guest blogpost by Rilakkuma ~ / kuku ~


This is a guest blogpost by Ore-sama !

Let’s start off with some of the things I discovered the last weeks and I needed to share with the world kuku ~ !

This here . . .

Is no simple snowball . It’s a coconut-flakes-and-chocolate-covered creamy marshmellow thingy which tastes like candy land . That is my dream land of course !

My friend Jenny bought this last time she was in Cologne at the English Store and it was actually on sale . . . she always buys sale stuff – the word SALE is like a magnet to her :P

That is how she also found there yummy Caramel flavor Microwave Popcorn :D They really smell like popcorn from the theaters ! And isn’t that Popcorn bag she bought back in Denmark cute ? Not as cute as me of course . . . kuku ~ I am after all Rilakkuma ! . . .

 And finally this holy tower of sushi with lots n lots of fresh salmon . . . awesomeness !

She actually dared to not share with me . . . only with her groupmates tsssss . . .


 OK – that’s it kuku :3

Until next time I find the macbook open on the bed !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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