IP – Integrated Project / Successfully absolved ! / B17 Cremonacrew !

Hey lovelies <3
Time to finally show you what I have been busy with the last half year and what was the cause for our immense sleep deprivation . . . but first let me introduce you the
honorable soldiers of the B17 Cremonacrew :

This is my group – the legendary, overly awesome Cremonas after the presentation of our work haha ~

Our task was to plan a whole building for any companies . Which means that we had to plan it to be very customizable for any usage of the halls .
The concept of our building was to clearly differentiate the three functions of the building into three partitions.
The first partition which is next to the street is the functional part, which inhabits the sanitary and technological rooms ( air conditioning, heating, electricity, etc. ) , the kitchen and the meeting rooms . This part is more introverted and thus its structure is solid building .
The 2nd part is the hall part, in which there can be up to 8 divisions of renters .
It is a lighter construction which opens up to the nature in front of it .
The 3rd part is the part in between the two other parts which we call the middlehall .
It broadness and height gives it a light and clean character which is why only a few elements like air conditioning or two bridges in the 2nd level interrupt its open space .
front rendering with street
inside rendering of the bridges and the hall


front rendering with wide green space
1:50 model


1:50 model


inside rendering of an exemplary view from a visitor


inside photo of 1:50 model


1:20 model of a facade cross section


Our overall presentation
It was a big success !
Though the grades have not been published yet ,  I thin that we all did our best and that no matter which grade we get – we should be proud of this !
Seeing the outcome is one of the best things in this study course ! It makes me forget all the sleepless nights and all hardship ~
Plus I totally love my groupmates ! It was a lot of fun to work with them !
I hope you also keep up with whatever you do ! No matter how hard it is – in the end all your effort is shown in the outcome :) Fighting everyone ! If I can do it , all of you can !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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