foodography / fav: Hot Choc Lava Cake ! / short blog post

Hi lovelies <3

I’ve been missing posting food posts but recently I have been eating lots n lots of yummy stuff !
I found a great app to take these photo –

I simply take normal photos with the iPhone camera app and if needed edit its colors .
Then I use this app to create these cute Polaroid-photo-like frames with extra texts :)
This Bulgogi was made all by myself ! I marinaded the beef half a day prior to eating it ~
This spaghetti with meatballs is made with fresh sausages :D Simply squeeze the meat out of the skin and mold it into small balls before throwing it into the pan ~
A new café opened near the university in Aachen and since I’ve been there to study I also stopped by this café and discovered their MATCHA ICED LATTE ! 
The last time I had such a great tasting Matcha Iced Latte was at Starbucks Café in Hong Kong two years ago . . . that’s why I bought some matcha powder the last time I was in Düsseldorf at a Japanese grocery store ! It was quite expensive for a small amount :x 30g for 12€ . . . I still have to test it !
It was my very first time eating a Chocolate Lava Cake but it was soooo yummy ! I know of Dominos having Hot Chocolate Lava Cakes so I guess I’ll be ordering from them next time <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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