recipe : peanut curry pasta / simply and cheap student cooking 1

Hey lovelies !
No time to sit down and blog about recent stuff but here I am posting this awesome recipe heheheee~
I thought I would give you a recipe of how I made these overly yummy
Peanut Curry Pasta !
Most of the food I make is very easy to make and uses cheap ingredients only , because I’m a poor architecture student after all :D Thus I want to call these recipe posts my
Simple and cheap student cooking
Buhaha . Sounds so nerdy . . .
What you need is :
– two onions
– one paprika
– about 200 g chicken (I simply took one chicken leg quarter – weird english name for that >_____<” )
– curry powder ( bought it cheaply from an asian grocery shop )
– one big carrot
small package of coconut milk ( about 150 ml ? ) or whipped cream ( small package , 150ml )
– 1 or 2 spoons of peanut butter
– a little bit of salt and pepper
– 1 or 2 teaspoons of curry powder ( from asian grocery store , they have so many kinds , just pick any you get recommended :P Depending on what level of spicyness you can handle ! )
and any pasta you want with that !
The steps :
Cut the onions into slices , cut the paprika into stripes , cut the chicken into smaller bite-sized pieces , cut the carrots into slices about 1/2cm thick . . .
After cutting all of that it’s as simple as heating a pan on the stove with the highest level and add a little bit of oil .
Then add the onions . After that add the carrots and the chicken . After that add the paprika and some salt and pepper .
When the chicken seems about done add the coconut milk or whipped cream along with the peanut butter and the curry powder .
Let it stay on medium heat for about 2-3 minutes . If it gets too sticky add some more coconut milk / whipped cream .
Prepare any kind of pasta you like , I used Fussili :)
 And that’s it ! Done with the meal !
Easy isn’t it ?
And I loooove it ~
Making this took me about 20 minutes or less :)
Getting all chubby-faced again tehe <3
Okeeeeee –  hope u all have a nice day and that the football worldcup is getting to you, too ~ tehe . . . ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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