Vegan week challenge ~ / Vegan Tofu Curry recipe step by step / easy, cheap yet healthy dining !

Hey lovelies ~
Some people can’t believe I actually did this to myself haha . . .
a one-week vegan challenge !
After those days of only eating vegan stuff I can say two things :
1. It’s cheaper than I thought it would be !
2. It’s so hard to be creative with vegan food…
Yes, I actually tried to cook many different dishes and I have discovered some dishes, that I would prefer rather than having the same dish non-vegan-style haha ~
Since I’m a huge fan of tofu I cooked with it most of the time – if in miso soup, stir fried or in the following curry dish ,  I think it’s a great substitute to meat !

I guess you only know how yummy vegan cooking can taste by trying out – something not far from normal dining maybe :

Let me show you how to prepare
~ Vegan Tofu Curry ~
with red rice
The ingredients for 5-6 people are :
2-3 onions ( sliced into stripes )
2 handfull of champignon ( about 150g , cut into quarters )
about 250 g potatoes cut into small cubics
half red + half yellow bell pepper ( cut into cubics )
about 200g carrots ( sliced into 4 mm slices )
princess beans ( I bought frozen ones , you can also choose fresh ones )
Red Curry Paste ( amount depends on how spicy you want it – I use about 2-3 tea spoons )
Tom Ka Paste ( I use about 1 tea spoon , others may prefer half tea spoon )
about 2-3 table spoons soy sauce ( I use light soy sauce )
about 150ml coconut milk ( my favorite brand : AROY-D )
fresh tofu ( I use Korean tofu , cut into cubics )
2-3 spring onions ( chopped )
oil ( I prefer olive oil )
salt & pepper
yellow hot curry powder ( add & taste )
How it is prepared – step by step with photos <3
1 – Put some olive oil into a big pot and set to high heat .

Add the onions .

2 – Once the onions have been fried for about 5 minutes add the potatoes and the carrots .
3 – Cover up the pot with a lid for about 5 minutes then stir and let it cook for another 5 minutes .
4 – Add the princess beans on top of the cooked ingredients and let it cook for another 5 minutes covered with lid .
5 – Make a sauce with the Red Curry Paste , the Tom Ka Paste ( you can skip the Tom Ka Paste ) , soy sauce and about 400ml water .

Add into the pot and gently stir the ingredients .

Cook for another 10 minutes on medium heat .

6 – Add the Coconut Milk , stir and let it cook on medium heat for another 8 minutes .
7 –  It should look like this now ! Stir again and progress to the next step ~
8 – Add the tofu cubes and make sure the curry sauce covers at least half of the cubes ! Cook for yet another 10 minutes on low heat .
9 – Last step : chop up the spring onions for garnish . . .
That’s it ! The curry is done ! I prepared it along with red rice ( 1 1/2 cup white rice + 1/2 cup red rice ) to have a great contrast on the plate which makes the dish look even more interesting :
Next time let me show you how Red Vegan Curry ( cheap + quick ) is done <3
Whaaa – I loooove cooking <3
Good thing I have plenty of time at the moment ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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