot of curries , yet this was new to me – the Korma powder is really different !
That’s it ~
I hope you liked the post !
The price for a box is quite expensive compared to normal dishes but I think it is definitely worth it and it saves a WHOLE LOT OF TIME you would usually spend with grocery shopping !
Lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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