My Birthday / Phantasialand + food = Jenny is happy !

Hey everyone !
I just got 22 recently and I must admit it was by far my best birthday !
Thanks to everyone who gratulated me and everyone who celebrated with me !
Due to my study schedules everything was veeeery spontaneous haha ~


First I celebrated with some very close friends into my birthday with a traditional Chinese Hotpot dinner and funny drinking games :
After partying up until 3 or 4 am we went home to have as much sleep as possible for the next day –


to visit Phantasialand !
This palace can be seen once you arrive at the Brühl train station – isn’t it lovely ?
I guess there is no need to say how happy I was when I went to Phantasialand . . . 
I love theme parks and every day spending in one is like a dream <3 


It’s so out of the world and you only need to think of where you want to queue and what to eat . . . I imagine being an employee there can’t be that stressful, can it ?


Haha , only after reviewing my photos I notice the man with his head in a baggage :D
This mascot from Phantasialand is my veeeery favorite one ! 


It’s the cutest + the most lovable + the one with the cutest movements ! 
I waited the entire show thinking that it wouldn’t appear and then it appeared right next to me haha <3 
There was even a small child who jumped up and wanted to hug him since this fatty dragon with his arms like in the photo looks like it’s asking for a big hug <3
In a following day I went to a luxurious Buffet with my family and guess what was my favorite dish ?
 Yummy Chocolate Fontaine 
 I got awesome birthday presents like a Disneyland Paris entry , a new purse from Coccinelle ( bordeaux red ! ) or a new pair of overly fashionable shoes – but what made my birthday the best so far wasn’t because of the presents but because of the people I got to spent it with !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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