4-course vegan dinner ! / Step by step recipe Misotofu 3 / Matcha Sagopudding

Hey everyone ~
This time I’m going to blog about a
4-course vegan dinner for 4 people !
In my one-week vegan challenge I had lots of time and because I really reaaaally love cooking I even decided to cook for some of my friends :3 Once in a while we do this ” Perfect Dinner ” , where one cooks for the others .
It was so much fun thinking of what I could cook and which ingredients to use ~ 
The vegan challenge made me think really creatively because I didn’t want to spend a lot yet I wanted to cook something new to everyone :D
So let me present you my courses :
1st course – soup – Tomato Avocado Coconut Créme
As garnish I used fried sesame and fried tofu dices ( as croutons-alternative )
I also used the fried tofu dices for the next dish :
2nd course – classic salad with coconut-milk balsamico sauce 
Next is :
3rd course – maincourse – Misotofu with rice and pak choi
It may look very plain , but the taste of the Misotofu shouldn’t be underestimated !
It’s very easy to make , so I thought I could share my recipe with you ~
What you need for 4 people :
2 fresh Korean tofu ( cut into 1,5-2cm slices )
2-3 tablespoons miso paste
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
1/3 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon Hoisin Sauce
2 spring onions ( cut into thin rings )
Here’s a short step-by-step of how to make the Misotofu :
1 – Make the Paste by mixing all the ingredients ( except the spring onions and the tofu ! )
2 – Spread half of the paste onto a plate about 3-5mm thick and put the tofu slices on top of it .
Then Spread the rest of the paste onto the tofu slices .
3 – Spread the spring onion rings over the tofu .
4 – Let the dish rest for minimum 1 hour and cover it with aluminium foil ( it doesn’t stick onto the tofu like plastic wrap would ) .
5 – Carefully fry the tofu in a pan with medium heat for about 7-9 minutes on each side .
The last course may look a bit weird to you , but rest assured – the green coloring comes from a vry healthy ingredient :
4th course – dessert – Matcha Sagopudding
For this dessert I simply cooked small sagopearls with soymilk and addes some matcha powder .
The very decent sweetness of the soymilk makes the Sagopudding very light and refreshing .
I paired the Sagopudding with a very sweet sauce ( coconut-milk + maple syrup ) .
I definitely have to make the Matcha Sagopudding again . . . it’s soooo yummy and doesn’t contain much calories plus I loooovey Matcha ( very healthy stuff ~ ) !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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