It’s spring time ! OOTD / new watch from ASOS

Hello lovelies !
It’s been a while since my last OOTD post but somehow I have been too busy to take any proper OOTD photos :P
Anyway – I wanted to show you my lovely new watch from ASOS .
It’s a fake chronography watch thus it is pretty cheap but looks quite expensive <3
( photo taken from )
It has a very soft rosé gold tone which I absolutely love !
Such lovely weather – finally T-shirt weather again !
Plus first time trying on my highwaist jeans that turned out to be a little too big :(
black highwaist shorts from ROMWE
floral shirt from Cotton On
and of course –
rosé gold boyfriend watch from ASOS
Hope you’re having nice weather too :)
Enjoy the weather before it turns cloudy again – like here in Aachen . . .
There was a very heavy rainfall a few days ago coming out of nowhere !
I was glad that I wasn’t outside that time haha . . .
Anyway I still got ill somehow *sniff* and it doesn’t appear to go away anytime soon . . .
So make sure to take care of yourself and wear warm clothes even when the sun is shining brightly !
Or at least bring a cardigan with you <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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