food post April / in love with Naniwa and Seoul !

Hey lovelies <3
How about a little bit of foodporn ?
Here you are – taken last month , eaten last month – hehehehe <3
Some of the dishes are selfmade ! Can you guess which ones ?
This is Teriyaki Chicken Onigiri with Miso soup and Wakame salad .
Yummy Teriyaki Chicken . . . made by myself ! It is sooooo easy ! Simply cook the rice , mold a triangular onigiri filled with any filling ( here : chicken with  teriyaki sauce ) and wrap with seaweed ! Healthy and yummy and satisfying !
Oven baked vegetables with rosemary and olive oil . Healthy , simple and cheap !
Obviously I couldn’t have made this yummy Kimbab – eaten at the korean restaurant Seoul in Düsseldorf .
Sidedishes always comes along with any order <3 My favourite one is the sweet potato dish here !
I ordered my alltime favourite Dolsot Bibimbap !I still remember when I had my very first Dolsot Bibimbap at another korean restaurant in Düsseldorf, which has switched its owner . . . it was so much cheaper !
What I had as dessert ? Fried / baked bananas with vanilla icecream <3
A bowl of . . . yummy and freshly made . . .
CAKEPOPS ! First time trying to make these and I guess it was a success <3
Somehow I’ve been eating out alot this month . . . and the last . . . it’s all your fault Sascha haha <3
I don’t usually go to NANIWA to eat ramen but he took me there and I was overly happy with the ramen there ! We actually went there twice already haha XD
This was his order :) Tokusei Torimiso – ramen with chicken <3
This was mine – Curry Ramen with veggies and meat and egg and so much loveeee <3
 I was able to meet up with my best friend Judiiith again ! We met in a small yet charming café in Essen-Werden called “Sorelli’s” and discovered their newest creation : Raspberry Crumble !
Along with one scope of an icecream of choice it was really worth trying !
This is a bento I made in a hurry – rice with teriyaki fish and wakame salad .
Greek food – next time I’ll order more meat buahhaha
Now guess what this dish is ?
I made some jjajangmyeon ( korean style – it is originally a chinese dish ) and it is suuuuuuper easy to make !
Hope you got hungry from my foodographies !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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