And in the meantime . . . / OOTD / twin tails ftw !

Hey lovelies <3
Today I wanted to try a different style with my hair and tried a twin tails for today’s OOTD .
I actually never wore pigtails but those two times when I had a shooting for the maidcafé I work for . . .
Though I like twin tails because my hair won’t become a mess when I’m outside and the wind is blowing like crazy plus it looks cuter than a simple pigtail !
blue retro shirt from ZARA
( I just happened to stumble upon this cute 6€ ( !!! ) short from ZARA and totally fell in love with it ~ )
short black pencil skirt from NEW YORKER
black and white shoes from PRIMARK
brown backpack from BURBERRY
( which you cannot see in its whole . . . :P )
Beats Monster Solo from DR. DRE
I love sporty looks and combined with a short skirt it’s not too tomboyish :3 
Me and my moonface / pancake face . . . My face only looks slimmer when my head is not directly facing the camera / front . . . 
How to loose that baby fat from my chubby face :( ?
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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