Japantag aka J-Day in Düsseldorf ! part 2 / how about photo ?

Hey lovelies <3
This is the 2nd post about this years J-Day in Düsseldorf !
SORRY for posting this 2 weeks late x.x
The day was great but the night was just as nice !
The Lucky Choclate Maidcafé got a job to work as special photowall girls for the Aftershow party of the J-Day . That is why I wore a maid dress in a disco :P
Angel from
was with us the entire time to take lots of lovely photos ! With 10 yrs experience , I wouldn’t expect anything less !
At daytime we walked around in the city and did some promotion for both DoKomi plus Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé and the asianparty at the Nachtresidenz :
All the beautiful ladies here are maids :3 Actually we are about 40 maids in total !

Selfie-stalking photo , but I like it :D

Not yummy but needed 8D

Right after the gigantic firework at the Rheinpromenade we went to the Nachtresidenz to take photos with guests :D It was really funny and
I got to see soooo many of my friends , which I haven’t seen for a long time !

Here are some of the photos asianplace took :

Our maid team for the evening !

One of the DJs of the night and the one in the red shirt behind him – the big boss Steve :D

Best friends for ever Henne !!!

Our dear KamiZero !

Some of the hosts also visited us :3
But – tss – they only want our candy !
Maid Risa and Maid Uyen visiting us with a friend :3

Maid Risa and Uyen – sooo cute those two sweethearts ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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