Two days in Hamburg / my self-hosted sightseeing tour / HafenCity University !

Hey lovelies <3
It’s been almost two weeks since I have visited
Hamburg !

Of course, I took lots n lots of photos to show you :) All the photos except the first one in the bus are made in one day or rather in 6 hours :D Guess I’ve been wandering around a lot in those 6 hours . . .
This is the omnibus I took from Cologne to Hamburg – 6 hours long . . . thank god there was free WIFI plus I was sitting right next to a power plug :D ! And I had a bunch of new anime on my iPad to watch haha <3
This is the main train station in Hamburg from street view . . . doesn’t appear as big as when you are inside . . .
. . . inside the train station appears gigantic . . . no pillars in the middle !
This is the German theatre play museum
I saw this red house in the city and noticed that the vietnamese restaurant in the bottom two levels looks really good . . . the restaurant was really crowded ! The other house caught my eye while I was passing by . . . not sure what is inside though :x
This is the town hall of Hamburg ! It really looks great and I love these turquoise roofs on old buildings . . .The big public square in front of it made it look even more intimidating ~ Though nothing compares to the Cathedral in Cologne or in Brussels !
The “Alsterarkaden” (oldest shopping arcade in Hamburg) with a reminiscence of the canals in Venice <3
Two spots I found – once again not knowing what they are ut they just popped into my eye . . . the first photo is a very fine and exclusive looking small shopping arcade .
The famous metro station at the “HafenCity Universität” – Hamburg new university .

But the view above is even greater . . .

SRSLY . This looks just like a rendering from an architect . . . I sent this to some of my friends and they actually asked me , who that architects is to make this great a rendering haha . . .

Just being in front of it made me all jelly . . . I would love to study here ! Not even knowing what is inside . . . but inside is even more . . . ! I didn’t want to take any photos inside , all the people / students there watched me XD !
I left the harbor city to find this : the Chile House .
But . . .  somehow I got to the harbor city again by walking around aimlessly .
This is the harbor city part with the overly expensive flats and offices . In the background the not-yet-ready Elbphilharmonie .
Lunch time !

People are asking when the Elbphilharmonie is finalized . Every day it costs the city thousands of € . They say that the money estimated to be needed for the whole process has been exceeded a long time ago . . . !
My opinion on this “master piece” : not worth the money . It may look great ( I don’t think so ) and it may look extraordinary in the context there , but taking so much time is surely not what the people in Hamburg want .
Approaching the St. Michaelis church .
The St. Michaelis church is a baroque church that has been renewed inside .

Somehow I just can’t help but love baroque churches . . . so much detail and so much effort put inside them . . .  I am not christian , but churches are interesting buildings to me ~

Especially gothic and baroque style !So  that’s it ! I will surely visit Hamburg again ! I think it’s a really really beautiful city . . .  I am even thinking of doing my master there . . . just a thought – after all there is still a lot of time left :)

Hope you liked my sightseeing post ~

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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