Red Roses , White Sheets & Black Dress / Sneak Peaks at a Photoshooting

Hey everyone ~
It’s been a while since my last blog post but I’ll make sure it was worth the wait as I present you the
Sneak Peaks at a Photoshooting 
I hope you like it ~
I got the idea for the shooting just few days before while I was shopping and discovered those lovely fake rose petals for 1€ per pack ! I wasn’t that sure of using them for the shooting, yet I had to buy haha <3
Yes, this is a homeshooting and this is my bed – and yes, the bedsheet has a weird hole XD ( Look for it, if you haven’t found haha )
Mr White is lying there like some american beauty covered with red rose petals – isn’t he awesome ??Now here is another small sneak peak – at the results ;D
My legs look quite long from this angle and with those lovely black T-strip plateau shoes <3 I love these shoes and I barely get to wear them . . . First I wanted to do the shooting barefoot but it looked weird somehow . . . So I spontaneously decided on wearing these shoes and they make a great match with my dress !
Now to show you a photo which will not be featured ( because it has no rose theme ) but looks pretty much like the chosen results :
Somehow I look like a small child in this photo . . . thanks to the lollipop ( which is super yummy ! ) and Mr White <3I simply LOVE great contrast photos like these which uses black and white and a strong color ~
I came up with the idea of using these colors by being a huge huge fan and being inspired by HYUNA ! !
She is my idol ! 
I have come to like her ever since RED came out – great song and overly awesome music video !
That’s it for today <3
If you wish to see more results of the photoshoot , please be patient – I will post them soon enough ~

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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